The Panel in the Cessna 152 is Much Simpler Than That of the 172 Making it Optimal for Initial Training

Training Aircraft Get Modern Upgrades

Maxcraft has long argued the importance and overall economic benefits of replacing traditional gyro instruments with solid state glass panels in training aircraft. Together with Upper Valley Aviation based in Chilliwack, we rebuilt two iconic training aircraft, a Cessna 152 and 172 which are destined to soon provide a platform to teach the next generation […]

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The New Instrument Panel with All the New Equipment Powered On

Cessna 182 Goes Glass

Maxcraft transformed this dated 182 with a dream panel centered around Garmin’s G500 TXi primary flight display. Paired with the GTN 750 Xi, GFC 500 digital autopilot, and GI 275 engine indication system, along with a brand-new custom interior from Port Interiors, this 182 will look and feel better than when it rolled out of […]

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The New Instrument Panel

Always Improving Piper Malibu

Since purchasing this Piper Malibu a few years ago, the owner has brought it to Maxcraft’s hangar many times, each time leaving with a little more technology than when it arrived. While it started off very capable with a Garmin G500 and GTN 750, we’ve continued to make improvements such as removing the standby vacuum […]

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Maxcraft’s First Installation of the AV-30 Flight Displays

After recently becoming a uAvionix dealer, we are proud to highlight our first installation of their low-cost digital attitude indicator, and directional indicator with customizable displays. Installing in existing 3” panel cutouts, the AV-30 makes replacing vacuum driven instruments a breeze by eliminating the need to cut or replace the existing instrument panel, while also […]

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The New Panel Featuring Garmin’s G500 TXi Primary Flight Display

Cessna T210M G500 TXi Glass Panel Install

This T210M was transformed from an outdated, all analog IFR platform, into a highly capable and top of the line digital glass cockpit including Garmin’s G500 TXi 10.6” touchscreen primary flight display, GTN 750 GPS/NAV/COM. The S-TEC 55X autopilot will reduce pilot workload when flying in IMC, and the Lynx NGT-9000 transponder and active traffic […]

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