Avionics Technology Information Papers

These succinct information packages cover a variety of topics in the world of avionics technology.



Portable Augmentation in the Cockpit and Beyond


In 2009, ForeFlight announced a new application for the iPhone which would allow pilots to view FAA sectionals, draw a route between airports, display the current location using the phone’s GPS, and other rudimentary features. Little did anyone know what this would look like more than a decade and a half later, and the reliance many have on these technologies today… Read More

The Connected Strategy


With the advent of modern tablets and smart phones, along with numerous
fantastic flight planning apps, it’s only natural that pilots are wanting some wireless
connection between those devices and the modern cockpit… Read More

Weather in the Cockpit

Today there many ways to get weather in the cockpit but choosing the right one can be a daunting process… Read More

CVR Mandate Coming Into Effect May 2023

2019 amendments to Canadian Aviation Regulations for Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders will come into force on May 29th 2023… Read More

Canadian ADS-B mandate status?

What they should be doing regarding ADS-B compliance in Canada…Read More

Buying an ANR Headset

Cockpit Connectivity

What is ANR, and is it right for you? …Read More

Angle of Attack Indicators for All


Cockpit Connectivity

Covering AOA indicators in smaller aircraft, and new AOA solutions from Aspen Avionics …Read More

TAWS and TAWS Regulations


Cockpit Connectivity

A brief explanation of TAWS and related regulations….Read More

Cockpit Connectivity


Cockpit Connectivity

A brief update on recent developments in avionics connectivity and the increasing integration of portable devices into the cockpit….Read More



A primer on regulatory requirements, ADS-B and what it can do for you….Read More

An ADS-B update for Canadians…Read More

Engine Monitors

Engine Monitors


Learn about engine monitors!…Read More

The Latest & Greatest Avionics Technology

Avionics Technology

Authorized representative of over 30 of the world’s leading Avionics brands….Read More

Custom Glass Display



Canada’s expert in custom glass flight instrument panel installations….Read More