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    Last February I limped into Pitt Meadows airport in my Piper Malibu... Read More

Featured Projects

  • AS365N2 Dauphin transformation

    Talon Aviation purchased an AS365N2 Dauphin from Japan and, with the help of Maxcraft, transformed it into a Multi Mission Capable aircraft. [caption Read More

  • Cessna 208 Caravan, G600 TXi Upgrade

    The GDU 1060 centered over the yoke is the highlight of this panel. Aircraft: Cessna 208 Caravan on floats in passenger Read More

  • Skylane Cessna 182P

    Maxcraft is proud to highlight this pristine and now state-of-art 1973 Skylane Cessna 182P Jim’s journey into aviation began only four years ago af Read More

Feature Blog Posts

  • Lightspeed Holiday Promotion

    Zulu 3 Holiday Promotion for 2021 Lightspeed is offering a great promotion for that perfect gift for the pilot in your family.  This is the time for Read More

  • Garmin Announces Smart Glide

    Garmin is pleased to introduce Smart Glide, a revolutionary safety tool that helps the pilot in loss of engine power emergencies by automating tasks Read More

  • Garmin Award

    Maxcraft  does it again! Macraft Avionics received a very prestigious award, the Silver Award from Garmin, for recognizing us for having a great year Read More