What our clients say about Maxcraft Avionics


“Steve and his team was WONDERFUL to work this. They gave me their personal cell phone numbers, meet me on the weekend, and even stayed late.They got all the bugs worked of my autopilot fixed very quickly, that I had been having since anther shop installed it 4 years prior. Im glad I used their services, as they had seen a similar problem before and were able to to get right to the problem.
Prices are great, easy access, and it’s very easy to to fly into Canada. I cant recommend them enough! ”


“I would like to express my appreciation for the high level of customer service and product installation of the Garmin suite of avionics in my Piper Cherokee Warrior II.The finished product is a pilot’s dream come true! It has totally transformed my flying and cockpit experience. The new panel has raised my level of situational awareness exponentially and I feel the intuitive nature of the instruments make the “buttonology” very easy to operate.Maxcraft’s team from start to finish made the upgrade project seamless and enjoyable. From the initial consultation to the flight test and final sign off, I was impressed by their team’s level of professionalism and their attention to the finest of details. They managed this project like it was their very own aircraft and this gave me the confidence that I made the right decision in selecting the industry’s leader in avionics. A big thank you to the entire team at Maxcraft!”
Mark Sorrey
On June 13, 2023, I flew my 1973 V-tail Bonanza from Victoria to Pitt Meadows intending to have my old Century III repaired which had begun to give me trouble. I had for many years been turning to Maxcraft for avionics repair and advice, and had always been extremely pleased with their service, expertise, and customer friendliness. So it was only natural that I would seek their help again for my Century III.After about a week of attempts at getting my Century III to behave again, Maxcraft told me they saw no economically reasonable way of doing that, especially in view of parts being hard or impossible to come by. I had planned a roundtrip from Victoria to Colorado for mid-August and did not relish the prospect of hand-flying the airplane for hours on end and possibly in IMC with my Century III out of service.I decided I had to bite the bullet and spring for a new autopilot. But could that be done before my planned departure date for Colorado? It did not seem likely. I asked Maxcraft, and after a day or two they came back to me with the wonderful news that they could fit me into their schedule and most likely have the installation completed before my planned departure for Colorado.I had not expected such a quick turn-around, and made up my mind to go for the Garmin GFC500 with yaw damper and automatic trim. While they were working on the installation I visited Maxcraft’s shop once in order to go over some details of the installation, such as where to place the autopilot control head on my panel.True to their word, Maxcraft completed the installation by August 8, a week before my planned departure for Colorado. I was very impressed! The flight test proved a success, and on my subsequent flights with the new autopilot I right away appreciated the fabulous precision of its operation.No wonder Maxcraft has for many years been my favourite avionics shop!
“Thank you very much for your support during the Fennec glass cockpit upgrade project.
We understand the difficulties of working with a team from a different location and time zone.
However, despite that, we managed to complete the project.
Dave replied to our inquiry fast and Michael taught us a lot and gave really good recommendations for our installation during his visit.
We hope to continue working together with Maxcraft avionics for our future projects.
Thank you.”

Ronaldi Lohardja
Project Engineer
PT Indonesia Defence Services

“First of all, thanks to all of the Maxcraft team! It has been a real pleasure to work with all of you. Your dedication to perfection and professionalism is remarkable. I will speak in the name of my four associates at ExactAir to confirm that we are really happy today to have decided to cross the Canada with our « new » and first C208 of the fleet to meet with your team. Overall expectation were all met and even above. In my mind, C-FEUP is truly a work of art and your help and experience in creating this state of the art forestry aircraft was much appreciated. The final display is better than expected and so much fun to use. The safety improvement for single pilot operation is very impressive. My overall experience with Maxcraft can be summed in: They did what they said they would do, sometimes even better. They met delivery time even with some surprises encountered along the way and kept our budget in mind! Thanks to everyone at Maxcraft again. I am sure that our client, SOPFEU (Quebec forestry fire protection agency) will be as happy as we are with C-FEUP for many years.C-FEUP was bought and modified for the 2024 forestry fire season but as I am writing those lines, june 16th 2023, I am at 9000 feet, in cruise flying SOPFEU staff. The forest fire are raging more than ever all over Quebec since end of May, a never been seen situation and since May 31, C-FEUP have flown each and every day to help with the situation, from birdog mission, to spotting fire to troops transportation, we are at more than 100h air time in the last 17 days, and not a single snag was reported! Really glad to be able to help and try to do our part.”

Benoit Luneau
President and Owner

“We were excited to have another brand new R44 join our fleet but were frustrated when we were already encountering issues with the Aspen unit installed on the ferry flight home. A call to Maxcraft, an authorized Aspen service center, was made to determine how quickly we could have this issue resolved. The R44 is a significant part of our flight training operations and we needed this action as soon as possible. The team at Maxcraft was quick to respond to our situation and found space in their schedule to accept our helicopter at their facility promptly. Maxcraft was able to troubleshoot the issue and rectify the problem under Aspen warranty in a timely manner with minimal impact on our operational capabilities. The aircraft was returned to service and has already flown more than 100 hours with no further incidents. Maxcraft has been a supportive avionics facility for our needs in the past and continues to provide quality support in the present.”

Chinook Helicopters

“Maxcraft has been great to deal with on this avionics upgrade. Finding solutions to upgrade old components and adding new state-of-the-art technologies in an older aircraft is a large task that requires comprehensive project planning – Maxcraft has been a successful partner in tackling this job. From providing weekly updates, to the friendly and consistent communication from the project managers, to the detailed methodology and craftsmanship putting together and installing components, and to the ability to develop and engineer approved STC designs, Maxcraft has done its part to handle this mammoth job.”

Jeremy Hand
CEO, Avenge Energy Services Inc.

“Steve and I started talking about upgrading my 182 back in the fall of 2021. I had already received quotes and visited two local avionics shops in my area and was still on the fence when I contacted Steve. After we visited and started to dial in what the 182 needed Steve put together a very comprehensive quote. I presented all these quotes to my local aviation mechanic and he was very impressed with the detail and work that Maxcraft Avionics did. Quote “ if they can rebuild and upgrade helicopters that’s who I would have do my work”. Steve was so awesome to work with. He would direct me in the right direction and add or eliminate equipment I did or did not need. He always tried to save me money but when it was something I needed I received a gentle push to make the right decision. After mentioning I wanted to also upgrade my interior, he lined me up with Fred at Port Interiors which did a fantastic job helping me pick materials and upgrade my 182 interior to keep up with the great looking glass panel Maxcraft built and installed in the plane. Steve, David, Aaron and the Maxcraft team did a fantastic job communicating during the entire project. It was like I was at the shop every week seeing what they had completed. They met and exceeded all my expectations.”

Earl Reed

“Maxcraft Avionics is absolutely the best and most effective Avionics shop in North America that I know. I have had 2 Aircraft that were serviced with them and I am very Happy. As a Pilot you need your Avionics to work and if they fail it is sometimes tough to find out why. Simply said Maxcraft can solve problems others can’t. Thank you, Marnus, Lori, Steve and Daryl. You are a fantastic Team.”

Alexander Wurm

“As a new entrant to aviation the task of purchasing a plane , import and avionics upgrades can be overwhelming. But after making a connection with Steve Nunn and Maxcraft the process became much easier. I wanted a one stop shop and somebody to guide me through the process of upgrading without being oversold. Steve helped me with selecting my 185 and after reviewing the electronic log books, pricing and airframe then we finalized the deal. Maxcraft helped in the complete process of importing, customs, registration and the annual inspection. Once my 185 Amphibious arrived at Maxcraft things started moving fast. Steve established my needs and we configured the aircraft to modern day standards and beyond. Maxcraft’s recommendation of having Port Interiors do the complete interior upgrade was a home run. Since taking delivery I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my final product. My Cessna 185 Amphibious is a keeper and it turns heads at every stop when people look inside and look at the dream panel! Thks to Steve, David and Daryl and the fine people at Maxcraft for making my dream a reality.”

Jason Thistle

“Maxcraft was completely pivotal in the specification, purchase negotiations and customization of C-FKME. Maxcraft served as “Owner’s Rep” in the purchase of a new Airbus H125 and managed the specifications, pricing discussions and delivery. In addition to a seamless purchase process Maxcraft designed and oversaw the very complicated hull artwork and airbrush work, as well as custom carbon leather seating and bespoke specifications such as bubble passenger door and sliding pilot side specifications for a completely unique product.Maxcraft also did innovative work in bringing the cockpit to state of the art for mountain flying and coordinated additional cockpit and external navigation and mapping devices to provide precise understanding of the British Columbia landscape and sensitive areas. They also introduced a first ever in Canada, with the tail rotor camera which pilots view as a vital addition. They delivered the helicopter and upgrades on schedule and on budget and were always highly professional. In after market support whenever there were any issues with perfecting the aircraft operationally, such as radio and headset function or related tweaks Maxcraft were always engaged actively and without recourse on improvements in a timely manner. As an owner, Maxcraft always felt like they were a true partner in ownership.

Together we continued to upgrade the machine with bike racks, adventure and safety gear and this year Maxcraft effectively oversaw the installation of a “Fast Fin” for additional power and continue to help keep C-FKME state of the art. West Cirque Flying Inc could not have developed a product at this level without the highly effective and efficient partnership with Maxcraft.”

Tim Dattels
West Cirque Flying, Inc

” I am fortunate to work for an avionics company but, like all of our customers, I still have the tough decisions on where and how much to invest in my aging aircraft. I use my Cessna TU206G amphib for both pleasure and work. Living on the West Coast, an IFR capable airplane is a big asset for getting somewhere reliably. This aircraft came pretty well equipped with avionics 10 years ago when I purchased it, but it was getting a bit dated, and the ADS-B mandate was forcing my hand to do something. The dual GI275’s gave me reliability, Synthetic vision, and allowed me to remove my vacuum system and gyros (both of which have cost me money in repairs) all while not having to modify my instrument panel. The GTN750 gave me a large multifunction display (MFD) to view approach plates and the Flight Stream made that nagging problem of updating databases just disappear to a hidden background task. I also took the downtime opportunity to install a new BAS Inertia Reel 4 Point Shoulder Harness/Lap Belt System. BAS made the kit easy to install and I feel much better with the safety and ease of exit with this new system. I absolutely love the multifunction hat switch that controls some of the many functions of the GTN and I use that for every flight. Although I may not have had a choice on where to take my airplane (nor would I want to take it anywhere else), David and his team of technicians treated me professionally and kept me updated weekly on the progress. ”

Steve Nunn
Director of Business Development
Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

“I bought my first airplane, a 2009 Cessna 182T, in March of this year. An intimidating process for a first-timer under any circumstances.

The prospect of importing it from the USA, the inspection, registration, and the certification, in the middle of a global pandemic, was daunting to say the least.
Thankfully a pilot friend recommended Maxcraft Avionics and to my delight they were able to step in and quarterback the whole process from the pre-buy inspection to delivery of a clean and polished Canadian registered aircraft.

Their work also included the installation of the latest and greatest avionics and traffic systems. They even lined up Fred at Port Aerospace to build me a custom raised seat.👍🏼
Highly professional, competent, and patient with my many questions they invited and encouraged me to be a part of the process and offered valuable advice on all the changes.

The Maxcraft team are a group of first class professionals that I would recommend to anyone.”

~Lise Ash~
Langley, BC

“Maxcraft has been a long-standing supplier of Canadian Helicopters. We anticipate significant benefit with this retrofit and are pleased to partner with Maxcraft on this initiative.”

Don Wall
President & CEO
Canadian Helicopters Ltd

“In June of 2017 I purchased my 1973 Cessna 182p. The aircraft had an excellent condition, low hour airframe but no upgrades had ever been performed on the avionics. That was exactly what I wanted! It was my intention from the beginning to invest in a completely new avionics system from tip to tail. As an owner of a technology company, I have the experience to recognize the safety and reliability merits of an ‘all digital’ system. It also didn’t take me long to recognize that the best suited company for the job was Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

The following year as I communicated and planned with Steve Nunn and Daryl MacIntosh I quickly realized that their attention to detail and perfection would enable the creation of what could become possibly the greatest avionics package ever installed into a legacy piston single. The announcement of the TXi series by Garmin was the cream on the cake that timed perfectly with our schedule. There were no shocking surprises, no shortcomings, no squawks. Everything worked exactly as promised from the very first flight and continues to work flawlessly every day.

The panel I now enjoy is not just a pride to myself but also a great testament to the skills of Maxcraft Avionics. Garmin also joins in the pride as they closely watched this job come together. Not long after completion Garmin invited me to attend Oshkosh Airventure 2019 as a display aircraft in their booth. As I continue to log hours with my aircraft I am constantly reminded of the dependability, simplicity, and aesthetics of what the people at Maxcraft have created for me.”

Jim Immler

“Recently, I accepted my Beech Bonanza J35 from Maxcraft doing business at Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK). It is my pleasure to write about my experience during the negotiation, delivery and work completion of my airplane. I became aware of Maxcraft at the Pacific Northwest Aviation event at Puyallup during the February, 2016 show. Steve Nunn and Alex Khavin were patient describing the process and technical issues. It became apparent Maxcraft was staffed with pilots who understood the need for integration of the ADSB with other displays available in my aircraft. Steve described his aircraft with very similar avionics and the facilities that were possible.

Over the next few weeks I educated myself. The GTX 345 had only been on the market for a short time and west coast shops were also grasping for answers. After talking to several shops I was dubious that the capabilities were not going to be married unless I took the airplane to Maxcraft. In the end, the cost that was negotiated was comparable to another established west coast dealers but I made Steve promise Maxcraft could deliver on the integration.


The cross border delivery was of minimal issue. I needed to break that mental barrier for me but in the end was no real problem. Making no promises for Steve but he facilitated my trips with ease. The day of delivery the shop folks were prepared. The aircraft was rolled in the hangar and in the time Steve, Daryl (owner of the business), my son and I could eat lunch, Trevor Fleming had done an early assessment of the work needed. Trevor was key to the actual work in the plane. He was able to make Steve’s promises come true and more. While behind the panel he was able to improve instrument lighting and install an engine analysis recorder. The work was impeccably completed.


Day of acceptance the documents were complete well organized to include the Major Alteration, electrical load, Supplemental Operating documents, and weight and balance.


The bottomline take away is——you will be happy to spend the money to get the professional consideration, time efficiency, and safety that is delivered with the Maxcraft Avionics shop. My hats off to the entire crew at Maxcraft and I most highly recommend them for any aircraft services you may need. ”

Wiley Moore

I highly recommend Maxcraft Avionics Ltd. for everything from routine avionics repair and support, to major retrofits and upgrades. Adventure Aviation Inc. has had all that, and more, done to our owned and managed aircraft. From the beginning planning stages of projects – through to the completion and follow up support it has been an easy experience. Everyone at Maxcraft, from management to reception, has been great to deal with. I personally have dealt with every avionic shop in Western Canada over the past 40 years and I am very glad to have discovered Maxcraft and its folks.

Michael Mohr
Adventure Aviation


January 28, 2014

Reference for Maxcraft Avionics Ltd


Helijet International operates a fleet of Sikorsky S76 helicopters based at Vancouver International Airport. The S76A helicopters are used in a scheduled airline service between Vancouver and Victoria, and are seasonally used to support the Haida Gwaii and North Coastal sports fishery. We have three S76C+ helicopters that operate as dedicated air ambulances on long term contract for the BC provincial government.


In 2011 Maxcraft Avionics was contracted to retrofit three corporately configured S76C+ helicopters for air ambulance operations. This project included extensive avionics system upgrades along with associated structural modifications. Maxcraft successfully managed the project including coordination with paint, mechanical,and interior contractors. This fleet upgrade had a very short time-frame and the job was completed successfully and on time. We have also contracted Maxcraft Avionics to design and install IFR GPS systems in our fleet of S76A aircraft


We would recommend Maxcraft to other operators considering a major avionics upgrade project


Morris Forchuck
Director of Maintenance
Helijet International Inc.


Wow, what a difference. Awesome job!
John Faulkner Operations Manager,
Sky Helicopters Inc.


“Blackcomb Aviation operates and maintains a diverse fleet of aircraft. This fleet consists of modern mid-sized business jets, turbine powered helicopters and various single engine aircraft. For over a decade, Blackcomb Aviation has been working closely with Maxcraft Avionics as a contracted service provider to carry out not only small avionics repair services, but also major avionics sytem upgrades to various aricraft in our fleet. Most recently we contracted Maxcraft to upgrade three of our Citation Bravo business jets with TCAS 2 and upgrade FMS systems, along with major communication and navigational upgrades to our Agusta 109E helicopter. We have always been pleased with Maxcraft’s quality of workmanship and technical competence. It is always a pleasure dealing with the hard working folks over at Maxcraft and we have no reservations in recommending Maxcraft avionics to other operators of complex aircraft”

Chris A. Frey
Director of Maintenance / Person Responsible for Maintenance Control
Blackcomb Aviation


“Canadian Air Parts has been in operation since June 1992. Since our inception, Maxcraft Avionics has been our preferred repair station for Avionics equipment. The level of professionalism is beyond compare. Couple that with dedicated and knowledgeable staff and you have a winning combination.”
Tony Ellis
Owner- Canadian Air Parts



“Maxcraft has breathed new life into our legacy Cessna 414. A new G600 and set of GTN750s along with a new autopilot will ensure this aircraft gets many more years of service. This is the third aircraft that Maxcraft has refurbished an instrument panel for Adventure Aviation in the past year. We are very pleased with the work they do and their level of customer service.”

Michael Mohr



“I want to thank everyone for taking the time today to give me a tour of your facility and the time to discuss panel options for my potential aircraft. In all my years of business with many types of suppliers, from all kinds of geographical locations, this was clearly one of the best experiences I have ever had.


I look forward to connecting with you in the future.”


Kind regards,


Richard Friesen



“I would like to take time to thanks Maxcraft team for the very good support that your team gave to us during
C-GNZS Electrical mod. We really enjoy to work with Dave & Nick. They both gave us a very professional support & a very good work quality. We did not feel that we were two different companies. Everybody worked as a one big family & we really appreciated that. Dave has been always available when needed & supplied us all the infos & supports when needed. He was listening to all our suggestions or comments each time. It takes maximum 2 minutes to Nick to integrate himself in the team here. He worked very hard to reach our common target. It was a real pleasure to work with him. Very good & smart avionics. Like I already told to Nick few weeks ago; it is nice to see that we can still find good avionics shop like yours that takes the time to do the things right the first time.”


I hope to work with you again pretty soon.

Thanks again,

Jean-François Richer
Avionics Technician / Technicien Avionique
Canadian Helicopters Limited / Hélicoptères Canadiens Limitée


“Thanks guys for all of your efforts.

Your team was definitely professional and the workmanship was excellent.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped getting this mod done and aircraft out the door on time.”


Ed Bergnach
Vice President and Director of Maintenance
Canadian Helicopters Limited


“We look forward to working with you again in future & I want to also thank all those who worked on this project. This truly was a coast to coast project involving CHL personnel from Les Cedres & Edmonton along with the Maxcraft crew from Pitt Meadows.”


Gary Royer
Avionics Supervisor
Canadian Helicopters Limited
AS355N Overhead Console (SH09-20)


To whom it may concern:
Regarding letter of reference of King Air work; recently completed installation of Garmin 600 avionics package in one of our King Air 200 aircraft, the install went well and the quality of work has been excellent. We would recommend use of Maxcraft Avionics for installs and maintenance.

Darren Cassel
Fleet Specialist
North Cariboo Flying Service



“Montair Aviation Inc, is a flight school based out of Pitt Meadows, BC, operating a fleet of Cessna 152, 172 and PA34. We would like to thank Maxcraft for the effective teamwork and professionalism in keeping our aircraft in air. Maxcraft has provided us with exceptional service which includes regular maintenance, fixing snags and avionics panel upgrades. We would recommend Maxcraft avionics to other operators.”

Montair Aviation



From the very first meeting, I was impressed with Maxcraft’s vast knowledge, experience and their professional attitude. They understood our operational needs and provided different avenues of options whilst being considerate of our financial capabilities. Once the decision was made, the technical team made sure the turn around time was kept to absolute minimum largely by planning the project with great detail, minimizing any unexpected problems from arising. Just as they promised, the result was much more than satisfactory with excellent quality of work completed on time and on budget. Thank you Maxcraft!

Pacific Rim Aviation Academy



Maxcraft has done all the panel work in my Mooney M20J. This includes an active traffic system, Aspen, and Garmin 650. The work was on time and on budget. The best part is I can’t recall a major post install snag. I can say these guys promise to deliver, and deliver on their promise of safe, affordable work. I would not consider going anywhere else. And having them on the field at Pitt Meadows is a huge plus for me.

Mark Miller
Harmon Rocket



I would like to share my recent positive experience with Maxcraft Avionics ltd. I was looking to upgrade the navigation system on my C182J and was kindly directed to Alex @ Maxcraft. My experience has been great from start to finish and beyond… I truly felt that I was an important customer and that the whole team was dedicated to achieve the final goal; a functional and adapted IFR unit for me and my plane. The process was easy and the scheduling very flexible. The team was also welcoming. So far, I have been quite impressed by the after service to fine tune my system; it was expedient and diligent. I would certainly recommend this fabulous team to my fellow pilots. Many thanks to all.

Joel Gagnon



“Last February I limped into Pitt Meadows airport in my Piper Malibu with a failing attitude indicator and a porpoising autopilot. A friend on the field suggested that you might be able to help me out. In the end you could and you did, I’m very pleased with how it all worked out. You helped me think through the repair versus modernize options and costs and in the end I chose to modernize. We put in a new Garmin G500 glass panel and integrated it with my existing GNS530 GPS and KFC150 autopilot.

The work was done pretty much on schedule, it was absolutely on budget even though I chose to rethink a couple of my choices once the work was already underway. I dropped by the shop often during the month that you had my ship and it was clear that Clarke and his team, especially Andy, Wade and Ben who did most of the work on C-GMDK were focused on doing the job right, making the installation look clean and in taking good care of my recently refurbished interior, thanks guys!

While we were putting all the new gear in I also had you troubleshoot my ADF and a couple of dim lights in my autopilot. Both now working perfectly, it was great to get these little things that had been bugging me for ages taken care of.

A job this comprehensive doesn’t go without a few snags or calibrations, if only because of all of the interfaces to existing equipment. Maxcraft’s follow up support has been excellent. I know that I’m a fussy customer, I now know that Maxcraft are at least as fussy as me! Thank you for having a high bar of your own and for always being willing to meet mine. After 6 months of flying the new installation and a couple of shop visits for fine tuning and calibration I’m ready to pronounce my installation ‘perfect’. The G500 is a joy to fly behind; it’s deadly accurate and rock steady. The synthetic vision is a great source of confidence flying over the mountains and the interface to my autopilot works beautifully. In fact it’s like I have a new autopilot: with the G500 commanding the KFC150, the autopilot flies the ship like it is on rails.

“While the G500 installation may be dialed in my panel is far from finished. As all aircraft owners know there is always one more upgrade and I am busy saving for the next one right now! Naturally it will be done at Maxcraft.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found Maxcraft to look after my Malibu’s avionics. Your price, workmanship, scheduling and attention to detail met every expectation of an admittedly fussy customer. I am happy to have you use this letter in any of your promotional material.”


Yours truly,

Martin Merritt

Piper Malibu C-GMDK



“I’ve owned NTI for more than 20 years and have tried to make incremental improvements every year. A couple of years ago, I started looking at a partial glass panel up-grade and discussed my options at length with Steve. It was soon obvious that between the Garmin 500 and the Aspen Pro, the Aspen was the only one that would be viable. Maxcraft installed it in May/June of last year and it’s quite a step-up from the previous King KI-55 slaved HSI (that I thought was really great!). You also did the WAAS up-grade at the same time. A couple of months after it was installed, I had a total Aspen failure (i.e., it went black!) as I was returning from Portland; luckily I was in VFR conditions over an undercast and Pitt Meadows was clear. I contacted Steve or Daryl first thing Monday morning; you removed it immediately and I was back flying by that Friday. Great service!

I should also mention the fast service that you provided me on two other occasions last year, once when the VOR half of the Garmin 430 stopped working and the very quick diagnosis and replacement of my main comm antenna.

The last major improvement to NTI took place this year when you took out the Century 1 autopilot and installed an S-tec 50 that is coupled to the Aspen, with the GPS steering. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it; as my wife commented ‘this is just like an airliner’. The combination of the two (Aspen + S-tec) has made a world of difference to the airplane and made my flying so much easier and more enjoyable. All the best to Daryl and his team.”

Rick Johnson

Beech Bonanza




“We have contracted Maxcraft Avionics Ltd., Pitt Meadows, B.C. on many occasions to provide complex avionics solutions in many of our various helicopter models. In all cases we have been very satisfied with the initial installation and follow-up support. Here are some examples of the systems they have designed & installed for us:

1) Dual Garmin GNS530 GPS/Nav/Comm & Rogerson-Kratos NeoAv 520 EHSI systems in our Bell 212 twin-engined IFR helicopters including integration with the existing Honeywell/Sperry SHZ-212 Automatic Flight Control System.

2) Electrical systems upgrade on our Eurocopter AS355N twin-eingine helicopters which included a complete re-design and replacement of the overhead electrical panel assembly. The end result is a much more reliable electrical distribution and control system.

3 Honeywell/Allied-Signal AR30 series Cockpit Voice recorder installations in our twin-engined Bell 212 and Sikorsky S61N helicopters.

Maxcraft Avionics has always provided us with excellent service and met the project deadlines we have imposed on them. We look forward to a continued relationship with this very professional organization.”

Gary Royer
Avionics Supervisor
Canadian Helicopters Ltd.



The staff at Maxcraft Avionics Ltd. were fabulous to deal with. They were very professional, knowledge and very responsive to my needs. The offered me with great advice and we worked very closely to develop an avionics package that was the most suitable for my mission and my price range. They were upfront with the pricing and there were no surprises or hidden charges at the end of the project. I learned a lot about avionics from this process and it was a pleasure to work with the group at Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

Francis Cheung C-GLBC



I very much appreciate your efforts to make this avionics upgrade (and to get rid of 30 pounds of weight) happen on such a very well planned schedule. It made my summer trip a breeze and gave me a lot of enjoyment. I already have my next upgrade in mind (EDM900) and I definitively will do this with you guys!”

Alexander Landolt
(Cessna 206)



I am the private owner of a Beech B55 Baron. I live in Vancouver area and have flown the Baron for about 10 years. Last year my non WAAS GPS quit and I decided to have it fixed through Maxcraft. I was treated well and given a reasonable quote to repair it. Of course during the discussion I uttered the expensive words to the effect that I guess some day I should upgrade to WAAS. Steve Nunn walked me through the options and I decided the time was right to install a GTN 750.


As the saying goes, “this was not my first rodeo”. I have had avionics upgrades before and knew you don’t just make one change. While at it there were several improvements that should be made. We agreed on a plan and quote. The work was done on budget and pretty close to schedule except of course there were complications.


Here is what I like about Maxcraft. When problems arose they took ownership of the issue and made it better. I could not ask for anything more and would recommend them to my peers.

Dave Motion
West Vancouver BC



“I sought three quotes for this panel upgrade project and Maxcraft was one of the companies. Maxcraft was recommended to me by Bill Neale, a fellow Comanche owner and former Pitt Meadows Airport Manager. When I sought quotes to undertake the panel upgrade project, and requested Maxcraft to submit to me their bid based on my preliminary design concept of the upgrade panel, my first impression was that because the quote was done professionally and in sufficient detail, even at this stage, that I thought to myself that I would like to deal with Maxcraft. I base this comment on my experience as a professional engineer and manager in the nuclear industry before I retired. I was involved in many contract negotiations.”

“Throughout our preliminary and follow up meetings to firm up the details of the contract, my first impressions were reinforced by the well organized meetings with Steve Nunn and Clarke Paterson. As the work on the panel got underway, I noted that all the staff were friendly and accessible, even the President, Daryl MacIntosh. The lead technical person, Wade Ouellet, was a personable and easy to work with individual. The finished product is of excellent quality, was on budget, but a little behind planned schedule. However, based on my experiences, it was not a surprise to me for projects of this nature. It is the nature of the beast. Overall, it was a positive experience to work with Maxcraft staff and hope to continue to do after service follow-up work in the future.”



Twin Comanche



Dear Daryl

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the avionic certification that was completed on my Cessna Skymaster

C-FDOL. I appreciate your quick response on such short notice under AOG circumstances.

I would like you to convey a special “thank you” to Mike Goluch for service above and beyond the call of duty. Mike spent a very long day working on my aircraft until the late hours of the Friday evening. Although Mike had found a few minor problems he continued to ensure everything was airworthy. Mike did not charge me for these items which I greatly appreciated.

I was surprised to be greeted by Mike the following Saturday morning when I arrived at the hangar at 7:30ish AM. Mike wanted to check a static line connection he wasn’t sure about. It turns out it was secure. Mike also did another quick check of my systems.

I felt much better knowing that great care was being takin in my new aircraft and that I had one less thing to worry about crossing the mountains IFR for the first time on my way home to Toronto, Ontario. The avionics performed, as they should.”


Thank you for the piece of mind.

Yours truly,”

Brad Allore
CEO / Polaris Aerospace Inc
Transport Canada Airworthiness Inspector (retired)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer / FAA A & PCFI



“Maxcraft did an incredible job before, during and after installation of my new panel. They were on time on budget and were a pleasure to work with. They provide excellent customer support answering my questions promptly when I call them. I wish I could master the operation of this incredible equipment as quickly as they installed it. I recommend them without hesitancy or qualification.”


Cessna 185 owner



“Hello Daryl

We would like to extend our gratitude in respect to the support we received from the crew at Maxcraft on April 7, 2011. We called Clarke on the 6th at about 5:00pm in need of a days labour and some wiring for our bell 205. Clarke managed to free up Mike and Trevor who proceeded to complete the work required. Both Mike and Trevor were professional and efficient and liaising with Clarke is always a pleasure.

It’s great service like this that will keep us coming back.

Please forward the enclosed t-shirts to Mike and Trevor.”

Best Regards

Pau Tosczak
Chief Pilot



“On behalf of CHC Helicopters (Australia) Engineering I would to thank (and congratulate) all of your staff at Maxcraft Avionics Ltd who participated in the mods and re-wire of C-GIHY.In particular I would like to thank Mickey Singh for the courteous and professional way in which he conducted himself. He is a tremendous asset to Maxcraft Avionics, has a wealth of knowledge and his practical ability on this project was invaluable.

CHC also appreciate Maxcrafts understanding of our at times very busy Adelaide hangar facilities and the frustrations that crept in along the way due to delivery issues with critical parts to complete the task. At the end of the day we believe that an excellent product was jointly achieved by Maxcraft, CHC Global and CHC Helicopters (Australia).

We look forward to working with Maxcraft in the future and once again ‘Thank-you all’ for a great effort.”

Chris Schrapel,
Engineering Manager CHC Helicopters (Australia)


“After a thoroughly enjoyable and informative information seminar hosted by Garmin and Maxcraft, we committed to upgrade our avionics to include the Garmin G500 system in our Cessna 172XP Hawk.  From the outset, every step of the process from estimate, to completion of the installation was outstanding.  Everyone at Maxcraft demonstrated superior levels of professionalism and technical expertise.  As Maxcraft promised, we are now experiencing the exciting new avionics capabilities of the Garmin G500 on our flights.  It is with great enthusiasm that we thank and pay special mention to Steve, Alex, Clark, Ben, Will and Ali for all of their hard work, knowledge and exemplary customer service.”

Cyrus’s Marine Service


“I had been dreaming about installing an Aspen PFD in my C182 for several years. Steve at Maxcraft was aware of my desire, and when an opportunity appeared for me to purchase the Aspen at a heavily discounted price he took it upon himself to contact me with the proposal.We subsequently added some “While we’re at it..” items to the project. We upgraded my GTX330 transponder to enable ADS-B OUT capability, and installed a GDL-39 for portable ADS-B IN display on my 796. The overall install was completed on time, and on budget, and even increased my planes useful load by over 10lbs with the removal of the old systems and wiring. The team at Maxcraft did a great job, and kept me informed of the progress throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my plane back to Maxcraft for any further future upgrades or maintenance.”

Dave Qualley,
Cessna 182 M (C-FSLL)



“When we started to think about designing the panel for our Murphy Moose project, we talked to a friend, head of maintenance at Summit Air in Yellowknife, NT. He mentioned Maxcraft Avionics. With this in mind we went to Sun ‘n Fun in 2010 to look over the products on the market at the time. After attending various seminars we decided on Garmin products. It was at a Garmin seminar that we met Steve Nunn. We briefly discussed our plans for our Moose at that time. Later that year Jack attended a Garmin seminar at Maxcraft to check out the current products and to order the first components for our panel. With a lot of input from Maxcraft staff we came up with the final design and ordered the remainder of the components. As our aircraft was being completed in Summerside, PE Maxcraft also designed a ferry panel to get our plane from Summerside to Pitt Meadows. When we finally arrived at Maxcraft with our Moose the components were on the shelf waiting for us. The finished product was amazing! Being low time pilots it was quite a learning curve. With a lot of support from Maxcraft’s Trevor Fleming, all of our questions and concerns were quickly taken care of. It was a very positive experience from start to finish! We felt that each and every Maxcraft team member cared. We are now building our second aircraft and will definitely be consulting with Maxcraft Avionics for our next panel. ”
Jack & Tina Korycki
Owners – Murphy Moose


“When I finally decided to make a commitment to a glass cockpit I contacted Maxcraft Avionics. I believe in “word-of-mouth” refferals and was not disappointed by what I had heard about Maxcraft! The team at Maxcraft avionics compliment each other in various areas of expertisel whether it is design, function, avionics integration or troubleshooting. Steve, Daryl and Clarke all rose to the occasion to put together an outstanding product backed by full warranty in a very timely manner. Thanks again guys for your professionalism and teamwork for C-GPGW”
Dr. John K. McGaw

Recently, I had Maxcraft Avionics install Garmin’s GTS800 in my G1000 equipped Cessna 182. I’ve been a customer of Maxcraft Avionics since I purchased my C182 factory new in 2006 and have been more than pleased with the quality of service that I have received from Clarke Paterson, the operations manager and Andy Hong, the technician, who personally take care of all of the avionics maintenance on my aircraft. What impresses me greatly is that Daryl MacIntosh, the owner, invests regularly in his staff by providing them with the necessary ongoing training and knowledge that Garmin’s new and innovative products demand of the avionics technician professional. I have personally experienced another company that said it was capable of performing a routine Garmin software installation upgrade only to be disappointed that my G1000 all but ceased to function. At Maxcraft Avionics such occurrences are unheard of within my personal experience as a customer. Since I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island, an added bonus to dealing with Maxcraft Avionics is that Daryl MacIntosh personally flies to Victoria International to pick me up in his own Cessna 182 thus eliminating the arduous BC ferry, Sky Train and bus trip to Pitt Meadows. This service alone gives you the impression you are a valued customer. Without the slightest reservation, I can say that if you love your aircraft as much as I love mine you should consider Maxcraft Avionics the next time your avionics require attention.
Steve Long



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