We offer so many services, you’ll never max us out!

With 23 years of avionics experience under our belt and the largest avionics facility in Canada, we’re able to offer a long list of key services that meet almost every possible need. And our custom designed facility and over 20,000 parts in inventory allows for efficient flow, multiple services and minimum down time. We understand downtime is critical and you often have more than just avionics to accomplish. If we can’t provide the service we will partner with leaders in the industry to offer the service in our facility. For example our 5-ton overhead crane allows outside services (including your mechanic) to accomplish major maintenance while we are doing the avionics.

Maxcraft’s complete full-service ground support consists of a dedicated commitment to you and your aircraft. At a moment’s notice, ready and dependable technicians can provide aircraft services both locally and abroad. Utilizing our on-site design/approval process, system modifications are streamlined and completed sooner, and at lower cost. Within the upstairs repair shop, exacting specialists utilize first-rate tools and test equipment to overhaul avionics and flight instrument components from around the world.