Cessna 414 Garmin G600 and GTN750

Today we’ll take a look at a major avionics upgrade for one Cessna 414. This managed aircraft was recently purchased in the United States and imported into Canada for business use. Countless snags across multiple systems were encountered on it’s first test flight, and even more were found during our own preliminary tests. Owing the the sheer number of electrical and avionic faults in this aircraft (and the cost of troubleshooting them all), a full upgrade and replacement of major equipment was in fact the most prudent course of action.

Major pieces of new equipment for this refit include a G600 primary flight display replacing a traditional six-pack, dual GTN750 navigators replacing an older GNS530, and (perhaps most impressively) a brand new S-TEC System 55X autopilot. An existing GMA 340 audio system and GTX 330 transponder were retained and integrated into the new system, alongside an older Bendix radar system. The GTX 330 was however upgraded for ADS-B functionality, enhancing its capabilities significantly.

It should mentioned however, that new equipment (though wonderful) is not an instant cure-all. A few remaining snags often still need to be detected and ironed out post-installation. The efficiency with which Maxcraft’s technicians are able to detect and and correct these flaws is owed in part to our in-house test pilot. By employing an experienced test pilot for snag detection both before and after installation, Maxcraft Avionics can ensure that aircraft are fault-free aircraft when finally delivered to clients. Owners and operators can also avoid the extra time and hassle involved in providing a test pilot of their own. We’ve found that this is especially attractive to clients who hail from outside the Lower Mainland. These clients gain the convenience of showing up only once. With everything finalized, their completed aircraft is delivered and a complimentary equipment familiarization flight is provided.

Summary Of Major Avionic Systems

  • G600 Primary Flight Display (Garmin)
  • Dual GTN750 GPS/NAV/COMs (Garmin)
  • System 55X Autopilot (S-TEC / Genesis)
  • GMA 340 Audio System (Garmin – Existing)
  • GTX 330 Transponder (Garmin – upgraded for ADS-B out compliance)
  • FlightStream 210 (Garmin)
  • Legacy radar system (Bendix – Existing)
  • USB power(Mid-Continent)