152 Trainer Glass Panel

This completely rebuilt 152 panel is part of a comprehensive training fleet solution for Montair, an internationally accredited flight school specializing in training eventual airline pilots. Montair is one of the few schools around the world to receive approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This Cessna 152 is just the first of several trainers in a fleet of 152’s, 172’s and Senecas — all of which are planned for similar avionics packages at Maxcraft.

The panel you see here was designed explicitly with flight training in mind. It’s development was the result of an iterative consultation process involving considerable input from Montair. In addition to a modern GPS navigator, it features a combination of glass panel and traditional instruments. This is ideal for familiarizing trainees with a variety of procedures. Despite the modernity of technology present in this equipment, the package is overall, relatively affordable. Products like the Aspen EFD-1000 and the Garmin GTN 650 grant exceptional value in their price range, a quality that is wholly appropriate to the Cessna 152’s reputation as one of the most cost effective trainers around.

Knowing that as a trainer this aircraft would see many hours of wear and use, we opted to apply our signature matte coating to both the main avionics panels as well as a newly fabricated lower switch panel. The end result is the complete removal of all original plastic moldings from the panel, parts that are notorious for cracking and scratching, especially under hard use.

Summary of Installed Avionic Systems

  • GTN 650 GPS Navigator (Garmin)
  • EFD-1000 Glass flight display(Aspen)
  • GTX 327 Transponder (Garmin)
  • GMA 340 Audio (Garmin)
  • Custom laser-engraved and Powder Coated MaxPanel (Maxcraft)
  • Matching Lower Switch Panel with USB power outlet (Maxcraft)