Bombardier Challenger


This first generation Bombardier CL-600 challenger was delivered to Maxcraft for a TCAS installation. We were, in fact, rather surprised to learn that TCAS had not previously been installed in this aircraft. The current ICAO standard for TCAS II is Change 7.1 however the version we installed on this aircraft is compliant with the previous TCAS II 7.0 standard. System upgrade decisions can be difficult for older aircraft like the CL-600 and this was no exception. TCAS 7.0 systems are still approved for operational use within North America and the choice to go with this version helped keep the overall modification cost down. If future operations require flights to Europe, the system can easily be upgraded to Change 7.1 with a TCAS processor swap.

This TCAS installation included replacement of the existing Rockwell Collins TDR-90 transponders with TDR-94D mode S transponders. The transponder system is now well positioned for upgrading to ADS-B compliant version TDR-94Ds prior to the FAA’s 2020 mandate. As a CL-600 built in 1982 rather than the more common CL-601, this aircraft is in fact the original version of the Bombardier/Canadair Challenger. Despite its age, installation of TCAS equipment and matching transponders will allow this older business jet to comply with today’s regulatory requirements, providing many more years of service.

Summary of Equipment

  • TCAS-94 TCAS II (Rockwell Collins)
  • TDR-94D Transponder (Rockwell Collins)