Aircraft: 1978 Cessna 182Q

Owner: Daryl lives in Vancouver and also flies a twin engine jet and helicopter.

Need: Our customer wanted a great floatplane so that he and his family could fly and enjoy the plentiful amount of lakes in British Columbia.

Summary of Equipment:

  • G500 Flight Display System (Garmin)
  • GTN 750 GPS/Nav/Com & MFD (Garmin)
  • GTN 650 GPS/Nav/Com & MFD (Garmin)
  • GTX345 ADS-B Transponder  (Garmin)
  • GMA35C Audio System /w 4 Place Intercom (Garmin)
  • GTS800 Traffic System (Garmin)
  • System 55X Autopilot (/w Autotrim Option) (Genesys)
  • ST-645 A/P Remote annunciator (Genesys)
  • LEMO Headset Jacks (Maxcraft)
  • MVP-50 Primary Engine Monitor System (Electronics International)
  • GDL69A Weather Data Link System (Garmin)
  • MaxPanel Custom Instrument Panel (Maxcraft)
  • MaxPanel Circuit Breaker Overlay Panel (Maxcraft)
  • 406AF Compact ELT system (Kannad)
  • Antennas and doublers (Maxcraft)
  • TA202 USB charging port (Mid Continent)
  • ESI-500 Standby Indicator (L3 Avionics)

The Story: When you want one of the best floatplanes out there you need to start out with a good airframe and the Cessna 182 fills that bill well. You then need to perform some serious upgrades by a very specific talented team. Here is a breakdown of how and who put this all together:


  • Jim Schwerman – Seaplanes R us
    • Jim created the C182 Super Sealane floatplane conversion kit and he knows them inside and out
    • They sourced a solid C182 Q model but in an all original state
    • Installed a new Continental IO-550 with a 3 blade prop.
    • Installed the Seaplanes West motor mount, upgross kit, floatplane kit
    • Installed Aerocet Model 3400 Amphibious Composite Floats
  • Fred Hossman – Port Interiors
    • If you want the best interior then this is your choice and Fred and team didn’t let the customer down.
    • It’s a jet like interior in a Cessna 182
    • They removed the interior after arrival at Maxcraft, took it away to their shop and then re-installed it as we were finishing up the avionics
  • Maxcraft Avionics
    • We were honoured to be part of this exclusive team
    • We worked with the customer to design the ultimate panel for his Sealane
    • While Jim was doing all of his work we finalized the design with the customer and started pre-fabrication prior to aircraft arrival.