Cessna 172 gets ADS-B, Engine Monitor, and New GPS


1979 Cessna 172N Skyhawk. N registered.


Bob is a Canadian living in Washington State. He learned to fly at Pitt Meadows and is a retired airline pilot.


Our customer wanted to get ahead of the rush of the ADS-B rush for the US mandate. At the same time he opted to upgrade some of his other avionics.

Solution: (equipment)

  • GTX345 (ADS-B) Transponder (Garmin)
  • CGR-30P Engine Monitor (Electronics International)
  • GTN750 GPS/NAV/COM & MFD (Garmin)
  • Flight Stream 510 Wireless Tablet Interface (Garmin)

The Story:

As so often is the case, our customer started talking to us about ADS-B compliance but he also had a wish list to upgrade some other items. To combine the work at the same time typically saves a bunch of labour. An engine monitor was high on the list and the EI CGR-30P fit the bill perfectly and had a rebate offering. Although the existing GNS430W is still being supported by Garmin, it was long ago replaced with the much more capable touch screen GTN series. Bob was able to remove his GNS430W and old moving map GPS and replace it with the GTN750. This gave him a fully IFR capable WAAS GPS/Com/Nav as well as a superb large touch screen moving map.

The installation of the GTX345 transponder gave him his ADS-B compliance. Adding the Flight Stream 510 wireless tablet interface to the GTN gave him the capability of transferring flight plans in both directions, GPS and AHRS data, and pushing his new ADS-B weather and traffic to his iPad. We addressed an annoying audio problem while in the shop and fabricated some new powder coated blanking panels to clean things up. We were able to reduce the cost of the job by offering Bob a trade-in on his old equipment which has since gone on to another aircraft owner.

Old Panel: