The owner of this Beechcraft Baron came to us with a used GNS 530W and plans for a G500 + dual 530 Garmin package. He had purchased this GNS 530 from a friend who had recently upgraded to dual GTN 750s here at Maxcraft. In the end, our more recent client decided to purchase a GTN 750, relegating his used 530 to a secondary role. The GTN-750 has a plethora of advantages over the GNS 530W, including (but not limited to) a simplified and intuitive touch screen user interface, a higher resolution display, and more detailed terrain data. Our client was well aware of these advantages, but also wanted dual GPS/NAV/COMS. Although many a pilot’s perfect cockpit includes two GTN750’s, such a package isn’t always economically feasible. It’s easy to understand why someone might have looked to dual GNS 530’s as a solution. After talking with our customer and determining what he really wanted out of his avionics, it was agreed that striking the middle ground was best for his needs. With one GTN750 and one GNS530W, all the advantages of the cutting edge GTN series are available as well as the perks of having dual navigators. This package costs less than dual 750’s and we were still able to make good use of a used 530 that was acquired for an excellent price. Lastly, we shouldn’t forget about the very reason for these upgrades: a G500 Primary flight display. This, in addition to the navigators makes the new panel a true “full-glass” package.

Summary of Installed Equipment

  • Garmin GNS 530W GPS/NAV/COM
  • Garmin GTN 750 GPS/NAV/COM
  • Garmin 500 Primary Flight Display