April 2022
Spring is in the air and its trade show season!
After a long absence due to this crazy pandemic, it’s great to be back doing trade shows and meeting our customers and vendors in person. Supply issues will continue to be a challenge for the remainder of the year, but Maxcraft is working hard to try and keep inventory of the key avionics components.
See our list of tradeshows/conferences that we attend below. We hope to see you there!
New Products/Announcements
Featured Products:
We’ve just returned from Aircraft Electronics Association avionics industry trade show where many new products and applications were introduced. Following are a few updates worth mentioning: 
Jupiter Avionics Eclipse Digital Audio System
Jupiter Avionics introduced its new Eclipse digital audio system, with the JACS-001 audio control system serving as the “brains,” according to Bryan Hart, the company’s senior marketing manager.
JACS-001 allows aircraft OEMs or modification providers to connect up to seven control panels or two multi-function displays, two speaker outputs, and an audio configuration module for programming.
In total, the Eclipse digital audio system enables up to six direct inputs, eight receivers and 11 transmit positions.
Canyon Aeroconnect ACP5x and AMU50 DCAS
Canyon’s Digital Audio Control System (DACS) is a communications management system with the ability to control and distribute all audio in an aircraft, to/from all transceivers, receivers, and aural alert sources. The Aircraft Digital Audio Control System consists of Audio Control Panels (ACP51 or ACP53), Audio Management Unit (AMU50) and Remote Memory (RM01).  The ACP51 and ACP53 are Dzus-mounted units that allow the operator to adjust volume, select a transceiver, and select the patient mode. It’s a ‘terminal’ that monitors user switch selections and level adjustments, passing them along to the Audio Management Unit. The AMU50 can support eight receivers, eight transceivers, two CVRs, six direct inputs, six ACPs and seven headsets. It integrates a warning generator providing eight tone/voice alarms with multiple levels of priority. The RM01 remotely stores the system’s configuration and the aural warning file allowing replacement of the AMU50 without having to reconfigure the replacement unit. It has been especially designed for helicopters and light aircraft.
Technisonic TDAP-650 Audio Panel
Technisonic Industries Ltd announces the release of the new TDAP-650 audio panel.
Designed to work directly with the TDFM-9000 series radios, the TDAP-650 has evolved to include 2 new technologies.
The TDAP-650 has Bluetooth capabilities and the ability to utilize Technisonic’s embedded digital connection feature found on all MCP-equipped TDFM-9000 series radios. Simplifying all Mic Audio and PTT functions across a simplified 2 wire digital connection directly from the TDFM using RS-232 serial data. Audio can then be configured to any com position 3 through com 8 via the TDFM itself (com 1 and com 2 are reserved for VHF AM radios). Additionally, the 650’s new Bluetooth connection operates directly through the intercom, simply connect using your phone as you would with any BT device with nothing to program or configure on the TDAP side of the connection. Audio is then accessed via the intercom function. Everyone on the intercom can hear and talk to the party on the other end of the call.
PS Engineering PAC45 with MultiTalker®
MultiTalker® has the capability that allows the special mission pilot to pay attention to the radio call that is important at any one instant in time. MultiTalker® allows the pilot to place 6 individual com radio traffic, up to nine unique positions within a stereo headset. Many enhancements included in the PAC45 include a powerful headset audio amplifier, our high-performance IntelliVox® automatic VOX circuit for very loud environments and front panel selection of Push-To-Talk Intercom. Up to three control heads can be mounted in strategic locations while the Hub can be mounted directly to the pilot’s control heads or mounted remotely. The ability to pre-record audio alerts makes this audio controller an integral tool to help hear alerts that may be drowned out by the din of the cockpit environment. There are no computers required to configure the PAC45 or to record the 3 audio alerts, it’s all done from the front panel.
Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. P139-HD Digital Audio System
Building on decades of audio system design, development, and manufacturing experience, the AEM Digital Audio System is perfect for operators and integrators who need crystal clear, mission-ready digital audio from a reliable manufacturer with world-class support. G13116 Control Panel manages up to 8 Transceivers. G13115 Control Panel manages up to 16 Transceivers. G13000 remote Digital Audio Router can manage up to 30 Transceivers. The P139-HD was designed in consultation with Completion Centers, Technicians, Operators, and TFOs in the Law Enforcement and Air Medical Transport sectors. The result is the industry’s most capable, flexible, and practical digital audio system for special role aircraft.
Gogo’s AVANCE Systems Reach 1 Million Business Aviation Flights
March 28, 2022, Gogo Business Aviation’s AVANCE systems reached 1 million flights since the platform launched in August of 2017.
AVANCE is the most successful broadband product ever launched in business aviation with 2,504 business aircraft flying with an AVANCE L5 or L3 system onboard as of Dec. 31, 2021.
With increased demand for interactive data-intense applications like Zoom, FaceTime and Office 365, in the fourth quarter of 2021 Gogo saw a 38% increase across all systems in megabytes consumed per flight, and a 29% increase in flights per day compared to pre-pandemic levels in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Today AVANCE L5 offers the easiest upgrade path to Gogo 5G. AVANCE L5 is delivering 2 to 7+ Mbps speeds with very low latency, which is critical for real-time video conferencing applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Gogo 5G will deliver ~25 Mbps on average with peak speeds between 75-80 Mbps, and Gogo remains on track to launch 5G in the second half of 2022.
Gogo has also received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA for its 5G aircraft antenna.
Garmin’s D2 Mach 1 watch
Garmin has done it again with a new and improved D2™ Mach 1 GPS aviator smartwatch with classic pilot watch styling and a bright AMOLED touchscreen display that offers advanced tools for flying – plus health and fitness features – to help pilots and aviation enthusiasts accelerate their adventures. With a battery life of up to 11 days, pilots can rely on the D2 Mach 1 around the clock to keep tabs on the weather, receive automatic alerts for changing conditions, help navigate with the moving map and horizontal situation indicator (HSI) and so much more.
Coupled with a full suite of health monitoring and activity tracking features, the D2 Mach 1 offers unmatched utility both in and out of the cockpit.
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Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics Adds 5 New Digital Instruments to Flex® Product Line
Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics unveiled five, new 2-inch digital instruments. The company’s Flex® product line now includes digital Counter Drum Encoding Altimeters, Airspeed Indicators, GPS Clocks, Battery ACUs, and Attitude Indicators.
Flex® Digital Counter Drum Encoding Altimeter
Certified to 55,000 feet AGL with user-selectable functions: Vertical Speed Indication, 6-second Vertical Trend, Altitude Target, Approach Minimums Alert, and Barometric Setting.
Flex® Digital Airspeed Indicator
Hybrid readout and configurable range markings eliminate extra time and cost of mechanical range markings. Ground Speed and True Air Speed can be displayed with external ARINC input. Features include user-selectable Mach number and a configurable dynamic MMO barber pole indicator.
Flex® Digital GPS Clock
Nine functions: Local Time, UTC/Zulu Time, Flight Timer, Run Timer, Countdown Timer, Stopwatch, Time to Waypoint, Hobbs, and Date. Sync with a GPS source, output time to external equipment, and provide Estimated Time to your next waypoint.
Flex® Digital Battery ACU
Monitor and display True Blue Power® Gen5 lithium-ion battery parameters: Battery Status, State of Charge, State of Health, Volts, Amps, Temperature, Remaining Life, and Fault Data.
Flex® Digital Attitude Indicator
Attitude, slip and heading via optional MD32 magnetometer. (Available Q4 2022)
Garmin announces an update to the certification of the GI 275 electronic flight instrument for select Part 27 helicopters
STC to include Bell 206 with additional models expected in the second half of 2022.
On March 7, 2022, Garmin® International, announced Supplemental Type Certification (STC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the GI 275 electronic flight instrument in Part 27 VFR helicopters is expected to be completed in this month. A powerful solution for helicopter owners and operators, the GI 275 is a scalable, cost-conscious approach to an avionics upgrade that is a direct replacement for a variety of legacy primary flight instruments in the cockpit, including the primary attitude indicator, course deviation indicator (CDI), horizontal situation indicator (HSI), or the multi-function display (MFD).
In the Hangar:
Alaskan Beech 1900C G700 Glass Install
Maxcraft replaced much of the analog instrumentation in this regional airliner with the advanced Garmin G700 primary flight display system integrated with dual GTN 750 navigators, and a Genesys digital autopilot. All this advanced technology will ensure safety, even in the harshest conditions Alaska presents.
Read more here.
In the Hangar:
Military Bell 212 Complete Rewire and Overhaul
Maxcraft teamed up with our partner Heliwelders to transform two tired 1970s Bell 212s into search and rescue workhorses. Completely stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up, with a custom-built workstation to control infrared cameras and spotlights, these helicopters are ready to serve the Bangladesh Airforce.
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In the Hangar:
Beech Baron Dual G5 and Multi Engine Monitoring and Advanced Autopilot
This trio of partners decided to expand their Baron’s capabilities by replacing their standard “6 pack” instruments with two Garmin G5 electronic flight instruments which interface with the highly advanced GFC 600 digital autopilot, along with Garmin’s TXi engine information system.
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In the Hangar:
Cessna 180H Simple but Highly Capable IFR Install
Maxcraft’s first ever installation of the revolutionary Garmin GI-275 electronic flight instrument was in this Cessna 180H on floats. Now it’s ready for anything with an extremely capable IFR configuration paired with the GTN 750, and GFC 500 digital autopilot. With a custom made MaxPanel and lower switch panel, this panel looks better than when it came out of the factory.
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In the Hangar:
Piper PA24 with the Latest and Greatest Garmin Avionics
When this Garmin employee purchased his Piper Comanche, he knew exactly what avionics he wanted and trusted Maxcraft to do the job. With a G500 TXi primary flight display, engine monitoring, and a GTN 750 and 650, this is one of the most capable Comanches we’ve seen.
Read more here.
The Technical Side
New Digital Audio Systems for Mission Specific Aircraft
As you have likely read in our New Production Introduction, numerous manufacturers have recently stepped up to the plate and offered leading edge digital audio systems. This technology is specifically targeted at radio intensive mission specific aircraft, such as emergency medical, forestry, law enforcement, etc. What is the big deal with this new technology and what does a digital system have to offer to these types of operators? Well, read on. 
AEM Digital Audio System
The Problem:
 It is not uncommon for these type of mission specific aircraft to have 6-10 radios, and 3 to 5 audio stations (or more of both) all needing control of their unique radio. That is a considerable amount of wiring, consuming 100’s of hours to install, and that very same aircraft, a few years down the road, could very well get repurposed to a completely different mission profile. With these audio stations often spread through the aircraft, those radios have long wire runs that add weight and unfortunately prove to be a reliability issue as the aircraft ages. It’s not uncommon for the wire bundle to be over a 1” in diameter of individually shielded audio wire. One errant ground missing on only one of those wires can result in an unacceptable noise in the audio system that can take days to troubleshoot. Those older audio control panels do not necessarily have room for proper radio identification, and it certainly did not allow for easy reconfiguration or the addition of new radios. 
The Solution:
Digital Audio systems have been around for a decade, but they were expensive and had limited ability for re-configuration. With today’s semiconductor technology, companies have been able to use the state-of-the art technology to design powerful and flexible audio systems, with touch screens, and great potential for re-configurations. One of the biggest differences is in the architecture, instead of having to wire each radio to each audio control panel, all of the radios are wired to only one remote box and then a simple data bus is wired to each control panel. The distribution of radios to audio panels is then often configured by downloading a config file via a computer to tell it which radio is able to talk to which audio panel. Some of the manufacturers are even building LED touch screens for the control panel giving even more flexibility. 
Jupiter Avionics - LED touch screen
The Benefits:
 If you have a low radio count and 1 or 2 stations than the cost probably doesn’t justify the advantages. That quickly changes as the mission complexity goes up.
Here are some of the advantages these new Digital Audio Systems will see:
·        Reduced labour savings on install
·        Less wire weight = greater useful load
·        Digital audio processing means less noise in the audio system
·        Easier to reconfigure if the mission profile changes
·        Significantly improved long term reliability
·        A more intuitive audio control panel
  • A more ergonomic switch layout
  • Better options for custom labels
  • Some options for LED touch screen panels
In Summary:
Smaller helicopters are increasingly being tasked to undertake tactical missions but are sensitive to space and weight restrictions. Turboprops & light business jets require enhanced functionality from their audio systems without the bulk. The next generation in high-functional-density communications management systems are here to address these problems. Maxcraft is happy to see there are numerous companies with viable offerings in the market that can fit the operator’s specific needs. 
Vendor Profile:
Canyon AeroConnect stands as one of the world’s leading suppliers of avionic-standard aircraft communications, navigation, and audio/intercom systems. You may have known them as Cobham Aerospace Connectivity, a company long established in the avionics sector. They are now an independent company delivering the same performance, reliability, and service that customers have come to depend upon for their mission success. They continue to offer the same portfolio of reliable products and are working on next-generation communications to make your job easier.
Canyon manufactures their own equipment out of their facility in Prescott, Arizona. 
Canyon is the benchmark in aircraft tactical communication and audio equipment for Air Ambulance, Law Enforcement, SAR, EMS, Electronic News Gathering, Military, and Marine applications. Products include digital and analog radio/audio management systems, Tac/Com, VHF/UHF radio systems, intercoms, data interface accessories, and aural warning generators.
Their moto is “You can continue to count on us wherever your missions may take you in the future because at Canyon, EVERY MISSION MATTERS™”
Learn more about Canyon AeroConnect on their website: https://www.canyonaeroconnect.com/
Who’s Who at Maxcraft?
Meet Slim: Slim joined the Maxcraft team four years ago as an Avionics Technician after doing contract avionics work for several years.
After attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) Burnaby Campus for one year for general electronics, he decided to transfer to BCIT’s Aerospace Campus where he completed their avionics program. Slim has always been interested in airplanes and avionics was a natural path for him to pursue.
His favorite thing about working in aviation used to be the many opportunities to travel and explore the world but has had to settle down since having two children. He enjoys watching the many aircraft we transform from old steam gauges to full glass panels. One day he would like to get his Private Pilot License (PPL).
Slim moved to Canada 18 years ago in 2004 from Algeria. Married, and with two young children, he enjoys traveling, soccer, and making Napoletana pizza.
Electronics International Inc.
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Aspen Avionics
for the month of April Aspen is giving the $500 E5 Advanced Feature unlock away at no charge with the purchase of an E5 system. Hurry in now, this offer is only valid until April 31, 2022!
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Avionic Humour
You know you’ve been flying to much when….
You pull out of your driveway and start to drive with your car centered on the dashed line
You spend so much time scanning for (airplane) traffic when driving that you forget there’s a truck coming toward you
You pull into the parking lot and start turning off the radios, electrical equipment, and saying where’s the dang mixture?
You use your car’s parking break just before reaching your destination
You roll down the window and shout “CLEAR” before starting your car
You break through left turns and accelerate through right turns
You get really nervous about the skids around corners
You drive home from work – you start sequencing cars for the approach at a four way stop sign
You drive into a fog bank and immediately start to stare at the dashboard
You start logging the odometer readings on your car
You are lost in a strange city and you let go of the wheel and get out your map without pulling over or stopping
You tell the cop who pulled you over that you are allowed to go up to 250 below 10,000′
As you’re merging onto the highway, you pull back on the wheel and don’t get airborne. In panic, you abort the takeoff, and hit the brakes (This drives the guy in close trail with you crazy)
You get out of your car and start looking for the tiedown ropes.
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