This Cessna R172K Hawk XP is owned and operated by Cyrus’ Marine Service, which offers on-call and on-site emergency repairs for stranded watercraft. As a floatplane that works in a variety of unpredictable scenarios, this 172 received a somewhat more substantial avionics package than what is usually found in aircraft of the same size. Indeed, the G500 and GTN750 combination is one which we typically install in slightly larger and twin-engine aircraft.

But as is evidenced by this project, installation of such equipment into a 172 is not only entirely possible, but also (for certain situations and customers) entirely appropriate and desirable. The varied and unpredictable nature of the work that this aircraft engages in means that opting for a more capable avionics kit reaps huge safety benefits. Features like synthetic vision, reduced panel clutter, and real-time wind vector angle result in better situational awareness, increased ease of use, and overall peace of mind. As a business, Cyrus’ Marine Service also benefits from the decreased maintenance costs inherent in a glass primary flight display. In terms of budget, reducing reliance on maintenance-heavy mechanical gyros is almost always a good thing.

Completed: April 2014

Summary of Installed Equipment

  • GTN750 GPS/NAV/COM (Garmin)
  • G500 Primary Flight Display System (Garmin)
  • Custom laser engraved and coated panel (Maxcraft)


“After a thoroughly enjoyable and informative information seminar hosted by Garmin and Maxcraft, we committed to upgrade our avionics to include the Garmin G500 system in our Cessna 172XP Hawk.  From the outset, every step of the process from estimate, to completion of the installation was outstanding.  Everyone at Maxcraft demonstrated superior levels of professionalism and technical expertise.  As Maxcraft promised, we are now experiencing the exciting new avionics capabilities of the Garmin G500 on our flights.  It is with great enthusiasm that we thank and pay special mention to Steve, Alex, Clark, Ben, Will and Ali for all of their hard work, knowledge and exemplary customer service.”


Cyrus’s Marine Service