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Maxcraft's 182 Interior Upgrade

Maxcraft's own Cessna 182P has been the subject of coverage here in the past. Very recently it received its first major avionics upgrade in ten years. However, while the avionics in the aircraft are modern as can be, until recently the interior was of a decidedly 1970's vintage.

Port Aircraft Interiors Inc. was our first choice to revamp the Cessna's old and tired interior. In fact, Port Interiors is a company that many of us here at Maxcraft believe in. Fred Hossman, owner and president, shows an incredible personal investment in his company's work and a remarkable attention to detail. This focus on craftsmanship is a value which is shared between both Maxcraft and Port Interiors as organizations, and makes it very easy for us to refer our customers to Port for their interior needs.

1970's Cessna Interior

As is probably evident from these photos, this project was a full makeover. Aesthetically, it combines both high-tech and retro design cues, utilizing both a plush double-stitched quilted pattern, as well as a ultra-modern faux carbon fiber material in the new side panels. The impression that this combination gives is us one of both sportiness and comfort. However, there's more to an aircraft interior than just a pretty seat cover.

New Interior

Port Interiors has a high standard of quality both inside and out. During the course of our work we regularly tear out interiors, so we've seen under the carpet of a lot of cabins. Compared what we've seen over the years, the work that comes out of Port Aircraft Interiors is some of the very best. There is an attention to detail that is not only evident on the exterior of their work, but also underneath and in their commitment to both safety and regulatory requirements. All materials used here conform to the highest safety standards, are approved for aircraft use, and were installed in accordance with appropriate regulations.

Work in Progress


Summary of Work

  • Fully recovered Side panels with double-stitched quilt pattern
  • Replaced seat-belts
  • Replaced Headliner
  • New Custom cut Carpet with footpads
  • Repaired and painted majority of plastic panels
  • Replaced non-repairable plastic panels
  • Stripped and repainted seat frames
  • All seats fully reupholstered
  • Custom stitched leather yoke covers