Port Aircraft Interiors: A Trusted Partner

We are pleased to have Port Aircraft Interiors as a trusted partner for aircraft interiors. Samples of Port’s expert work are available at Maxcraft for viewing and demonstration, both at our offices, and in our company plane. Port Interior’s professional staff is also available for projects at our Pitt Meadows facility, where they can refurbish, complete and repair aircraft interiors concurrently with Maxcraft’s avionics work. In fact, Maxcraft strongly encourages its clients to pursue simultaneous upgrades in order to reduce redundancy and get better value for their money. Major avionics upgrades require interiors to be removed and re-installed anyway, so why pay avionics technicians to re-install a damaged, old or dated interior only to have it removed again at a later date? When you get a comprehensive upgrade from Maxcraft and Port, interior specialists will perform the removal and re-install process at a better rate than an avionics technician, and only once. Maxcraft Avionics and Port Interior offer a highly coordinated and efficient solution that is ideal for clients looking to maximize value and minimize downtime while achieving comprehensive upgrades.

Cessna 182

Port Aircraft Interiors In their Own Words

We design, manufacture, refurbish, repair, and overhaul aircraft interiors per highest industry standards, always meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our professional portfolio includes a wide variety of rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft. The quality of our work speaks for itself in every job, from corporate jets to utility or luxury appointed helicopters, to large water bombers and private two-seat aircraft. Our talented and dedicated professionals work with a meticulous precision, making sure that every job receives the attention our valued clients deserve.

Pilatus PC12 and Cessna Citation

Maxcraft’s Endorsement

Port Interiors is a company that Maxcraft Avionics is proud to partner with. Their incredible attention to detail, their focus on craftsmanship, and their willingness to consistently match the highest industry standards are all values which we share and have seen demonstrated first-hand. This shared commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it very easy for us to not only refer our customers to Port for their interior needs, but also to give Port Interiors a full and unequivocal endorsement as a trusted partner. Having refurbished a wide array of commercial and GA aircraft, from Sikorsky, Bell, and Eurocopter, to Cessna, Hawker, and others, they are experts in their field.

Mooney M20K