Be prepared for Gogo’s coming network migration and save big

Gogo is offering significant, limited-time incentives to customers who upgrade their classic ATG to AVANCE or install AVANCE for the first time. Take advantage of huge savings and make sure you’re prepared for the LTE migration in early 2026.


AVANCE LX5 – powered by Gogo 5G

Gogo 5G is the broadband experience of the future, and Gogo’s newest hardware solution, AVANCE LX5, will give you more of everything: more speed, more capacity, more devices, more live experiences. Enable everyone on board to use whatever Wi-Fi service they’d like – streaming, video chat, cloud uploads/downloads, instant messaging, and more – without impacting your bandwidth.


Download the LX5 datasheet



AVANCE L5 delivers an incredible 4G experience that allows you to enjoy best-in-class connectivity that provides you with the same Wi-Fi capabilities that you’d expect on the ground – from streaming apps to live video chat – AVANCE L5 does it all. Connect up to 40 devices simultaneously with full internet access.


Download the L5 datasheet


Operating on Gogo biz network, AVANCE L3 keeps everyone on board connected so they can get more done during flight. Ideal for budget-conscious operators, AVANCE L3 will allow you to stay on top of work, keep in touch with family and friends, and stay entertained while inflight. Boost the ROI of your flight time with a powerful, cost-effective connectivity platform that evolves as your connected needs expand.

Download the AVANCE L3 datasheet


Gogo Vision 360

The AVANCE platform comes with Gogo Vision standard already built in, so you can enjoy moving maps and destination weather at no extra cost. Plus, you can upgrade to Gogo Vision 360 to turn AVANCE into your own media server offering the premium moving map, e-magazines, and access to tons of the latest hit TV and movies streamed to everyone on board – updated monthly with tons of new titles.

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