The Aircraft and Owner

This Beechcraft 1900D was recently ferried all the way from from South Africa. It will be followed shortly after by two additional 1900D aircraft. They will all join a growing fleet of 1900Ds that are busy supporting Western Canada’s booming oil patch. Maxcraft Avionics worked on the aircraft at Langley Airport (CYNJ) alongside Langley Aero Structures.

The Need

  • Help with the aircraft importation as needed
  • Address avionics system certification issues
  • Address discrepancies identified by ferry crew
  • Inspect, test and repair avionics as needed

The Maxcraft Solution

  • Remove ACSS TCAS II system due to poor quality installation and little or no documentation
  • Install L-3 TCAS 791 system as per Beech 1900 standard configuration.
  • Rewire KLN-90B GPS system which was not properly installed or integrated.
  • Install missing annunciators requred for IFR approval.
  • Repair Sandel ST3400 TAWS System
  • Repair two encoding altimeters
  • Repair leaks in pitot static system
  • Calibrate gyro compass systems
  • Replace faulty EFIS 84 displays
  • Replace several connectors on each engine wiring harness

The Story

The job grew larger as more discrepancies were discovered. Many of the issues stemmed from equipment not being originally installed to Transport Canada safety standards. In other cases lack of documentation was a factor.

Although the existing KLN-90B GPS installation was poor quality and had not been properly integrated, the equipment was retained because it was the same type used on the operators other aircraft. The system was completely rewired/re-installed to meet IFR operational standards in accordance with the operators STC approval.