April 2024


Welcome to our April edition of Maxnews. Now that we’re back from this year’s Aircraft Electronics Association’s annual conference, we have numerous new products to announce, a deep dive into USB charging, and the usual content you’ve come to expect from our newsletter. While we’re just nearing the beginning of the end of our hectic winter season, we’ve highlighted a few of the aircraft that spent some time in our hangar over the past few months.

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New Products/Announcements

Featured Products:

Garmin Introduces StormOptix Weather Radar Auto Mode GWX 8000 Coming Soon for GTN Xi and TXi

Garmin announced GWX™ 8000 StormOptix™ Weather Radar with Auto Mode for display and control via GTN Xi navigators and TXi flight displays, expanding its interface potential beyond previously approved Garmin integrated flight decks. The GWX 8000 eliminates the requirement for pilots to manually adjust the radar, resulting in a comprehensive weather depiction with simplified operation. Using 3D volumetric scanning capability, GWX 8000 reduces pilot workload and depicts the weather with four times the colors of traditional weather radars — while also providing hail and lightning prediction, turbulence detection and advanced ground clutter suppression.

Other important features of the GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar include:

  • Turbulence detection and hail/lightning prediction
  • Identify shadowing effects
  • Lightweight Design
  • Multiple antenna array sizes
  • Display grouping

Becker Avionics adds new features to AMU 6500 Digital Intercom 

Several new features were recently added to Becker Avionics AMU6500 digital intercom which was initially released in 2019, including 3D audio, Bluetooth compatibility, and split-screen functionality.

The 3D audio feature, also known as spatial audio, enables audio inputs to be perceived as coming from different directions. This is helpful for a crewmember monitoring more than one radio. The ability to orientate radio channels to different positions allows the receiving person to isolate these frequencies without changing volumes or muting the channel not currently being used. This is very beneficial in command-and-control aircraft either in firefighting or law enforcement.

With Bluetooth capability, crewmembers in the back of the aircraft can communicate without having to plug cords into the intercom system. Meanwhile, the split-screen capability permits two users to share one audio management unit (AMU), including access to 10 programmable buttons, an independent intercom, main volume adjustments, individual vox adjustments, and a transmitter selector.

Jupiter Avionics Introduces new JA72 Series Glove Boxes with USB A/C Charging Ports

Jupiter Avionics introduced JA72 series Glove Boxes with USB A/C charging ports. Glove boxes are available in various heights, charging port options, Bluetooth, audio jack as well as cover options. 

Shadin Avionics Introduces the Digital to Analog Radar Altimeter Converter Platform

Shadin Avionics, a leader in aviation technology, is thrilled to introduce the newest iteration of the DARALT Series of Radar Altimeter Converters, enabling new radar altimeters to be installed in all kinds of fixed wing and rotor aircraft. Shadin’s DARALTs are future-proof designs that adapt to evolving aviation technology such as 5G resistant Radar Altimeters on aircraft with non-digital interfaces.

Collins Aerospace introduces Venue Smart Monitor

The new smart monitor can function as a standalone in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution or fully within the Venue cabin management system (CMS). Embedded smart technology and a robust processing platform simplifies future software updates and enables seamless integration of Collins’ suite of IFE products, including Airshow moving maps and Stage on demand entertainment.

The smart monitor enables installation flexibility, giving customers options to upgrade their CMS and IFE solutions in a cost-effective, phased approach.

Collins Aerospace’s Venue smart monitor enhances the business jet cabin experience, providing operators incremental growth paths and integration options for cabin management and in-flight entertainment solutions.

True Blue Power Unveils 50 Amp-Hour Lithium-Ion, Main Ship Battery

The new Gen5 TB50 Lithium-ion Aircraft Battery is a 50 amp-hour, engine-start battery. Its dimensions are equivalent to the industry standard 44 amp-hour battery, while offering more power, less weight and zero maintenance. The TB50 provides aircraft owners and operators a direct path to a lithium battery upgrade, with all the benefits the advanced technology offers.

More Power and Less Weight

The TB50 weighs 50% less and delivers more amp-hours per pound than lead-acid and NiCad alternatives. It provides more power for engine starts, more energy for emergency and back-up power, and ultra-fast recharge.

Maintenance-free / On-condition

The TB50 eliminates expensive battery maintenance and frequent, costly capacity checks.

8 Years Useful Battery Life

The TB50 offers up to 4x longer battery life than lead-acid and 3 years longer than NiCad batteries.

Real-time Monitoring and Customization

The TB50 communicates real-time state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) data to the cockpit. Field-programmable parameters enable charge current limiting and alerts for end-of-life, minimum dispatch capacity, and engine-start readiness.

In the Hangar:

EC120B Gets Night Vision Capability 

This EC120B owned by Phoenix Heli-Flight out of Fort McMurray, Alberta came to us with a factory original panel which we upgraded to Garmin’s G500H TXi 10.6” touchscreen primary flight display, along with the Garmin GTN 650Xi touchscreen flight navigator. Most importantly, all of the equipment installed was either specially selected, or modified to be compatible with night vision goggles.

Read more here.

“Maxcraft is our trusted partner for executing novel and complex upgrade projects. Additionally, the demand for NVG/IFR-capable aircraft and NVG/IFR-trained pilots is growing rapidly and with the help of Maxcraft, we will be prepared to meet it.”

Cessna 182K Economical Glass Upgrade

This 182 is owned by world renowned PA46 and TBM instructor Joe Casey. After working together with Joe to upgrade some of his client’s aircraft, he ferried his very own Cessna 182 to Maxcraft where we upgraded it with a pair of GI 275s, a GTN 750 Xi, and Garmin’s all digital GFC 500 auto pilot.

Read more here.

“Maxcraft did not disappoint in either airframe and was highly communicative through the entire process!”

Piper Jetprop Gets Garmin TXi Upgrade

After recently acquiring this Piper Jetprop, the customer ferried the aircraft from Texas, up to our hangar in British Columbia. Our customer wanted this Jetprop to have an avionics suite with a similar look and feel to a jet. Upgrading the G500 display to a G500 TXi, adding a digital engine information system, and Garmin’s G600 autopilot made it an incredible IFR platform.

Read more here.

The Technical Side

Everything you need to know about aviation USB. Type A, Type C??

The original iPad was released in April of 2010. Today just over 14 years later, it’s hard to find a pilot who doesn’t utilize some form of electronic flight bag. While battery technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, having a way to charge these devices in the cockpit is almost a must for pilots who depend on them to view charts, approach plates, or other vital to flight information.

If you don’t read beyond this, the key takeaway we want you to get from this article is the difference between the different types of USB found on devices today:

USB Type A

USB Type A is the most common and has been around for many decades. Non-reversible, Type A cables must be inserted in the correct orientation. While Type A cables are plentiful and found on many devices, it is slowly being phased out due to it’s older design and lower power output when compared to Type C. USB type A typically outputs 5 volts at up to 2.4 amps.

USB Type C

Unlike, Type A, USB Type C is reversible and can be inserted in either orientation. A slightly newer design, USB Type C has a smaller connector, while also having more internal pins enabling more features. Most devices with USB C also have support for Qualcomm Quick Charge and Apple Fast Charging meaning your mobile devices will charge even faster.

USB Type C Power Delivery (PD)

Power Delivery (Often advertised as PD) is the best available option for USB charging today. With the ability to provide up to 100 watts which is enough to charge many laptops. The smart circuity that enables Power Delivery will communicate with the charger to negotiate the ideal voltage and amperage for the optimum charging speed.

While the early days of USB were simple. One connector which would provide 5 volts, as the world of technology progressed, so did the USB standard. The next step was USB type C which was designed in 2014 and has been slowly implemented in more and more devices with a major catalyst being a new law in the European Union requiring all mobile devices to use USB type C for charging ports.

Many major avionics manufacturers have plug and play aviation specific USB Charging solutions. The usefulness of USB charging ports while in the air has proven itself in the demand we receive for them. Virtually every aircraft that comes through our shop gets new USB ports. On a small general aviation aircraft this might be a single dual port receptacle on the instrument panel. On a large business jet, you might find one for every passenger seat plus some up front for the pilot’s.

Depending on your avionics stack, a certain brand of charging port may give you more capability. The GSB 15 from Garmin comes in both Dual Type A, Dual Type C, or a perfect compromise, one of each. For aircraft with Garmin’s GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the GSB 15 can be used for data transfers which can include database updates, and downloading flight logs, including engine data when equipped with an engine information system.

While many of the solutions will support Qualcomm Quick charging on Android devices, or fast charging on Apple devices, some customers have the need for more power. USB type C power delivery (PD). With power delivery the device will communicate with smart circuitry within the charger to negotiate the maximum voltage to charge. While standard USB type-A will output 5 volts, USB power delivery will vary between 5 and 20 volts allowing larger devices like laptops to charge. The Mid-Continent MAX Power USB Chargers are the main choice when power delivery is required.

With all of this in mind, we are often asked why someone would spend money on aviation specific charging ports when they can simply head down to their local big box store and buy a 12v USB adapter to throw into their 12v “cigarette lighter” port found on their plane from the factory. While these converters may cost little more than a gallon of avgas, there is a major difference. The low cost electronics found in these adapters almost always scream out electronic and radio interference from the moment they receive power and only get worse when a device is plugged into them. This noise can make itself known through your intercom, radio, or in the worst of cases causing interference to your GPS causing your GPS to drop out. While all of this is happening, your electronic flight bag or other device very well may still be losing charge due to the low power these adapters provide.

Vendor Profile:


Backed by more than 60 years of experience, they have a in depth team of expert technicians and engineers to support their customers . Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has been an industry leader in the overhaul/exchange, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments and avionics.

Mid-Continent offers safe and certified products, manufactured through innovative technologies and sophisticated clean-sheet designs. Having access to one of the largest maintenance, overhaul, and exchange programs in the world, 24/7 AOG support, they have an extensive inventory of products. Their Quality Management System at the Wichita manufacturing facility is AS9100D an ISO9001:2015 certified. That means the products we rely on meet the strictest quality standards.

The True Blue Power division was established in 2010. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge, certified electrical power systems and lithium-ion batteries. This includes USB chargers, power conversion products, emergency power supplies and main ship batteries.

True Blue Power is the first company in the world to engineer and certify lithium-ion main ship batteries for aviation. No other company has more experience in the design and certification of lithium technology for aviation applications. True Blue Power ensures we start lighter, start faster, and start smarter, every time.

Mid-Continent serves general, business and commercial aviation, defense and special mission, UAV, all-electric, hybrid-electric and eVTOL aircraft.

Their motto: “Whether you’re an airframe manufacturer, service center, fleet operator, avionics shop, pilot, or aircraft owner…We fly with you”

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Richard joined the Maxcraft team on a part time basis in November of 2021. As a key member of our Quality Assurance department, Richard conducts our internal audits and helps our many departments write and implement policies and procedures to help ensure we remain in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations. The world of aviation has long been one of regulation. The saying goes that all of our regulations are “written in blood” comes from almost all of our laws and regulations surrounding aviation coming into force because of an accident we learned from. As a result, navigating the complex world of bureaucracy can be a challenge for many people. Richard’s 23-year tenure at Transport Canada as an Airworthiness Inspector makes him extremely knowledgeable on how to remain compliant with our many obligations as a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO).

Richard’s introduction to aviation started when he was working for the Canadian Coast Guard and thought to himself, he’d “much rather work in a heated hangar”. He took a trip out to a local helicopter operator where he was greeted by one of his neighbors who happened to be the owner who then took the time to show him around their facility and gave Richard the advice to “go to school in Vancouver”. Shortly after that Richard enrolled in a 12-month program at the Pacific Vocational Institute (which would later become BCIT). After completing the program Richard worked for 20 years in aircraft maintenance, mostly on helicopters and some general aviation fixed wing aircraft before finding himself at Transport Canada.

Richard’s favourite aircraft is the Bell 206, or as he likes to call it “a little pickup truck”. This was the first helicopter he worked on during his career and he has more hours on that aircraft than any other. He’s always enjoyed the people he’s worked with and the travelling that comes with a career in aviation. Richard has three lovely daughters and five grandchildren. He grew up just a ferry ride away in Victoria, BC before moving to Richmond for aircraft maintenance training. Later on, he moved to Chilliwack where he’s called home for the past few decades. In his retirement from Transport Canada, Richard has enjoyed woodworking and fixing stuff up for his kids, as well as preparing his 13.5 foot sailboat for sailing.


BoseA30 Headset Spring Promotion

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Lightspeed has is brought back the Flight Instructor and Professional Pilot Program for special rebates on headsets. US$200 on Lightspeed Delta Zulu or US$100 for Zulu 3!

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Garmin GNS upgrade program

Garmin is offering a credit towards the purchase of a GTN Xi series navigatorGNC 355 or GNX 375 unit with a qualifying trade-in of a GNS series navigator. Valid until April 30, 2024

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Avionic Humour

After an international flight of over twelve hours, everyone was eager to disembark as soon as we landed; however, we had a long taxi to the terminal and then a long wait for another plane to leave so that we could taxi to the assigned gate. In spite of the flight attendant’s announcement asking everyone to stay seated until the captain gave the signal that we were stopped, several passengers unlatched their seat belts and stood up to retrieve baggage from the overhead bins.

At that point the captain’s voice came over the loudspeakers: “Ladies and gentlemen, as you might imagine, after such a long flight with hundreds of passengers, the lavatories are in terrible shape. If you would like to help us out, please stand to indicate your willingness to help clean them.”

Everyone was seated immediately.

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