September 2023
With this year’s EAA AirVenture behind us and the days starting to get shorter and shorter, it’s clear summer is coming to an end, along with the wonderful flying weather associated with it. We’ve remained steadily busy through the summer months with a couple projects to feature in this issue of MaxNews, Several new and exciting products from our vendors, and a variety of valuable articles.
New Products/Announcements
Maxcraft’s Steve Nunn Joins Joe Casey on The Malibu Guru Podcast
Listen to the latest episode of Joe Casey’s podcast The Malibu Guru to get a sneak peak at the current status of Maxcraft’s company PA-46 Malibu which is in the midst of a major ground up rebuild. This conversation included our plans for the Malibu’s panel, and some of Garmin’s newer advanced features and how they can come in handy in real world flying scenarios. Joe Casey is one of the top PA46 instructors, and was providing recurrency training to Steve, and two Maxcraft customers when they sat down to record this episode of his podcast.
Featured Products:
Garmin Introduces GHA 15 Height Advisor For Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft
July 18, 2023 – Garmin announced GHA 15, a small and lightweight height advisor that uses radar technology to provide height above ground level (AGL) information on G3X Touch™ flight displays for experimental aircraft. This cost-effective, easy-to-install solution will be available in August 2023 for experimental aircraft and light sport aircraft.
The single module integrates all electronics into one compact unit that attaches to the bottom of the aircraft. Slightly larger than a deck of cards and weighing less than one pound, the height advisor requires minimal space and modification for installation on the aircraft.
Garmin announced imminent FAA certification to bring Garmin Autoland and Garmin Autothrottle to the retrofit market
July 19, 2023 – Garmin announced imminent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to bring Garmin Autoland and Garmin Autothrottle to the retrofit market, starting with select G1000® NXi-equipped King Air 200 series aircraft, and soon after, select King Air 300 series. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the King Air 200, and the latest Garmin safety-enhancing technology is now available to this venerable aircraft. The certification marks the first time Garmin Autoland and Autothrottle have been offered as a retrofit solution, as well as the first certification with G1000 NXi.
Honeywell is launching a new KX 200 navigation and communications system
Honeywell announced the launch of a new KX 200 navigation and communications system designed to meet the needs of pilots operating next-generation cockpits. The KX 200 is an easy installation upgrade for the older KX 155 and KX 165 systems. The system also has been enhanced to ensure it meets European pilots’ needs by offering 25khz or 8.33khz frequencies and is compatible with 14-volt and 28-volt systems.
The upgrade requires minimal or no aircraft downtime. Operators and owners of this new system will not have to worry about changing their navigation and communications systems if they decide to upgrade their existing cockpits.”
Dynon announces release of D30 Touchscreen Electronic Flight Display
The D30 serves as a backup set of flight instruments in STC’d SkyView HDX systems*, which can now be installed into over 600 type certificated aircraft models.
The D30 features a large 4”, sunlight readable, high resolution touchscreen display. An integrated backup battery provides up to 5 hours of runtime in the event of aircraft power failure, giving pilots confidence that they have access to critical flight information when it is needed most.
Featuring the largest, highest resolution sunlight readable display in its class, the D30 provides a crisp and clear view of critical backup flight information. The D30 is a robust set of backup instruments, including attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, turn rate, and slip/skid indications.
In the Hangar:
This Beech Bonanza came to Maxcraft with a faulty autopilot which the customer wanted us to repair. After spending some time troubleshooting the antiquated Century III autopilot system, we suggested the customer upgrade to a newer, and more reliable digital autopilot. With many options on the market, Maxcraft worked with the customer to pick the perfect autopilot for his requirements and budget, who then chose Garmin’s capable GFC 500 all-digital autopilot. This entire system was installed within a short timeframe allowing the customer to have his aircraft available for a long cross-country trip he had planned.
True to their word, Maxcraft completed the installation by August 8, a week before my planned departure for Colorado. I was very impressed! The flight test proved a success, and on my subsequent flights with the new autopilot I right away appreciated the fabulous precision of its operation.
Earlier this year in February we published an article on a number of upgrades we made to a fleet of Bell 412s and 206s used by the Royal Canadian Air Force. These upgrades included ADS-B transponders, and 406mhz emergency locator transmitters (ELTs). Maxcraft once again partnered with Allied Wings to make their training fleet more capable by installing Garmin’s G500H TXi primary flight display system, along with their GTN 650Xi touchscreen navigator. Both of these products required our design approval organization to develop and approve a supplemental type certificate.
The Technical Side


ADS-B Mandate has arrived in Canada!
If you’re a frequent reader of our newsletter, or many other association magazines, then you should be aware of the mandate now in force for a transponder and antenna system that is compliant with Canada’s space based ADS-B surveillance system. Nav Canada’s recent Aeronautical Information Circular 17/23 reminds Canadians that effective Aug 10/23 aircraft operating in Class A airspace (>18,000ft) must be compliant and as of May 16/24 that airspace drops down to include Class B >12,500ft). Surprisingly, we find many of our customers are either not aware of it, or haven’t yet scheduled time in an avionics shop to meet the scheduled mandate.
For those not equipped and wanting to operate in that airspace, Nav Canada will strive to accommodate them based on safety, type of ATC separation service available in a given airspace, and impacts to other airspace users. The gotcha to this is you need to manually apply for each and every flight and at least three business days in advance. In the recent circular, Nav Canada offered a bit of a let, in that they have extended a 90 day implementation transition to Nov 8/23 will they will not be file Aviation Occurrence Reports (AOR) during this period.
For those properly equipped, aircraft owners and operators need to update their flight plans with the proper equipage codes. Those changes are clearly spelled out in the above mentioned circular. 
Nav Canada’s current position for those operating below 12,500 in Class C,D,E,  is that no mandate will be enforced earlier than 2026. Maxcraft’s position on this continues to be hold off to wait and see how this plays out.
If you are operating in Class A and B airspace we suggest you call us quickly so we can offer you a solution in a timely manner. 


Vendor Profile:
Integrity Flight Support
Pitt Meadows Regional Airport (CYPK) is now served by a full-service Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to compliment its beautiful new terminal.
Having commenced operations in May, 2022, Integrity Flight Support opened the doors to its brand new FBO facility in January, 2023. Set against a majestic view of British Columbia’s Coast Mountain Range, the stunning new terminal provides a warm welcome, while within the terminal the brand-new Integrity Flight Support lounge offers a comfortable and discreet waiting area for arriving and departing passengers and crew. The lounge is equipped with all amenities to make any necessary waiting more comfortable.
Integrity Flight Support is the sole on-field provider of Jet A1, having been granted the contract for all turbine fuelling activities as of October, 2022. In this role, Integrity maintains all Jet A1 fuelling infrastructure on the airport property and delivers full-service direct-to-aircraft fuelling.
As a full-service FBO, Integrity maintains the capability to meet every need of visiting and resident private aircraft, their crews and their passengers. A crew car is available for short-term use, while an arrangement with Enterprise/National rentals allows for pre-arrangement of rental cars. The car will be delivered and waiting on the ramp on arrival of the aircraft, with little to no paperwork required prior to driving away. As quickly as you can remove your luggage from the aircraft you can be on your way. Integrity is equipped with a Ground Power Unit (GPU), has catering partnerships established, has available meeting space and crew rest areas, and has dedicated aircraft parking space directly in front of the terminal.
Geoff Bowering, president and founder of Integrity Flight Support, said “In our first year of operations we’ve seen a measured increase turbine, fixed-wing traffic at Pitt Meadows. Owners and operators are getting the message that YPK is a beautiful, low-hassle, well-serviced destination. We’re centrally located in the Metro-Vancouver area and highly accessible. Our mission is to make every visit enjoyable and efficient, so we employ a customer-first approach to everything we do”.
Industry forecasts show a steady movement of business and corporate aviation away from the international airports to satellite “executive” airports. Bowering believes the same to be true in the Vancouver area. “We’re seeing frustration among operators experiencing delays in their YVR operations, and we’re receiving regular inquiries into opportunities to shift those operations to Pitt Meadows. To this end, airport management is being proactive in preparing the airport for future traffic growth,” he said.
In addition to serving turbine operations, Integrity Flight Support has established an aircraft parts distribution service, primarily serving the piston GA fleet. A wide-ranging inventory of consumable parts is available for counter sales within the FBO location.


Who’s Who at Maxcraft?
Lorie joined Maxcraft a little over 4½ years ago and has been our accountant and office administrator since. Before coming to Maxcraft, Lorie was an accountant at a stone company for over 16 years. Before that she studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where she took several courses on accounting and bookkeeping. Lorie has the ever-important job of managing Maxcraft’s finances, this includes coordinating with customers to receive payment for invoices, coordinating payment to our many vendors, and most importantly making sure payroll is completed on time and correctly.
In her personal life Lorie enjoys gardening, books, and going on camping trips with her family. She’s been married to her husband for 28 years and has two adult children, as well as a five-year-old chocolate lab (pictured above).
Avidyne Expands IFD + TAS Bundle Pricing
Purchase any model IFD with any model of SkyTrax6XX TAS and save $2,500
For a limited time, Avidyne is expanding the ‘IFD-plus-TAS’ Bundle Pricing. This offer is valid now through September 30, 2023. Read more here
“Save Lives. Save Cash”
Lightspeed is offering this promotion to celebrate the inaugural year of the safest aviation headset available and the thousands of pilots who fly safer now because of it. Save $140 CDN! Sales ends Oct. 9/23.
Whether you are an existing customer or new to Gogo, they are offering a rebate on their Avance L3 and L5 systems.
Garmin logo
Garmin GNS upgrade program
Garmin is offering a credit towards the purchase of a GTN Xi series navigatorGNC 355 or GNX 375 unit with a qualifying trade-in of a GNS series navigator.
Upcoming Events
National Business Aviation Association
Oct 17-19, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada
Canadian Wildfire Conference
Oct 26, 2023
Kelowna, BC
Atlantic Regional Chapter Meeting
Nov 2 , 2023
Helicopter Assoc. of Canada
Nov 7-10, 2023
Vancouver, BC
Air Transport Assoc. of Canada
Nov 14- 16, 2023
Northwest Aviation Conference
Feb 24-25, 2024
Puyallup, WA
Avionic Humour
You Know You’re Addicted To Aviation When…
…you have to write a post about it.
…you almost crash your car because you are craning your neck to look out the sunroof at landing aircraft.
…you notice airport codes on license plates.
…you recognize planes at 33000 ft above your house.
…before you board an aircraft you already know the exact type, reg and seats on it, and maybe even the food!
…you know already which type is coming along according to the sound it makes.
…you call everyone by their name in phonetics!
…you whine and fret on every nice day that you’re not up in the air (instrument students and pilots add low cloudy days).
…you whine and fret every day that the weather is too bad for flying.
…you learn mental methods for flight planning, and spend boring meetings planning flying trips.
…you become an instructor so you can be paid to go for airplane rides!
…you build a spotting platform on top of your house.
…when driving in the fog you look at your dashboard.
…when ordering from a drive-in, you sign in with your last used reg for a flight.
…when accelerating on the highway ramp, you turn on your main headlights, you do the same when you are braking from the highway onto the ramp.
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