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Volume 2, Number 8

September 2012

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August 28-29, 2012




in Calgary, Alberta












National Business Aviation Association

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2012

Orlando, Florida



Several planes were running up and waiting to take off, many Cessnas including a 337.
With all the students and several similar call signs, the controllers were getting a tad confused.
The controller finally asked: “Cessna 123YZ, are you the Skymaster?”
A slightly confused voice with an indeterminate accent replied, after a moment: “Well, my instructor says that I am very good, but I do not think that I would yet be considered the ‘Skymaster’!



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New Products





L-3 announced the FAA has granted its Avionics Systems business a TSO for the GH-3900 electronic standby instrument system.

The GH-3900 has been selected by several OEMs as standard equipment aboard such aircraft as the LearJet 70/75 series, the Cessna Citation Ten and the Embraer KC-390. Additionally, Rockwell Collins has selected the GH-3900 ESIS for its Pro Line Fusion Flight Deck, which will be supplied to multiple new aircraft platforms and customers.

Baron Mobile Link Now Supports Up To

Four Simultaneous XM WX Connections

July 16, 2012, Huntsville, AL. Baron Services, Inc., a leading weather technology company, announced today that its popular Mobile Link device will now provide up to four mobile devices with the ability to simultaneously connect to and receive XM WX graphical weather data.  This upgrade is the main feature in the free Firmware 2.2 update, which is available immediately for current subscribers. 

The Mobile Link allows XM WX Satellite Weather subscribers to display onboard weather data by running compatible apps on their mobile devices, including the iPhone® and iPad®.  The new firmware update will provide up to four connections for pilots, co-pilots, captains, crew, owners and passengers to view XM WX weather data with different apps on different devices at the same time, and not interfere with each other.  


Bob Baron, President and CEO of Baron Services stated, “Our customers have asked for a way to run multiple devices from one Mobile Link unit.  We believe that we have exceeded their expectations with the current capacity for four connections.  As a pilot, I know what an advantage it will be for our customers to be able to view XM WX Satellite Weather data products on more than one app at a time.”


In the hangar 

The Beech 1900

Our customer brought in one of the first of two recently purchased Beech 1900D’s to Canada.  They made their flight from South Africa to Langley Airport.  As Canada’s oil and gas industry grows, so does the charter aircraft business.  Moving employees safely and efficiently into the oil patch is a huge aviation business. Charter companies, like our customer, manage and operate these Beech 1900’s to support their clients expanding needs.


Panel apart during work


Power on testing



Maxcraft Avionics sent a crew to Langley Airport to work together with Langley Aero Structures to review the aircraft systems.   From there, Maxcraft established how much work was needed in order to meet Transport Canada’s requirements for the aircraft to be imported into Canada and fly safely in Canada.  

Maxcraft removed a TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system) that had been installed improperly, and then they re-installed the standard TCAS 791 as originally fitted from the Beech.  They also repaired the TAWS (terrain awareness and warning system), repaired the two encoding


altimeters and numerous avionics systems as the job went along.  Read more on our website here! Beech 1900




Cessna 172  

This customer arrived with a nice 1978 Cessna 172N but with a dated avionics panel. Wanting to fly IFR (instrument flight rules) with his current aircraft, he needed the panel upgraded but on a limited budget.


We had another customer which had a used Garmin GNS480 that he was trying to sell.  This is a very good IFR WAAS GPS/Nav/Com box but it is no longer sold.  So, the 172 customer purchased the GNS480 and we did the install for him.  But first we had to send the Nav/Com to Garmin for recertification, then we installed it with a new CDI (course deviation indicator) along with a used KX155 Nav/Com (digital display transceiver).



We also supplied a KA-134 audio panel as the old Cessna unit would have taken us an extremely long time to interface to.  At the end of the day we were able to help two customers and Glen flies away with a nice IFR avionics platform in his Cessna 172 within his budget. 


Technical Side…


Satellite Weather in the Cockpit

Whether you are a commercial operator trying to urgently get your client to his destination, or private aircraft owner trying to get to your vacation destination, having live weather at your fingertips is invaluable.  XMWX Satellite Weather improves pilots’ situational awareness by providing near real-time weather data in the cockpit.  Compatible with select certified and portable hardware, XMWX data is also compatible with a multitude of display units, including PCs, GPS devices and MFDs, which allows subscribers the choice of how to view weather data,.  An antenna and data receiver feed data to the display.         



Continuously monitored to ensure accuracy and timeliness, XMWX is distributed by satellite to provide consistently reliable delivery to aircraft in any weather and at all altitudes, even on the ground.  With an expansive range of data products including High-Resolution NEXRAD Radar, Lightning, Winds Aloft, TFRs, Satellite Imagery, TAFs and more, XMWX Satellite Weather provides a more complete picture of the weather both around you and at your destination. The often asked questions here at Maxcraft is does it work in Canada? You bet but you do lose some of the services the further north you go (see image).

As pilots we feel XM WX Satellite Weather is a breakthrough in flight safety and pilot situational awareness. Of course on those long solo flights it’s kind of nice to be rocking on to your favorite band! If you want to try it out and see if it’s for you Maxcraft has loaners available.
Prices start as low as $1,000 for hardware and $50/mth for the subscription.



Vendor Profile


XM Weather with Baron Services


Baron Services Inc. is a weather technology company. Spanning the globe, serving government, and business and consumer market with weather technologies and integrated solutions.

From Doppler radar manufacturing and installation to advance forecast modeling for hydrology, air quality, and meteorology, baron Services continues to lead the weather industry through award winning innovation. Baron’s technology comes standard with over 90% of general aviation aircraft being manufactured with XM WX Satellite Weather as standard or standard option. Baron is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with offices in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Florida.

For more information on Baron Services, visit their site: 

Sirius XM Radio Inc. creates and broadcasts commercial-free  satellite-delivered entertainment and data services for the automobile, marine, aviation, and internet market Please visit


Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Wendy?   Wendy with C175 on floats

Wendy maintains Maxcraft’s quality assurance program which includes evaluating our approved maintenance organization’s ability to perform its maintenance in a safe manner.

Wendy knows what hard work is; as she is unique in having worked her way from an electrocardiogram clerk in Transport Canada, Headquarters Ottawa to a fully delegated Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, in Maintenance in the Pacific Region where she was for 17 years. As an inspector she supported the TC regional audit program as audit manager and the national audit program as audit team lead.

To start her aviation training, she purchased an Aeronca Champ in 1990, and on personal time obtained her Private Pilot Licence and began apprenticing for her Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence (AME). She currently holds a valid Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi-Engine, Instrument (IFR) and Seaplane Ratings, Ski experience and an M2 Category AME Licence. Some of the aircraft Wendy worked on to obtain her required hands on experience for her AME licence are Sikorsky S76, Bell 206, Eurocopter 350/355, Citations 500, 550, 560, Lear Jet 31, 35, Falcon 10, Hawker 125 Series, Jet Star 329, de Havilland DHC8 etc. She is a sole owner of a 1958 Cessna 175 (Avcon Conversion – O 360 Lycoming Engine) on Pee Kay 2300 Floats.

She was awarded and successfully completed numerous scholarships over the years some of which were Pratt & Whitney PT 6A, Challenger CL-601-3A/R and Citation I/II/V Initial Maintenance Training through the Women in Aviation International and an Amelia Earhart Career Scholarship (IFR) through the Ninety-Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots.

Wendy’s favorite thing about Avionics is the level of expertise and experience the avionics technician possess. A pleasure to view the artistry at which avionics systems are designed and laid out; the efficiency at which systems are wired and installed; and when necessary, the precision they are troubleshot when a discrepancy arises.

Wendy continues to mentor and guide all genders and ages in not only aviation but in living life to the fullest. Wendy has a way of making people believe in themselves and knowing anything is possible. She loves flying her float plane, nature, photography and enjoys spending time with her two nieces and nephew who she recognizes and respects as her own.


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Bringing you knowledge of the latest in avionics technology

Volume 2, Number 8