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Upcoming Events
Helicopter Association Of Canada
Nov 8 – 10, 2013
Vancouver, BC
Maxcraft Garmin Seminar
Nov. 14, 2013
Maxcraft Hangar


Air Transport Association of Canada
Nov 17-19, 2013
Montreal, Quebec

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Customer Comments




Thanks guys for all of your efforts.
Your team was definitely professional and the workmanship was excellent.
Thank you very much to everyone who helped getting this mod done and aircraft out the door on time.

Ed Bergnach
Vice President and Director of Maintenance
Canadian Helicopters Limited


Read about the AS355N overhead panel project



More Successes

Avionic Humour


The landing had been particularly hard. As the passengers exited,
the pilot was standing at the door, thanking the passengers for flying
with them.
A little old lady paused on her way out and spoke to him.
She asked, 
“Sonny, did we land or were we shot down?”

Canadian FliteCharts are finally here!
October 2013
Lots of new products are out, especially the long awaited Canadian electronic FliteCharts, a GPS based pilots watch and a new graphical engine monitor. Maxcraft is also hosting a Garmin seminar on Nov. 14th.  This is a popular seminar.  We look forward to seeing you all here! 

New Products


Canadian FliteCharts now available!


Electronic Canadian FliteCharts that cover over 450 airports with 1,500 charts are now available for your glass display. These new FliteCharts are available as a one-time purchase  or an annual subscription.
They also offer a North American subscription for customers that fly regularly between the U.S and Canada.  
These charts are available now from flyGarmin.com and compatible with GPSMAP 696/695, aera 796/795, G3X, GMX 200, GTN 750 series, G600/G500, G900X, G950, G1000, G2000, G3000, and G5000 with FliteCharts support.






Garmin’s aviation database products are growing worldwide with an expanded SafeTaxi and Global airport directory.  For more information on any of these products and how to get them, call our sales team at 


G4 Engine Monitor from Insight 


Insight Instruments Corp. is now shipping the new G4 Single and the G4 Twin color engine monitors. This new product, with its larger 3 1/8 ” form factor, addresses the need for a larger display to easily read the wealth of data presented. Using the latest computer technology, the G4 presents a clear, concise, graphic picture of all engine temperatures simultaneously for interpretation at a glance.




The new G4 offers all of the same features as the previously released G3 such as:


  • Colour-coded bargraph and digital values may be Primary for CHT, EGT and TIT.
  • Will operate stand alone but will also interface with other data sources and report information to other instruments like MFD’s (multi function display).
  • The data-log files stored on the SD card can be easily retrieved by the pilot, in-flight or post-flight, for instant viewing or permanent record-keeping.
  • A vastly improved screen with special functionality for lean of peak operation.
  • Plug-compatible replacement for all previous GEMs. Insight offers a generous GEM trade-in to make upgrades easy.
See a pilot review on our blog from our own Steve Nunn on his Cessna 206 install here.




wiJAC™ Wireless Headset / Intercom Adapter now delivering !


wiJAC™ is a great new wireless product for the commercial helicopter operator. The wiJAC™ Wireless Aircraft Headset / Intercom Adapter system consists of two components which provide a wireless full-duplex audio link between the aircraft’s intercom system and the user’s headset.  Adapters are available for different headset connector styles.  The JA61 component plugs directly into the aircraft audio system via a standard headset jack and the JA60 component connects to a standard aircraft headset and attaches to the user’s belt.  Together the two separate components allow aircraft personnel free movement both inside and outside the aircraft. (Typical range 100 metres)  The headset adapter features only essential controls to ensure ease of operation. (VOX and ICS volume control knobs, and on/off and PTT buttons.)



The wiJAC™ system is factory programmed with default settings that are suitable for most general aviation headsets.  If it is necessary to modify the balanced phones/mic input/output levels, this can be carried out by a JAC Dealer using JAC’s proprietary ProCS™ software. 

  A light on each unit indicates when the RF communication link is established,  and a  micro USB charging port is provided for connection to a USB charging source. A charging cable and rechargeable batteries are included with each system.


Multiple paired adapters can be co-located in the same aircraft without interference.  The RF communication is encrypted to provide a secure link.

Garmin logo

 GPS D2 Pilots Watch


Garmin has created the first highly capable GPS watch designed for aviators.  This D2 features includes navigation functions, built-in altimeter, altitude alerting capabilities, local and Zulu time, and more, enriching the flying experience for any pilot.

The D2 pilot watch is as sophisticated in style as it is in function.  With a wealth of information right at your wrist the screen is easy to read even in direct sunlight while a orange backlight illuminates the display during night operations.

Pilots can easily press and hold button for quick access.  Pilots can load flight plans, waypoints, and similar capabilities as the portable products offered by Garmin.

For more information on this product do not hesitate to contact us or stop by and see our demo.


What’s happening at Maxcraft

Garmin Seminar
Our long awaited Garmin Seminar is back by popular demand!  Join us on Thursday, Nov. 14th at 6:00pm for our seminar. Focusing on ADS-B requirements, new radios, GPS units and Canadian charts. Different aircraft will be showcased including one with glass panel technology.


A great chili dinner is provided cooked in a 1943 soup tank brought in from Germany. With numerous “hands on” demo systems, and a guest speaker talking about his travels to Europe and South America in a piston glass cockpit airplane!
Keep an eye out for the invite or email us and register now, to RSVP for your chance to win a Garmin GPS Watch! 

In the Hangar: National 76

Sikorsky S76C+




Our client in this project was National Helicopter Services Limited (NHSL). The most complex modification of this project was the EVXP/HUMS vibration monitoring system. Read more about how we installed this complex system into the S76C+ on our project page.

In the Hanger: EC130B4
This beautifully painted helicopter is privately owned but managed by Blackcomb Aviation.
This Eurocopter EC130B4 was flown into Maxcraft for installation of a Latitude S100 tracking system. This is one of the most common routine upgrades we do for helicopters.


EC130B4 with amazing paint scheme



The Technical Side:   


Understanding the health and management of your valuable aircraft engine has become cheaper and easier. With new engine management techniques and advanced monitoring technology all owners should take a serious look at the safety and savings that come with engine monitors.





For larger commercial aircraft, engine trend monitoring (ETM) data can often be obtained by installing  a quick access recorder and interfacing it to the existing aircraft flight data recorder system. Quick access recorders (QARs) enable simple, fast downloading of stored data typically via a compact flash drive, PCMCIA card or using a wifi interface.  



New technology has allowed a handful of companies to introduce graphical engine monitors for the GA fleet of aircraft. All of these instruments have the ability to individually monitor all of the EGT/CHT temps and the ability to store this data in memory. Some units have optional; some are standard, of the following features: Fuel Totalizer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, OAT, RPM, MAP, etc. Not only do these units allow you to monitor the health of your engine they often allow you run leaner, saving fuel and paying back your investment. Click here to read more. 



Vendor Profile:

Insight Instrument Corp. is a successful Canadian avionics innovator and manufacturer based out of Fort Erie, Ontario. They are perhaps best-known for creating the world’s first graphic engine monitor  in 1981.

Original GEM 601
In the following years Insight paralayed their success in the engine monitoring field into a series of breakthroughs in weather avoidance.  Six years and 9 patents after the original GEM 601 graphic engine monitor, the SF2000 StrikeFinder was born.  Digital weather avoidance at an affordable price was an immediate success.
Insight StrikeFinder

In 2011, Insight started shipping their completely redesigned G3 colour graphic engine monitor. This feature laden product again put Insight at the top of a highly competitive engine monitor market. The G3 was followed immediately by the larger G4 model, and a recently introduced G4 Twin for the twin engine aircraft. Insight also produces sub-variants of the G3 for the price-sensitive buyers.

Insight new G3/G4 Engine Monitor



Graphic Engine Monitors and Strikefinders now protect pilots and passengers of thousands of aircraft around the world. Typically installed in high performance IFR equipped singles and twins, thousands of GEMs perform daily service in every type of aircraft. Although a relative newcomer in the avionics world, Strikefinders are now standard equipment for aircraft operated anywhere that the sound of thunder may be heard.

Insight manufactures all of their instruments in house using the most up to date technology, including computer-aided design and manufacturing, (CAD/CAM) computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining and LSI multi-layer surface mount PC boards.

With a combination of a thorough understanding of aircraft systems, technology and the cockpit, Insight is able to design instruments to be finely tuned to the pilot.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Get to know the employee… Who is Igor 



Our featured employee this month is Igor Kernasyuk, one of our Senior Avionics Technicians.

Igor’s role is to perform specialized repairs on a wide variety of avionics and electrical components.  He is likely the most experienced technician on the planet when it comes to legacy Bell 212 auto flight control systems (AFCS).   As a senior technician, the scope of his work encompasses many skills, such as inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, overhauling and testing electrical and electronic components.

Igor began his career in Avionics maintenance when he discovered that he liked to repair electronic devices.  He attended the Polytechnical Institute in Siberia for his first specialty in radio engineering.  He then attended Siberian Institute of Technologyfor his 2nd specialty, Radio Spectroscopy.

Prior to moving to Canada in 2006, Igor was employed as a Lead Electronic Technician at the Siberian State Airspace University in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.   Once in Canada, his first job was at Dish link Communications. After a year of working there, he made the move to Maxcraft where he has been employed since.

On the personal side, Igor is married with one daughter.  He owns a pet beagle who he absolutely adores!  For rest and relaxation, Igor loves to take a holiday with his family to warm tropical locations.  So far, the family has been to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba.


Rebates for your favorite products
Aspen Avionics - view our Summer Rebate
Aspen Avionics
Aspen Avionics is offering substantial savings on both the Evolution 1500 and 2000 systems.


This limited time promotion will be in effect from October 1 through October 31, 2013.  Call us for more details!


Garmin logo
Tired of Waiting rebate!
Garmin is now offering $250 back on the GDL 88 as part of its rebate program along with a list of others. Upgrade with a single GTN 650 for a $500 rebate. Purchase a GTN 750 and save $750, save $1000 on GTS 800, G500 with SVT, GWX 70 and dual GTN 650.  Don’t wait to upgrade. Call us for more information as these rebates will end December 6, 2013 so take advantage of this limited time offer.

If you would more information or to pre-order please contact our sales department at sales@maxcraft.ca or 604-465-3080.

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