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Volume 2, Number 11

November 2012

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National Business Aviation Association

Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2012


Orlando, Florida


Nov. 13 – 15, 2012
Vancouver, BC







Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association

Jan. 16 – 19, 2013

Richmond, BC



A young and foolish hotshot pilot wanted to sound cool and show who was boss on the aviation radio frequencies. 

So, this was his first time approaching an airfield during the nighttime.

Instead of making an official landing request to the tower, he said:

“Guess Who?”

The tower controller switched the field lights off and replied:

“Guess Where!”




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New Products



Honeywell Releases new Sky Connect Tracker III

Honeywell’s new Sky Connect Tracker III series satellite communications device has recently obtained STC and PMA, enabling immediate delivery of this latest addition to the Sky Connect family.  Sky Connect

The system consists of a transceiver, an L-band antenna, and dialing/audio/data interface devices.  The remote mounted transceiver is the heart of the system, and contains the Iridium satellite LBT (L-Band Transceiver(s)).  The LBT can be thought of as the “phone” in the satellite phone system and the modem in the data system, as it is the connection used to gain access to the Iridium network.  The LBT allows the two way transfer of voice and data.

Each Sky Connect telephone system also has the ability for data transfer, allowing the user to interface a laptop for in-flight email capability.

The Tracker portion of the system offers an optional internal 12 channel GPS module, providing GPS-location transmissions at a frequency rate between 30 seconds and 30 minutes, selected by the operator.



Garmin has expanded its Canadian database!

Whether it’s an aera 500, our popular 796, a G500/G600 or G1000 that you fly with, you can download the new SafeTaxi database which now includes Canadian airports

SafeTaxi shows you runways, taxiways, hangars and where you are on the field.  It also helps you navigate in unfamiliar airports.    SafeTaxi is also integrated with existing basemap data and the airport information automatically appears.  SafeTaxi is geo referenced, so that you can see your aircraft icon move across the navigation screen. 

SafeTaxi is now available for over 266 airports across Canada.

For a full list click here: SafeTaxi_Coverage

Garmin announces new features for the G500/G600 Flight Display Systems!

Garmin has unveiled new features and equipment compatibility for the G600 and G500 flight display system’s.  With the latest software and the new GAD 43e adapter, the G600 and G500 can display and control altitude preselect and vertical speed as well as display DME (distance measuring equipment) distance, analog radar altitude, analog nav data and more.

Garmin’s vice president said “by integrating this data, aircraft owners have an opportunity to clean up their panel and enhance the reliability of the instruments by removing older equipment”.

G500Just like the GAD 43, the GAD 43e allows Garmin’s digital Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) to provide analog attitude information for use with select third-party autopilot systems in place of a costly-to-maintain attitude indicator or remote vertical gyro (VG). 


The GAD 43e enables the G600/G500 flight display system to display marker beacon lamps, DME indications, ADF pointers, and analog radar altimeter read out, allowing the pilot to clean up the panel. It also allows aircraft owners to interface their existing compatible analog NAV radios and display VOR/LOC/GS with the G600/G500 flight display system. 

In the hangar 

Cessna 190 Cessna 190

The owner has several aircraft that we have worked on and recently brought in a collectible 1952 Cessna 190 for new radios. This beautiful aircraft was originally marketed by Cessna as the “Businessliner” and our customer is trying to keep it as stock as possible and still meet the requirements of flying in our busy and controlled airspace. We accomplished this by adding a GTX 327 transponder with encoder, SL40 com radio, PM 3000 intercom, and new antenna’s. One of the great things about working at Maxcraft, is that we get to see some cool aircraft!


Cessna 190
Our technician loving his job!


An inspection plate on the wing is open just so the owner can show everyone how clean the aluminum is – no speck of corrosion, looks just like the day it came off the line!

Lear Jet 

Helijet currently operates two Lear Jets as air ambulances to transport patients in need of medical care. These aircraft are based at Helijet at Vancouver International and travel the province and farther when called on. Lear Jet

With the proliferation of new precision WAAS GPS approaches it was time to upgrade the Lear’s navigation equipment so the pilots could fly these approaches.

The Maxcraft team installed the new Universal Avionics UNS1EW Flight Management System (FMS) with Andy as our crew chief. The team also took the time to fix a few snags that the operator had identified. Clarke, our service manager, was lucky enough to go for a high speed test flight over to the island to confirm the systems operated as they should. A great aircraft but as an air ambulance not one you hope to have a ride in!

Read more here for all the details! Lear Jet


Technical Side…


Audio Systems Deserve a Little Respect

Aircraft audio systems are the unsung heroes of modern avionics. If the system performs as it is supposed to, it won’t be noticed amongst all the other flashier avionics. The first problem with audio systems is that they are used continuously throughout each flight and even a small amount of background noise can be extremely annoying after a couple of hours flying.  

Garmin GMA 350 Audio Panel


The second problem with audio systems is that, if there is a noise, it can sometimes be very difficult to eliminate. The best way to deal with audio system noise is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. 


Becker audio
Becker digital audio panel


In order to achieve the goal of a fully capable and quiet audio system: 

1)Choose the right equipment: Working helicopters and special mission aircraft require specialty equipment that can be costly. For other aircraft, it is a matter of choosing a quality system with the right features.

2) Install It Properly: An audio system can be surprising complex to install properly due to the wide variety of equipment and systems that it must interface with. A good installer will use multi-conductor shielded wire and quality termination devices. Careful attention will be paid to wire routing, to how each device is connected and to exactly how each ground and audio common shall be connected. 


3) Use a Good Headset: Choosing a quality headset is important to overall satisfaction. A cheap headset won’t work well, won’t be comfortable and won’t last long.  


Vendor Profile


Honeywell Aerospace is a leading global provider of integrated avionics, propulsion engines, engine systems and full-service solutions for our customers. The business is organized into three strategic business units to serve the needs of aerospace manufacturers and customers in three key industry segments: Air Transport & Regional, Business & General Aviation and Defense & Space.
About Honeywell Aerospace 

Honeywell factoryLocated in Phoenix, Arizona, Honeywell Aerospace has operations at nearly 100 worldwide manufacturing and service sites with over 38,000 employees. They strive to enhance customer value by making flight safer, more reliable and more cost-effective.  Their vision is to transform the world with Aerospace technology and innovative people.  In the air and on the ground, Honeywell’s aerospace products can be found on virtually every type of aircraft in use, in nearly every region of the world. Honeywell systems and components reflect innovative and advanced technologies incorporated from the company’s product development efforts.



* Aircraft engines

* Auxiliary power units

* Integrated avionics and aircraft control systems

* Aircraft safety systems

* Precision guidance and navigation

* Environmental control systems

* Electric generation and distribution systems

* Landing systems

* Repair & overhaul

* Spare parts

* Support & services for space and communications facilities

* After-sales support solutions

* Aircraft lighting

* Aircraft cabin entertainment and passenger productivity products/systems



Honeywell Aerospace is a global leader in the aviation industry; developing innovative safety products, driving the modernization of global air traffic management, revolutionizing combat technology and committed to improving operational efficiencies. Their aerospace products and services are used globally on virtually every commercial and business aircraft operating today as well as for defense and space applications.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Ryan?

Ryan Phipps is our Assistant Service Manager for on-aircraft work. He began his career with Maxcraft in 2002 after graduating from the avionics program at B.C.I.T.  Ryan became a fully licenced avionics technician (AME-E) in 2006 and since then he has continued to enthusiastically take on new tasks and develop new skills to the point that he is now one of most capable technicians in the industry. In addition to his avionics skills, Ryan has also become very competent at aircraft metal work.

Ryan in car 

Ryan pursues his hobbies with the same enthusiasm he brings to his job. He is avid photographer and has amazed us with some of his stunning wildlife photographs. Ryan has also been an automotive hobbyist since his teens and has owned a number of interesting vehicles. He currently drives a Subaru which I think he began modifying immediately after purchasing it new. He also owns a custom 1955 Studebaker hot rod that really turns heads where ever it goes.

Ryan’s most unique skill which we all really appreciate, is his story telling ability. He has endless recollections of humorous incidents that always seem much funnier in his telling than when they actually happened.

1955 Studebaker



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