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Volume 1, Number 8

November 2011

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National Business Aviation Association

Held in Las Vegas, NV

Oct. 10,11 &12, 2011








Garmin 796 is now in stock!

Call now to purchase yours !!

Aera 796 upright






Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association

January 27-28, 2012


Heli-Expo 2012

February 12,13,14 2012

Dallas, Texas


Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

February 25&25, 2012

Western Washington, Puyallup, WA


The scene is a newspaper office. The editor says to one of his reporters: There’s a fire raging out of control west of town and I want you to get out there fast. And above all, get some good shots. If that means you have to hire an airplane, just do it. Don’t worry about the expense.

So, the reporter calls the local FBO and orders a plane. He rushes out to the airport, spots a small aircraft with a young pilot in it, pulls open the door, jumps in and says to the pilot: “Let’s go, take off”.

As directed, the pilot takes off, gets up to altitude, and the reporter then tells him, “See that fire raging to the west? I want you to fly over that and get down as close as you can.”

Incredulous, the pilot says, “You want me to fly over that fire?”

“Sure,” the reporter says, “I am a photojournalist and that’s why I am here–to take dramatic shots of the fire!”

The pilot looks over with a quizzical look on his face and says, “You’re not the flight instructor?”


New Products

Aspen now shipping Synthetic Vision Technology

Now available in Canada, Aspen Avionics has added Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) to its Evolution 1000 Pro Primarily Flight Display (PFD). When selected on the flight display, ESV replaces the traditional blue-over-brown background of the legacy attitude indicator with a real-time, computer-generated 3D view of terrain, obstacles, and traffic for the utmost in pilot situational awareness. Aspens ESV also has a built-in Terrain Warning System (TWS). Combining the use of synthetic vision terrain coloring, flight path marker coloring, caution and warning text annunciation and a cockpit terrain audio warning signal, the Terrain Warning System alerts the pilot when terrain or obstacle conflict is imminent. Evolution Synthetic Vision includes all of the features aircraft operators expect of synthetic vision systems, including 3D terrain and obstacles, unusual attitude guidance, distance line and range marker, 3D dynamic traffic display, flight path marker and flight director symbology. These display elements are all designed to interact dynamically and intuitively to give the pilot the most accurate positional and situational awareness.

This feature is available as a software upgrade to Evolution Flight Displays in the field and an option to new Evolution PFDs from Aspen. This is the lowest priced synthetic vision product available.

PS Engineering

Aircraft owners with a GMA340 audio selector panel can upgrade to one of the PMA8000 series audio panels without installation labor costs, thanks to this limited time offer. It has never been easier or more cost effective for a pilot to get the advanced capabilities of PS ENGINEERING‘s flagship audio panel.

PS Engineering

Garmin International

GARMIN INTERNATIONAL INC. announced new autopilot interfaces for the G600 and G500 flight displays, providing compatibility with the S-TEC DFCS autopilot and gyro emulation for the Century autopilot.

In the Hangar
Odd Jobs

We usually feature major projects in this section. Although we have a few of those going on, we thought you might find some of our smaller jobs interesting.

– Cessna 340


Before C-GPML


Don Wightman had been looking for a Cessna 340 Twin for business use and found this creampuff. Although we had been talking to him about glass panel upgrades he was fortunate to have found this already decked out with a Garmin G600, etc. Of course there are always some things that need tweaking on a complex aircraft like this. We accomplished the following tasks while accommodating his flying schedule:

Added Chartview on the G600 to display Geo- referenced approach charts

Altitude hold was wandering so we took the opportunity to fix the problem and added versatility with an altitude pre-select integrated into the G600

Numerous snags were addressed such as squeal in pilot headset (poor grounding), replaced broken headset connectors, re-programmed the 406 ELT and wiring fixes on G600.

Over the holidays Mr. Wightman has plans to upgrade his interior, swap out his GNS530 for a new GTN750, and add an engine monitor.

– The Bonanza A36 gets SVT!


The new Aspen Synthetic Vision Technology was announced and arrived quickly at Maxcraft. We had customers who had heard the news and couldn’t wait to upgrade to this new technology.

First in line was Dr. Milton Reskovich with his Beech Bonanza A36. Milton was the first in Canada to upgrade his Aspen to the new Synthetic Vision. Part of the install calls

Proud Owner Aspenfor a audio alert for terrain warnings. The added advantage is now the owner has audio warnings on his altitude selector on the Aspen.


With eager anticipation, Milton was soon flying his Bonanza with the new 3 dimensional database! He was thrilled to have synthetic vision in his cockpit!

Technical Side…
The importance of Terrain Alerting

Simply put, any type of Terrain Alerting could save your butt and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Earlier this fall we lost a friend to a CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) accident and we think some sort of terrain awareness might have prevented this tragedy. In the October issue we spoke of the certified Class A or B Terrain Awareness Warning Systems.


You can also get TAWS Class C on for example Garmin’s GMX200, GNS, GTN Series, Avidyne, Honeywell products, etc. For commercial operators who don’t have a need to formally comply with the TAWS mandate this Class C is a very inexpensive way to go.


For the renters or those who don’t have a panel mount moving map display all you need is a portable GPS with terrain features (starting as low as $799).

Products like the new Garmin AERA796 even give you this display in 3D vision for enhanced situational awareness. Whether you use your panel mount display or buy a portable GPS please consider arming yourself with the best arsenal when flying in our mountainous terrain. If you have questions about this technology, give us a call and/or fly with one of our demo units. We’re pilots and passionate about enhancing safety with technology, let’s keep the pilot base growing not shrinking!


Maxcraft introduces you to our on-line store!


online store


Now you have the chance to purchase and order your favorite products on-line by going to our web store. Maxcraft is excited about offering a new way of shopping! The store is in its early stages and we will be adding plenty more items! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about our on-line website call us!

Here is a quick link to our store: Maxcraft Avionics On-Line Store

Christmas is coming!

Looking for the perfect gift? poinsettia

Go on-line, come into Maxcraft and check out our display shelf, or call us for the perfect pilot gift idea!

From the GTN Series to a handheld portable we have them all. We also have oxygen systems, Spot tracker, ELTs and the perfect headsets for you and your loved one.

The Garmin 796 has proven to be very popular, and since we had the first stock in Canada, the Internet buzz is Maxcraft has the inventory. They are going fast, so get your name on the list to reserve yours now to buy for that special someone, or get that special something for yourself!


‘Tis the season to Rebate!

Spot rebate 2011

Once again, SPOT is offering a mail in rebate! From now until December 31, 2011 purchase a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger at regular price of $169 and receive a mail in rebate of $50!

lightspeed holiday special

Get $50 off every Zulu.2 headset purchase this holiday season.
Now through Dec. 24, 2011 $25 off at dealer, $25 mail in rebate.
Come in and see our headsets on display and take for a test flight!


Kannad Elt Integra has a holiday special!

Place your order before Dec. 25/2011 and receive a retrofit kit with your order.

Garmin is also offering their “Bonus Bucks” and some “Serious Savings” on Selected Items. You can save $1,000 for each purchase of Flight Display G600, G500, GTN650, GTS 800, 820 and 850. Call us for more details. Check out the link to Garmins Rebate Form: Bonus Bucks Rebate Form

Aspen rebate

Aspen is offering a substantial savings for a limited time offer on the Evolution 1500 and 2000 system. Call us for details.


Vendor Profile

About Aspen Avionics, Inc.

Aspen Avionics, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was foundedAspen Logo by aviation enthusiasts in 2004. The company specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability into general aviation cockpits. Their products EFD installincrease situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it even easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions. The companies philosophy is that getting the latest avionics technology shouldn’t always mean spending a lot of money on equipment or on installation.

Aspen’s first product, certified in November 2005, is the AT300 Hazard Awareness Display, a combined terrain awareness display and vertical speed indicator. The crowds at Oshkosh 2007 were wowed with Aspen’s flagship product line introducing the Evolution Flight Display system, the most innovative and affordable glass cockpit system for certified general aviation (GA) aircraft. The Evolution system enables aircraft owners to upgrade their primary flight instrument “six pack” to glass cockpit technology all at once, or in stages. Easy and inexpensive software upgrades add new features and capabilities, while future-proofing the system and protecting owners’ investments. The company continues to innovate with announcements like Synthetic Vision, and the future “Connected Panel” system.

Led by industry veteran John Uczekaj, Aspen Avionics’ team of top talent with deep roots in aviation product development and certification will continue to grow the company’s business through pioneering solutions for the general aviation market.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Ben?

Our featured team member this month is Ben Mangal. Ben is our structures technician AME -S (aircraft maintenance engineer – structures). His role involves the modification of airframes for the installation of avionics equipment. Ben

Ben is responsible for the fabrication, modification and inspection of airframe structures in support of avionics installation.

After ten months in the BCIT Structures program, Ben’s new-found career led him to Pacific Aircraft. After some time, he moved on to Vector Aerospace for 9 ½ years, then eventually to Maxcraft and has just celebrated his first year with us.

Ben has worked in this industry for twelve years, 5 of them on avionics support, with field experience on Bell, Eurocopter and Sikorsky airframe repairs.

Ben’s favorite thing about avionics is the challenge of installing provisions for avionics equipment in impossible locations.

Ben loves to take things apart and put them back together. Working with his hands is what attracted him to working with structures.

On the personal side, Ben is married and has a two-month-old son, Daniel. His interests include dirt biking, radio-controlled airplanes, helicopters, and nitro touring cars.

Something no one knows; Ben’s last name, Mangal, is the name for the planet Mars in Sanskrit.