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Volume 1, Number 1

March 2011

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Garmin Magic!
Jet Ranger
Twin Otter
The New Garmin Audio Panel
Maxcraft Expands!
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Did you know the Garmin GPSMAP 696 portable now has geo-referenced Canadian approach plates?
Just like the private jets have had for years, you too (at a fraction of the cost), can now have on-screen representation of your aircraft’s exact position overlaid directly onto these charts.
Drop by Maxcraft to see a demo of this fabulous technology!



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BCFA Rust Remover Seminar at Maxcraft in April 30, 2011
Garmin Seminar at Maxcraft in May – TBA


Tower: “Mission 123, do you have problems?”
Pilot: “I think, I have lost my compass.”
Tower: “Judging the way you are flying, you lost the whole instrument panel!”



Avionics to the Max!
Come and see us at our facility, our friendly staff are here to help with your needs!
250-18799 Airport Way
Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK)
Pitt Meadows, BC,
V3Y 2B4


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Breaking News! It’s the new Garmin Magic!
It’s new! It’s exciting! The New Garmin!GTN 650/GTN 750GTN 650/GTN 750
New from Garmin! They have made buttons vanish and information easy to access its magic! This is the new Garmin GTN series, the next evolution in touchscreen avionics. Combining GPS/ NAV/COM duties with powerful multifunction display capabilities, the GTN series promises to change the course of general aviation.
Come to Maxcraft for a tour of the new Garmin product!

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Last Jet Ranger to be built!

Maxcraft completes!

Jet Ranger G500H Panel

Maxcraft currently has the last production Jet Ranger in the hangar. It’s having some major state-of-the-art avioinics installed! The upgrades include Garmin GNS 530W, Garmin SL40 COM, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, Garmin 800 and Garmin GDL69A weather and satellite tracking systems. We also installed the PS Engineering PMA 7000B Audio Panel and to tie the package together we installed one of the first Garmin G500H Intergrated Flight Displays! Thats just to name a few of the many avionics that we have added to this spectacular machine!

Twin Otter is off!
RCMP Panel

RCMP brings its Twin Otters to Maxcraft!

The RCMP just took delivery of their Twin Otter after a major avionics upgrade at Maxcraft. The upgrade included new Garmin GNS530W/GNS430W WAAS navigation systems, dual Sandel SN4500 EHSIs, Honeywell EGPWS, Honeywell TCAS, Honeywell weather radar, Skytrac Satellite tracking/communication, NAT mission audio and various tactical radio communication systems. A second RCMP Twin Otter is currently in the shop for the same upgrades.

What’s the ELT Status?
Kannad 406 ELT

406? You ask?

Transport Canada has confirmed their intention to mandate installation of 406 MHZ ELTs for aircraft flying in Canada. Although the new regulation is not yet in force, there is no good reason to further postpone this installation. Cospas-Sarsat stopped monitoring 121.5 Mhz in February 2009 leaving unequipped aircraft without use of this vital safety link. The prices for new ELTs have dropped (less than $800) while the features and capabilities have improved. Some legacy 121.5 ELTs are no longer maintainable as their manufacturers have discontinued support

Garmin GMA 350 Audio Panel
Making flying easy with Voice Recognition and 3D sound!
Designed for fixed wing and rotorcraft, respectively, the GMA 350 and 350H have industry-first features like voice recognition, 3D spatial audio processing, advanced auto squelch, and ambient noise base volume adjustment so the pilots’ workload is decreased while increasing their situational awareness.
The ‘3D Audio’ mimics the way people process sounds and coversations. Humans have the ability to focus their listening attention on a single talker among a mixture of other conversations and background noises, ignoring other conversations. Garmin has leveraged this ability by simulating 3D sound with stereo headsets.
Steve Nunn from Maxcraft reports from the Helicopter Convention in Florida “this 3D Audio is a game changer! I was completely caught off guard. Once I had a demo, I understood the significant step forwrad in cockpit communication this is.” Maxcraft will have a demo unit in the next few weeks, you need to stop by and hear this!
GMA 350

Maxcraft Expands!

Maxcraft is busting out of the hangar…

Full Ramp

Since moving to Pitt Meadows Airport, our loyal customers and our new customers are enjoying what Maxcraft has to offer. With due dilligence, efficiency, productivity and our attention to detail, our hangar is full! We have increased our staff by almost 25% and still growing! Stop by for a coffee and a tour of our facility.

Who’s Who?

Let me tell you about Maxcraft’s start….

I’ll introduce you to Daryl MacIntosh. He is our owner operator, president and general manager of Maxcraft Avionics.
After graduating in 1981 from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in Avionics Technology, he got his first aviation job at Okanagan Helicopters (which later became Canadian Helicopters). Daryl was then employed at Canadian Helicopters from 1981 to 1989. He spent much of that time working internationally to maintain the avionics systems on helicopters involved in offshore oil exploration work. Want to learn more about Daryl? Look for our next issue of Maxnews!