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Canadian Business Aviation Association
June 17-19, 2014


Canadian Owners Pilots Association
June 20-22, 2014
July 19-20, 2014
Timonthy Lake, BC
Pitt Meadows Airshow
July 20, 2014
Pitt Meadows, BC
AirVenture Oshkosh Experimental Aircraft Association
Jul 28 – Aug 3, 2014
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Customer Comments



“After a thoroughly enjoyable and informative information seminar hosted by Garmin and Maxcraft, we committed to upgrade our avionics to include the Garmin G500 system in our Cessna 172XP Hawk.  From the outset, every step of the process from estimate, to completion of the installation was outstanding.  Everyone at Maxcraft demonstrated superior levels of professionalism and technical expertise.  As Maxcraft promised, we are now experiencing the exciting new avionics capabilities of the Garmin G500 on our flights.  It is with great enthusiasm that we thank and pay special mention to Steve, Alex, Clark, Ben, Will and Ali for all of their hard work, knowledge and exemplary customer service.”



Cyrus Owner/Operator


Cyrus’s Marine Service

 Read about this project here


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Avionic Humour





Flying is hours of boredom, punctuated by moments of stark terror.


Speed is life, altitude is life insurance.


Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.


It’s better to be down here wishing you were up there, than to be up there wishing you were down here.


One peek is worth a thousand instrument cross-checks.


Experience is a hard teacher. First comes the test, then the lesson.


Always remember you fly an airplane with your head, not your hands.


Never let an airplane take you somewhere you brain didn’t get to five minutes earlier.


If it’s red or dusty don’t touch it.

Hovering is for pilots who love to fly but have no place to go.


If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger, if you pull the stick back they get smaller.


If you’ve got time to spare, go by air.


Those who hoot with the owls by night, should not fly with the eagles by day.


Do you see that propeller? Well, everything behind it revolves around money.

Bose, Trig, The TAWS Mandate and Radio Altimeters
June 2014


Welcome to your June issue of MaxNews!  With upcoming events for the summer, 2 new suppliers, and a good reminder about the TAWS mandate. Don’t forget to check out some of our cool projects; Beechcraft and Cessna’s. Of course, the technical side from Daryl is always a good read.

Send us any of your comments and questions to:  maxnews@maxcraft.ca.

Thank you,
From all of us at Maxcraft Avionics

In The News

Bose and Trig

Due to popular demand, we are now a proud dealer for Bose and Trig Avionics.

Bose, a leader in aviation 

headsets, offers breakthrough innovations to reduce noise and provide comfort-without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. The A20 aviation headset also includes auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth® phone connectivity.

Trig Avionics was founded in 2004 to develop innovative avionics products for general aviation. Trig are specialists in low power, high tech solutions to existing and emerging requirements in general aviation.  Some of the products they offer are the TY91 VHF Radio, TY92 VHF Radio, TT31 Mode S Transponder and more.

Call us for more details on what these products can do for you.


Technicians out for training

This year, two of Maxcraft’s major clients purchased Airbus EC135 helicopters.  Due to the  close working relationship between Maxcraft and these companies, as well as the increasing proliferation of these aircraft in general, two of our technicians were sent to an intense 10-day EC135 Avionics Systems Course offered by Airbus Helicopters in Grand Prairie, Texas. Overall the course addressed Avionics, Electrical Systems, Flight Control Display Systems, and Auto Flight Control Systems. The entire course was followed up by an exam and critique to make sure our technicians had full retention of the material covered.

This training anticipates the  maintenance and support needs of EC135 operators everywhere, and underpinnes our proactive commitment to staying abreast of emerging technologies, standards, and practices in commercial aviation. As Eurocopter sells more EC135’s, Maxcraft technicians are sure to be armed with the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to maintain and support them.


Here’s some feedback from one of our technicians:

” I found the course very worthwhile and there certainly was allot of information to digest. The hands on experience and simulator time was very useful,  and the instructor was super knowledgeable. 

They even gave us  homework at night! 

It taught me how the system works and with my troubleshooting skills I’m ready for anything the EC135 throws at me!”

The TAWS Mandate is here!
Sandel Taws
Maxcraft Avionics is reminding owners and operators that TAWS requirements comes into effect on July 4th, 2014. In order to meet the mandate, operators with aircraft configured for six or more passenger seats require Class B TAWS equipment and operators with aircraft configured for ten or more passenger seats require Class A TAWS equipment. 


Maxcraft is offering effective solutions for both Class A and B TAWS requirements. Maxcraft has also developed tailored solutions for the Beechcraft 1900C and 1900D operators. If you have not yet complied with this mandate, please contact us for an estimate to modify your aircraft and to schedule the upgrade. You may also contact us to clarify requirements for your particular operation.

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Technical Side:
Radio Altimeter Basics

A radio altimeter (RAD ALT) is an avionics system designed to accurately measure an aircraft’s height above terrain with a typical range of zero to 2500 feet.  This height data is displayed to the flight crew using either an analog indicator (older aircraft) or as a numerical “RA” display on a primary EFIS (newer aircraft). Pilots can select a “Decision Height” (DH) prior to descent which will trigger an alert (light, tone or voice call out) when the DH is reached.


Radio altimeters are often interfaced with other aircraft systems such as GPWS, TAWS, flight control computers and landing gear warning systems. Most radio altimeter systems have two antennas (one transmit and one receive) mounted on the lower fuselage. Some lower cost systems use a single combined transmit/receive antenna and are not capable of measuring altitude below about thirty feet. The better systems are accurate to about +/– 2 feet up to 100 feet and +/- 2% from 100 to 2500 feet. 


We have found that the newer generation of radio altimeter systems are much more reliable than the legacy systems dating from the 1970a and 1980s. Additionally, the newer systems will have additional outputs for easy interface with other aircraft systems.  Current manufacturers of radio altimeter systems include: Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Freeflight and Garmin.

Vendor Profile: Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  In 1968 following extensive research of speaker design and psychoacoustics, Bose introduced the famous 901 Direct Speaker System and received international acclaim for lifelike sound reproduction. Continuing that legacy with an exceptionally strong commitment to research. In 1989 Bose revolutionized flying for pilots and later, for passengers with the first Acoustic Noise Cancelling headset. It actively reduces airplane noise, enabling more effective noise reduction in a more comfortable headset. Their latest Bose A20 aviation headset continues to be a favourite among pilots everywhere. 

In the Hanger: Cessna 172XP with G500

This 172 received a somewhat more substantial avionics package than what is usually found in aircraft of the same size. Indeed, the G500 and GTN750 combination is one which we typically install in slightly larger and twin-engine aircraft.

Read more about this floatplane here.


In the Hanger: Beechcraft B1900 TAWS Upgrade


This Beech 1900C fleet upgrade was necessitated by the upcoming deadline for Class-A TAWS mandated by Transport Canada. The new TAWS regulations, passed in 2012 apply to virtually all commercial, air taxi, commuter, and airline operations, and require a class-A Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) to be installed prior to July 2014. Read more about this project here.


In the Hanger: Cessna 172 IFR Upgrade
Our client for this install was one Mr. Fred Carey, a volunteer with CASARA, the Civilian Air Search and Rescue Association: a national volunteer organization funded by the Department of National Defense. Its volunteers provide air search assistance to the Royal Canadian Air Force, and promote flight safety for general aviation as a means to reduce overall SAR incidents. This is the second time that we’ve had a CASARA volunteer bring their aircraft in to Maxcraft. 

Read more about this project here

Who works here at Maxcraft?



Get to know the employee…
Who is Ralf??


Our featured employee this month is Ralf Tillinger. Ralf is one of the newest avionics technicians at Maxcraft, having been hired earlier this year. As an experienced technician, he is involved in major projects, installation of new avionics systems and troubleshooting. Ralf has worked on projects at Maxcraft such as the Cessna 172 and the Beech 1900 featured in this Maxnews.

Prior to joining Maxcraft six months ago, Ralf attended BCIT for two years, and then went on to work with Discovery Air in Yellowknife. Ralf’s favorite thing about avionics is troubleshooting and working on electrical snags. He finds this kind of work challenging and rewarding. As a long-time aviation enthusiast, he also enjoys being up-close and personal with a wide variety of aircraft.

Ralf was born in Germany, and left with his parents when he was three years old.  Together they traveled across Canada and the US from Alaska to Tijuana, Mexico. When he was five, his parents made the decision to stay in Canada.  He finished high school in Salmon Arm, BC before moving to the lower mainland for work and school. In Ralf’s spare time, he enjoys working on custom and classic cars.


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