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Canadian Business Aviation Association
June 25-27, 2013

Vancouver, BC


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Customer Comments


Canadian Air Parts has been in operation since June 1992. Since our inception, Maxcraft Avionics has been our preferred repair station for Avionics equipment.  


The level of professionalism is beyond compare. Couple that with dedicated and knowledgeable staff and you have a winning combination.”

Tony Ellis,  Owner

Canadian Air Parts

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Aviation Humour


You know you’ve been flying to much when…..

…You pull into the parking lot and start turning off the radios, electrical equipment, and saying where’s the dang mixture?;

…You roll down the window and shout “CLEAR” before starting your car;

…You drive home from work – you start sequencing cars for the approach at a four way stop sign;

…You drive into a fog bank and immediately start to stare at the dashboard.

June 2013

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Maxcraft Expands!
Office at YVR

New Office at YVR Yes, we once again have an office at the Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)!  Although a few years ago we built our new facility in Pitt Meadows (CYPK), we have had technicians working out of YVR weekly.

Due to the growth of business with our strategic YVR customers we needed an office for our technician to base their operations out of full time. If you are operating out of YVR give us a call, our technicians are just around the corner! We will continue our free expedited same day courier service for equipment going to our repair shop at YPK. We look forward to reuniting with old clients and making new ones!  Come see us at the Landmark Aviation -Shell Aerocentre, 4360 Agar Drive,YVR.

New Products
SANDIA STX165 Transponder

Visit our New Products page The new STX 165 Mode C transponder with built-in encoder by Sandia Aerospace is ideal for tight places. Designed to occupy a minimum of panel space, the transponder can slide into a one-half 3-ATI opening, and measures seven inches deep.

Its bright OLED display is readable in virtually all lighting conditions and automatically dims for night time operations. Check out just a few of the STX 165 features.

  • Built-in Encoder Simplifies installations and lowers cost
  • Three Timer Functions Elapsed Flight Time, Up Timer, Down Timer
  • Pressure Altitude Display See what altitude your transponder is reporting to Center
  • Optional OAT Probe Input Displays Outside Air Temp.,Density Altitude, Icing Alert
  • Small and Light Weight 7.4″ behind the panel depth, 1.3 lbs.
  • Low Current Requirements Ideal for LSA – Glider – UAV Operations

Sandia has also introduced a remote version of the transponder, the STX 165R, designed to interface with onboard nav management.

SPOT Gen3 by Globalstar & rebates on the SPOT 2!

More on the Spot Product Globalstar asked us what features on their next generation SPOT would be helpful for aviation and they listened.

Coming in July, the latest in the line of SPOT rugged satellite GPS messengers, the SPOT Gen3 keeps you connected even when you’re off-the-grid. Using the power of satellite technology SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world. This has been a great inexpensive  safety product for aviators and now even more so with the improved 2.5 minute track intervals!

Key Aviation Differences: SPOT 3 vs SPOT 2

  • Longer battery life – more reliable
  • Internal vibration sensor to only send tracking messages while moving – more efficient
  • New Movement Messaging – theft alerting capability
  • Variable rates in Track Mode (30 min, 15, 10, 5, 2) – more customizable
  • Inserting OK or Custom messages into a Track session no longer blocks Track Messages from being sent for ~30 minutes – more reliable
  • USB connection for FW upgrades as well as feature manipulation (enabling Unlimited Track, varying the rate, etc.)
  • USB connection for line power – indefinite life span
  • Device will run off of Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries (USB power will NOT charge the batteries, they must be removed and charged separately)
  • LEDs visible while pressing the buttons – more confidence in the functions
  • Easier to press buttons with tactile feedback – more user-friendly

As well the SPOT 2 is only $119.95 and includes a $50 mail-in rebate (see our rebate section for details)

Dual USB charging port for your accessories!

The TA102 Dual USB Charging Port is an easy way to power up any standard or high-power device that uses a USB interface – this includes cell phones, GPS devices, and tablets. This self-contained device protects itself and the charging device from power surges, short circuits, and over-current potential.

  • Charges one or two products simultaneously with a USB interface while providing short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature protection
  • 2.1 amps power output per port (5 VDC± 0.25 per port)
  • Can be mounted in the panel or cabin and uses 10-32 VDC input voltage

Technical Side: Keeping your database(s) current

Datacards - More info on our website In our February issue of MaxNews we addressed the value of Electronic Approach Plates. These of course, need to be kept current. Unfortunately, this is both an ongoing task and expense.  Compounding this issue is the fact that GPS navigators are not the only equipment that need updating. Glass displays, and even some radios have databases in them that need to be updated at some point. Let’s try to make sense of this  ever-expanding task, how to go about it, how often, and most importantly how to save some money!

What? – It’s not uncommon for GPS navigators to have up to 6 databases in them . Nav data (airspace, freq, waypoints), approach plates, obstacles, terrain, and airport directories are just a few of  the fields that may need updating.

How? – This depends on the manufacturer and the model. For example, Rockwell Collins recently announced the release of their Ascend™ Aircraft Information Manager (AIM) which automatically uploads all required databases through WiFi or Cellular networks when you pull up to hangar. While this works great on corporate jets, the rest of us currently have to be content with a more modest solution. Most data updates require a datacard to be plugged into a computer, often with an adapter. You then need to contact either the manufacturer and/or Jeppesen to purchase a database with which, to program your card.

When? – Here’s where we can save you some money. First, flying VFR or IFR operations will dictate whether you need to keep current Nav data (typically updated every month).While IFR pilots are legally required to stay current, many VFR pilots update their Nav data only once a year or if any major airspace changes have taken place. Jeppesen will happily sell you an annual subscription for every database, but technically you only need Nav data on your primary navigation box. You can update things like terrain, obstacles, and airport directory at your discretion.

Read more Cost? – Logically, those with the most systems to update pay the most. Realizing this, and with feedback from the pilot community, both Garmin and Jeppesen have started offering ‘Pilot Paks’. These are essentially discounted data bundles for aircraft with multiple systems. Apart from these savings and the ones mentioned above, you can also reduce database costs by specifying your region of flight. If you never leave the North West, there’s no reason to pay for all of the Americas. Likewise, a single cross-country flight, does not necessitate a permanent subscription –   you only need to expand your database temporarily, to cover the one trip.

Where? – The easiest place to update your databases is at the hangar. That said, not all hangars have Internet access. While it is certainly possible to remove the card, bring it home, and update it at your leisure, this leaves the aircraft grounded until the card is returned. For this reason, it is not uncommon for pilots to have a second datacard on-hand.  Alternately, you are more than welcome to use our computer and adapters here at Maxcraft, free of charge. If all this  sounds daunting or like too much trouble, feel free to drop the cards off with us and for a small processing fee we will update them for you. While we can not sell you the databases themselves, if you drop by our office we would be more than happy to give you some guidance on the best configuration for your type of flying.

Vendor Profile: SANDIA Aerospace


Sandia Aerospace, located in Albuquerque,New Mexico, was founded in 1997 by a group of avionics professionals to provide high quality avionics products to the helicopter, general aviation, corporate and regional airline markets.

Sandia manufactures airdata computers, transponders, altitude encoders and products that fit behind the panels for integration ease. Here at MAXCRAFT, we utilized the Sandia SAC 7-35 in our Beech 1900 STC (TCCA 12-78) for TAWS with altitude enhancement. The Sandia SAC 7-35 Airdata Computer enables you to put  air data information on the Garmin GNS and GTN series navigators.

The Sandia STX165 Transponder incorporates their world class SAE 5-35 encoder design. Sandia combined the two together in the smallest panel mount unit available. This unit can be used in the upcoming UAT ADS-B mandate. Sandia has and still manufactures for other brand-name avionics manufacturers.

They were particularly honored to be this year’s recipient of the Aircraft Electronic Association Associate Member of the year award. Winning this award was proof positive of their dedication to customer service.

In the Hanger: Eurocopter AS355 Twinstar Electrical Upgrade

More on the Eurocopter This winter, one of the Maxcraft crew was on-site in Montreal for a five weeks putting our electrical upgrade package in a Eurocopter Twinstar, Model AS355N.   With the STC data package in hand, and support from home base, the Maxcraft Technician installed a custom-fabricated panel and overhead console, as well as various electrical mods per our STC SH09-20. Our design staff worked hard to amend our STC for use with ‘N” model AS355’s.  Work was completed in time for our customer to put the aircraft to work.

This extensive STC package provides greatly enhanced reliability of the electrical system by removing all overhead fuses, PCBs and associated non-aviation connectors, as well as many other improvements. Read more about our project here or our STC SH09-20 here.

In the Hanger: The DHC-3 Otter Upgrade

DHC-3 Panel - read more info This northern Arctic operator upgraded an old piston de Havilland DHC-3 Otter to a turbine powered off-airport capable aircraft.  Maxcraft was tasked with turning this 1950’s era panel into a state-of-the-art glass panel workhorse.

Want to know more?  Read it about it on our website on the project page.

Who is Miro?Who works here at Maxcraft?

Get to know our employee… Who is Miro?

This month our featured employee is Miroslav Novy.  Miro is one of our newest employees here at Maxcraft, joining us as an Apprentice Avionics Technician.

Miro is currently in the license application process.  At his previous employer he gained valuable skills in troubleshooting, avionic installations, and modifications on various Eurocopter, Sikorsky and Bell helicopters.

Miro has been doing avionics work for over 2 years and absolutely loves it!  His favorite thing about aviation is working with state of the art equipment and doing custom installations.  Maxcraft has definitely offered him the opportunity to do all of that.

More on MiroBorn in Slovakia, Miro moved to Canadian 2002 where he pursued his career in avionics.  His interest and love of aviation have been with him his whole life.   He has been flying RC planes and helicopters since he was a child and with that enthusiasm in mind, he decided to attend BCIT Aerospace and pursue a career in aviation.

Miro's crxAfter 2 years of education, Miro went on to work for Heli-One as an Avionics Apprentice Technician. Wanting to gain more diversity of skills and knowledge in the aviation world, he made the move to Maxcraft in 2013.

Technology is more than just a job for Miro; it is a passion and a hobby.  For example: Miro, alongside his father, converted his 1992 Honda CRX to a fully electric car.  How awesome is that?

Summer Rebates for your favorite products

Aspen Avionics - view our Summer Rebate Summer promotion: over $2000 in instant savings on Evolution 1500 and 2000 systems. Promotion runs from May 22 to August 4, 2013.  Don’t forget, Aspen continues to provide a $500 rebate on the MFD1000 until Aug. 4th, 2013.

Garmin logo
As of July 2013, Garmin is no longer accepting orders after for the SL30 and SL40.  All portables have been reduced!  Check our webstore for more details.

Avidyne Logo
Take advantage of savings on all Avidyne products any combination.  Limited time promotion on FlySafe Instant Rebate program.Apr. 1 to June 30, 2013. Save up to $5000.

MOre Rebates on our website

As you know Auracle is offering $1000 in additional incentives for twin engine AuRACLE systems shipped in June.  $1000 incentives will be honored for all CRM2120 orders received before June 21.
The $50 SPOT2 mail-in rebate kicks off in June!

  • Offer runs June 12-Sept 30
  • Price of $119.99 for eligibility
  • Customer needs to activate BASIC plus Tracking ($99.99 + $49.99) to be eligible
  • $50 VISA Gift Card

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Maxcraft Avionics
offers specials too!  Go to our webstore for specials and check the website for our used/reconditioned avionics list – updated monthly on items we have.

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