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Volume 2, Number 7

July 2012

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New Product
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AEA Canada 

Aircraft Electronics Association 

August 28-29, 2012

Calgary, Alberta



Pilot to Tower Humour


 ATC: “Cessna G-ABCD What are your intentions? “

Cessna: “To get my Commercial Pilots Licence and Instrument Rating.

ATC: “I meant in the next five minutes not years.”


 Tower: “xxxx, clear to land” 

XXXX: “roger”
Tower: “xxxx, I can not see any landing gear. Is your gear down?”
XXXX: “Say again, I can’t hear you because there a some darn horn blaring in my ear!”
Tower: “Your landing gear is NOT DOWN”
XXXX: “Say what, I can’t understand you”
Tower: “Your landing gear is ….. aw darn.”    



Receive a $1,000 rebate on purchase of the G600 or G500 with SVT, $1,000 rebates on the GTS 800, 820 & 850, $750  rebate for the GTN 650/750, and a $250  rebate for the GMA 350 or GMA 35.

Valid until 

August 15, 2012 

Garmin Stack




Customers who purchase an Aspen Pro during this period will receive $1,000 directly from Aspen.  Customer purchasing a Pro with ESV will receive $1,500 directly from Aspen.

Valid from

July 1 – July 31, 2012

  Aspen Logo


Sale & Rebate! 

New low price 

effective Apr. 15/12 at $149 and a $50 mail in rebate

 Valid from 

Apr. 15/12 – Sept. 30/12

spot 2



Garmin Open House in Oregon

 This is the 2nd Annual Open House/Seminar and BBQ at:

Garmin AT Facility 2345 Turner Rd, SE Salem

August 16, 2012


Take a tour, attend an operational seminar, meet the engineering wizards and much, much more!

Fly or drive in!

RSVP Wayne McGhee 






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New Products

Garmin Introduces the GWX 70 Weather Radar

Garmin states “The GWX 70 is a technologically advanced weather radar that collects real-time precipitation intensity to provide the pilot with the tactical weather information needed to help avoid severe weather.”

GWX 70 Weather Radar– Turbulence Detection

– Ground Clutter Suppression

– Ground Mapping Mode

– Altitude Compensated Tilt

– Garmin’s exclusive WATCH feature

– Display Compatibility

– 40 Watt Transmitter output

Garmin Unveils the GDL 88 Series

The GDL 88 Series is the first dual- link solution that provides a path to meet the ADS-B Out requirements and brings subscription free weather and advanced traffic to the cockpit.   Its a turnkey solution for many aircraft.

GDL 88

– satisfy the ADS-B Mandate

– subscription free aviation weather

– spot potential traffic threats

– receive audible alerts

– separate control panel not required

– enhance your reception

– availability/ provisioning for the GDL 88 

Garmin and the GDL 39GDL 39

The GDL 39 has a complete package.  Dual-link ADS-B receiver and Garmin’s GPS receiver into a single unit that streams ADS-B datalink traffic and subscription free weather to Garmin’ s aviation portables.

 GDL 39 portable 

The package includes built-in WAAS GPS receiver, mounting bracket, DC power cable, ADS-B antenna, Garmin Pilot subscription. 

In the hangar 

The Cessna 340A

Cessna 340 before

Our customer had flown in with his recently purchased 6 seat twin engine Cessna 340A. Owned by a private businessman, the aircraft often flies Calgary-Kelowna routes for business with plans to fly it single pilot IFR. The aircraft was a prime candidate for numerous upgrades as it had stock steam gauges and old avionics.

The owner had flown in another customer’s glass panel Cessna 340, after which, he came into Maxcraft with a list of goodies he wanted added to his aircraft.

Cessna 340 after

This customer opted for a Garmin G500 Flight Display, GTS800 Traffic System, GTN650 GPS/NAV/COM, ADF, DME, Spoilers, and a Low Thrust Detector System, all installed into a new MaxPanel instrument panel with the Duracoat finish.

Overall the upgrade and installation went well, the  known snags were also resolved and trouble shooting and repairing the numerous faults on the autopilot resulted in it now “flying on rails”, The team pulled it all together and we know this customer will now be appreciating the enhanced situational awareness that this new technology provides.

To read more about this project click here.

In the hangar 

Cessna 182

Cessna 182

This Cessna 182 owner was previously in Maxcraft with his Cessna 172 which he had brought in for an engine monitor.  Once he had put in his JPI EDM700 engine monitor, he was so pleased with it that he came back with his new Cessna 182 to also put one in.

Maxcraft installed a new JPI EDM930 glass engine monitor system. For the installation, Maxcraft fabricated the RH instrument panel and powder coated it to match the existing panel. The LH instrument panel was also powder-coated & laser engraved.

Calibrations were done on the altimeter, encoder and transponder, Maxcraft installed power, ground & audio provisions for a future Garmin Aera 796 with wiring capped & stowed under the panel.  We also trouble shot the fuel level/sender unit, and rectified the system defect by replacing the fuel sending transmitter.  


To read more about this project Click here

Technical Side…
What is HTAWS?
Sandel ST3400H

The acronym HTAWS refers to “Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System”. These systems utilize GPS position with a world terrain database to provide FLTA (Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance) to reduce CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain) accidents. HTAWS is similar to the TAWS utilized by fixed wing aircraft but is specifically engineered for helicopter mission profiles enabling low level operations near terrain without nuisance alerts. If the helicopter has inadequate terrain and/or obstacle clearance ahead, based on the system’s projected flight path, HTAWS caution and warning alerts are issued.

There are currently three systems that meet the HTAWS design standard (TSO-C194). They are: Honeywell MK XXI, Honeywell MK XXII and the Sandel ST3400H. (Note: Garmin HTAWS was recently found to be non-compliant with TSO-C194 due to its software design assurance level but it is still considered a good product for terrain avoidance) The four systems differ from each other when comparing cost, capabilities, form factor and the methods used to minimize nuisance alerts. All four systems will provide operators with a significant safety enhancement especially when operating at night or in marginal visibility. Sometimes the choice of which system to install is influenced by an optional capability such as the power transmission line database included in the Sandel ST3400H.

Vendor Profile

Sandel Avionics Inc sandel logo

Sandel Avionics Inc specializes in compact integrated display systems for general aviation, business aviation, air transport and regional aircraft…  Their 16,000 square foot building is located in Vista, California.

Sandel SN4500

Sandel was founded in 1998 by the inventor and aviation enthusiast Gerald Block.

Their main purpose of business is enhancing the capabilities of pilots and their aircraft through technology. Sandel’s first product, the SN3308 Primary Navigation Display, helped the company secure the GA industry’s largest installed base of Primary Navigation Displays.

Sandel currently offers four advanced products, including the new SN4500 4-ATI Primary Navigation Display; the new SA4550 4-ATI Primary Attitude Display; the SN3500 3-ATI Primary Navigation Display; and the ST3400 3-ATI TAWS/RMI. All four systems use Sandel’s exclusive patented “light engine” display technology, a third-generation, rear-projection system similar to the displays found on the world’s new military aircraft


Sandel introduced the ST3400H HeliTAWS Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System for the rotary market. Certified to the new HTAWS TSO-C194 specifically for helicopters, the ST3400H combines an advanced HTAWS computer with the industry’s best display technology to provide a single panel-mount, self-contained solution.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Elizabeth?

Elizabeth photo 2

Elizabeth is one of our long time employees.  Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she slowly made her way to the west coast as a young girl.

Elizabeth is our purchaser and manager of stores.  Elizabeth is responsible for ordering materials, supplies, tools and keeping inventory in stock.  She’s is the valuable link in keeping the organization running smoothly by ensuring that inventory is available to the crew/technicians for the aircraft they are working on.


You will see Elizabeth, on a daily basis show up in her sporty convertible and ready to go! She has been doing this job effortlessly for 19 years.  How she got interested in doing this, because she thought aircraft were cool and interesting.  With just on the job training, Elizabeth excelled with her skill of purchasing.

Elizabeth has been with Maxcraft for 18 years and prior to that at CHC (Canadian Helicopters Corp.)

Elizabeth is married, has 3 children and 2 dogs.  She comes from a huge family of 6.  Elizabeth enjoys shopping and spending time at her home in Mission with her family. Something you may not know about Elizabeth; she loves to dance and enjoys listening to country music.