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Northwest Aviation conference & tradeshow
Puyallup, Washington
Feb 25-26, 2017
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IMC Club Meeting
Boundary Bay, BC
Feb. 22, 2017
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 Heli Expo
Dallas, Texas
Mar. 7-9, 2017
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New Orleans, LA
Mar. 13-16

Western Aircraft Mtnce Engineers Association
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Mar. 15-17, 2017
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April 24-26, 2017
Canadian Owners and Pilots AGM
Kelowna, BC
June 23-24, 2017

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Avionic Humour
There’s a parrot on the plane

On reaching his plane seat a man is surprised to see a parrot strapped in next to him. He asks the stewardess for a coffee where upon the parrot squawks “And get me a whisky you cow!” The stewardess, flustered, brings back a whisky for the parrot and forgets the coffee. 

When this omission is pointed out to her the parrot drains its glass and bawls “And get me another whisky you idiot”. Quite upset, the girl comes back shaking with another whisky but still no coffee. 

Unaccustomed to such slackness the man tries the parrot’s approach “I’ve asked you twice for a coffee, go and get it now or I’ll kick you”. 

The next moment, both he and the parrot have been wrenched up and thrown out of the emergency exit by two burly stewards. Plunging downwards the parrot turns to him and says “For someone who can’t fly, you complain too much!”



Read about the EC135, Beech Baron, Maxcrafts recent STC and the latest new products

February 2017

New Products/Announcements

MAXCRAFT receives STC for Category “A” Urban Operations from Ground Level and Elevated Heliports.
Sikorsky S76C+/C++ aircraft equipped with this STC can achieve operational approval for takeoff and landings at H1 designated heliports.  Read more here. 
BENDIX KING announced the MST 70B NextGen ADS-B Transponder as the simplest way to make business aircraft compliant with global ADS-B mandates.  It is a form factor compatible retrofit for the existing MST 67A Transponder, compliant with the global ADS-B OUT mandates, while maintaining the integrity of the existing TCAS II system. $2,000 US trade in credits will apply for MST 67A customers.

GARMIN  announced its successor to the G1000 integrated flight deck, the
 G1000 NXi. Boasting a modernized flight display design with significant performance enhancements, the G1000 NXi incorporates capabilities into a state-of-the-art avionics platform, according to Garmin.  

ASPEN AVIONICS received an STC to interface its Evolution primary and multifunction displays with the Garmin GTX 345 all-in-one transponder. 

EFD Pro1000

GARMIN  introduced an aviation-specific addition to the VIRB Ultra 30 action camera family, offering several new accessories tailored to capturing high-definition footage in flight. VIRB Ultra 30 is a waterproof action camera with the power to shoot Ultra HD footage at 4K/30fps. 


PEREGRINE received STC approval for an ADS-B Out solution using the Garmin GTX 330ES or GTX 33H with ES transponders for several Part 27 rotorcraft models. The STC allows for the transponder to be paired with either the Garmin GTN series or the GNS 400W/500W series navigators. 

In the Hangar:  
EC135 Airbus (Eurocopter)

Life Flight Network, a not-for-profit air medical service, selected Maxcraft to perform some avionics upgrades on part of their fleet of aircraft. Life Flight serves the community by providing critical care transportation to ill or injured covering Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana.
The first of five Airbus (Eurocopter) EC135 helicopters flew up to our facility for installation of the Honeywell Sky Connect Tracker III.  Timing and minimal downtime was critical on this operation and with many hands on deck, we turned this ship around in record time. The Tracker III is a satellite based mission awareness management system and provides the following functions:
  • Dual channel LRU enable simultaneous tracking and voice capabilities
  • Text -two-way text messaging
  • Voice -voice telephone service
  • Tracking – worldwide full-time tracking of aircraft status
  • Future Flight Data Monitoring collecting data from on-boards systems
Over the next few months we will be updating the remaining 4 EC135 ships. 

Antenna mounting on top of tail

In the Hangar: 
Beech Baron
Long time friend and customer of Maxcraft,  Dr. Milton Reskovich, recently upgraded his panel in his 1981 Beechcraft Baron. Milton had invested in a modern avionics suite years back in his Bonanza and was used to the IFR capabilities it provided. He went looking for something that had de-ice capabilities and found a cream puff Baron with low hours and beautiful “Air Mod” leather interior. Although a legal IFR machine it had less technology than his old airplane. In Dec. he decided to take advantage of some year-end promotions to upgrade his avionics and get rid of his less desirable wood grain panel. He now has very capable single pilot IFR machine with enhanced situational awareness and a superb looking panel to boot!
Summary of Installed Equipment:
  • G500 Primary Dual-Screen Flight Display System (Garmin )
  • SVT™ (synthetic vision technology on the G500 (Garmin )
  • GTX 345 Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder with ADS-B In/Out (Garmin )
  • GAD 43e adapter interface to autopilot (Garmin )
    • Altitude Preselector to autopilot
  • Custom laser engraved, powder coated panel (Maxcraft)
  • Custom LED backlit instrument lighting (Maxcraft)
  • Previously installed GNS530W/430W with Flightstream 210 (Garmin)
  • Upgraded traffic system to a TAS610 Active traffic (Avidyne)

Old panel
Old wiring removal

New panel fabrication

Maxcraft is always looking for skilled technicans

As we continue to grow our business we are always looking for experienced avionics installation technicians.  If you’re interested in joining our winning team send your resume to Joanna at Customer Service.

Rebates for your favorite products

Universal Avionics

Universal Avionics Incentive Programs have been extended.

In a continued effort to help operators with the cost of equipping their aircraft for upcoming industry requirements and mandates, Universal Avionics has extended two popular pricing incentive programs that were initially set to expire at the end of 2016.
  1. ADS-B Out Incentive Package Program
  2. SBAS-FMS Upgrade Incentive Program for Learjet 40/45/40XR/45XR and Citation Excel/XLS
Both programs are now available through December 31, 2017, along with the NextGen FMS Upgrade Incentive Program which is available through the end of 2019.


Bendix King
$2,000 US Trade in on MST 67A towards MST 70B NextGen ADS-B Transponders


If you would like more information or to pre-order please contact our sales department at or 604-465-3080.  

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