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Customer Comments

I would like to take time to thanks Maxcraft team for the very good support that your team gave to us during C-GNZS Electrical mod.  We really enjoy to work with Dave & Nick.  They both gave us a very professional support & a very good work quality.  We did not feel that we were two different companies.  Everybody worked as a one big family & we really appreciated that.  Dave has been always available when needed & supplied us all the infos & supports when needed. He was listening to all our suggestions or comments each time.  It takes maximum 2 minutes to Nick to integrate himself in the team here.  He worked very hard to reach our common target. It was a real pleasure to work with him.  Very good & smart avionics.  Like I already told to Nick few weeks ago; it is nice to see that we can still find good avionics shop like yours that takes the time to do the things right the first time.

Thanks again




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More Successes

Avionic Humour



A pilot has engine trouble and lands in a field. As he walks around the plane to check out the problem, he hears a voice behind him say, “You have a clogged fuel line.”

Looking around, he sees no one, except a cow. Startled out of his wits, he runs across the field to the farmer’s house and pounds on the door.

When the farmer appears at the door, the out-of-breath pilot stammers that his cow has just talked–and even tried to explain what was wrong with the airplane.

The farmer drawled, “Was it a brown cow?” “Yes.” “Did it have a white patch on its forehead?” “Yes, yes, that’s the one.”

“OK, that’s Flossie. Don’t pay no attention to her. She doesn’t know nothin’ about aeroplanes.”

GDL 39 3D, Projects, Lightning Detection
February 2014


Happy 2014 and welcome to another year of MaxNews from Maxcraft Avionics.  It’s the crispness in the air, days getting longer, temperature rising and more sunny days that shows us that great flying weather is just around the corner. Read about the new GDL 39 in 3D,more on our latest projects and learn all about lightning detection systems in our technical section.

New Products

Garmin Obtains an AML STC for the GTN Series on Select Rotorcraft

Recently, Garmin obtained an AML (Approved Model List) STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for Part 27 rotorcraft for the GTN series, which allows for the installation of the GTN 650/750 and GMA 35 remote audio panel into the following approved rotorcraft:

  • Bell 206B, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206L-4, and 407 series
  • Eurocopter AS350B2, AS350B3, EC130B4, EC130T2
  • MD Helicopters 369E, 369F, 369FF

As part of the GTN Part 27 AML STC, HTAWS(Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) is included for the listed models. HTAWS offers pilots an enhanced level of situational awareness through forward-looking terrain and obstacle avoidance (FLTA) alerts. Garmin HTAWS also incorporates a high-resolution, five color terrain scale (red, orange, yellow, green, and black) and offers voice callouts in one hundred foot intervals when descending from 500 to 100 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).

Approval for Telligence Voice Command is included on several models listed within this AML. Simply put, Telligence speech recognition technology allows pilots to activate audio panel functions via spoken commands. For example, by activating the push-to-talk button on the controls and saying, “Comm One,” the pilot can easily select the radio without taking his/her hands off the flight controls. Contact Maxcraft for a live demonstration of this technology.

GDL 39 3D: Portable ADS-B now with Attitude  

The GDL 39 3D is an economical and portable ADS-B receiver that features simultaneous display of subscription-free aircraft attitude, map, traffic, and weather data when operating in USA ADS-B areas. The GDL39 3D features a dual-link ADS-B receiver which supplies ADS-B traffic, weather, and WAAS GPS data to Bluetooth compatible devices, as well the aera 796/795, the Aera 500 series, and GPSMAP 696/695.


The GDL 39 3D collects and caches

all available traffic and weather data in the immediate vicinity, making it available as soon as you turn on the display. It is also capable of simultaneously providing wireless data to two devices while hardwired to a third.

For pricing or more information on this product, contact Maxcraft Avionics. Additional information can be found at  Garmin’s ADS-B Academy.

In the Hangar: 1975 Beech Baron 


We installed a Garmin G500 with one GTN750 and one GNS530W, all the advantages of the cutting edge GTN series are available alongside all the perks of having dual navigators. This package costs less than dual 750’s and we were still able to make good use of a used 530 that was acquired for an excellent price. Read more about the Baron here.


In the Hanger: King Air B100


Maxcraft technicians have worked on the Island Express Navajo fleet several times in the past, and this time they’re taking a crack at Island Express Air’s new B100. This aircraft left Maxcraft with a GTN-750 and provisions for Class-B TAWS enablement at a later date. Read more about the King Air here.


The Technical Side: Lightning Detection
Insight Strikefinder


Lightning Detection Systems are commonly installed in aircraft to provide pilots with real-time weather situational awareness.  These systems accurately detect and display the location of lightning strikes which by extension will also show the areas of greatest turbulence. On larger aircraft a lightning detection system can complement the onboard weather radar system which detects areas of precipitation. 


Many aircraft today have the ability to receive data-link aviation weather information but because of inherent system delays (typically 4-10 minutes) its use must be considered as strategic rather than tactical. An installed lightning detection system is a tactical tool that plots lightning in real time making it a perfect complement to data-link weather.


Color display from Avidyne TWX670


WX-500 Processor and Antenna

Available Systems:






Lightning detection system with color output and designed to display on a multi-function display.



Remote-mounted full-function device to detect lightning. Designed to display on radar indicator or EFIS.

Insight Avionics

Strike Finder

A self-contained device to detect the distance and direction of lightning strikes with optional heading stabilization.

L-3 Avionics

WX-500 Stormscope

Remote-mounted full-function device to detect lightning; designed to play on a wide variety of displays.

L-3 Avionics

WX-950 Stormscope

Stand-alone, self-contained device with advanced features, including heading stabilization with compatible input.

L-3 Avionics

WX-1000 Stormscope

Remote-mounted full-function device with 3ATI display; second display and heading stabilization optional.


Vendor Profile: L3

L-3 Avionics Systems has been helping pilots fly for more than 45 years. The company provides a wide array of avionics technologies designed to improve situational awareness and enhance safety, such as the GH-3900 electronic and J.E.T.® standby instruments, the SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance System, the Stormscope® Weather Mapping System and the Trilogy™ Electronic Standby Instrument, among others.

Headquartered in New York City, L-3 Communications employs approximately 61,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in C3ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and government services. L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms.


L-3’s Stormscope® system delivers the most current and accurate lightning data in real time, not minutes past the event. No other weather tracking system is as reliable and timely for plotting convective activity and associated hazards, such as turbulence and wind shear. The Stormscope® Weather Mapping System has been continuously manufactured since its 1976 introduction to general aviation. First released as the Stormscope WX-7, the instrument has become an industry standard for severe weather detection in light aircraft. The WX-500 and WX-1000E are the current models being offered by L-3 Avionics Systems.


Trilogy Electronic Standby Instrument (ESI)


The Trilogy™ Electronic Standby Instrument (ES)I provides dependable backup for attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and optional heading information. It’s the first solid-state, integrated standby system specifically created for General Aviation aircraft and helicopters. The Trilogy ESI replaces traditional electromechanical standby instruments and combines the information into a compact and easy to read 4″ x 3″ display. Its space-saving footprint, internal lithium ion battery and complete digital design make it the ideal standby for both new aircraft, as well as those outfitted with aging or traditional analog gauges.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?
Get to know the employees… 


We’ve featured almost all of our employees over the years in our newsletters.  There are so many more we would like to feature, but some would like to stay anonymous. Who are they? Who are these staff members that work on your aircraft?  What is the process? With near 30 staff members, from technicians to office staff… there is a lot going on.

Our company, like so many other businesses, has behind-the-scenes employees. Many of these are the ones that work overtime and weekends going above and beyond to get the job done. They’ve never met the customer, they don’t know his name.  They don’t know who the aircraft belongs to, or who flies it, but they do know they have a deadline to meet and a job to do, so they do it.

Customers are probably familiar with our Sales team, General Manager, Service Manager and Customer Service staff but there are more people working at Maxcraft who you are less likely to meet. Some of these staff members are described below:

AME-E: (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Electronic) A licensed person who carries out aircraft maintenance on aircraft electronic systems, communication, navigation, instruments, electrical elements and to sign the maintenance release for certified aircraft returning the aircraft to service.

AME-S: (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Structures) An AME-S is responsible for the modification of air frames for the installation of avionics equipment. He is also responsible for the fabrication, modification and inspection of air frame structures in support of avionics installation.

Avionics Technicians: Install, test and repair avionics systems under the supervision of a licensed technician. 

Shipping and Receiving staff:  In charge of ordering all supplies, materials, tools for stock, and keeping inventory available for crew and technicians for the aircraft they are working on.

Technical Records:  Responsible for creating, reviewing, retaining, filing and updating Aircraft Work Order packages and calibration records.

Design Services: Responsible for sourcing, developing, controlling and issuing appropriate technical data to technicians to support installation and modification activities.

Instrument Repair Technicians: Responsible for repairs to Gyroscopic, display, pitot static, and miscellaneous components.

Avionics Bench Technicians:  Responsible for shop repair of avionics and electrical components.

Once the aircraft is ready to leave there are still many people involved in the “exit process.”  The admin, accounting, sales and customer service departments also ensure you, our customer, have had a memorable experience. 


Maxcraft is hiring!

As you can see we are busy, as we continue to grow our business we are always looking for experienced avionics installation technicians.  If you are interested in joining our winning team send your resume to Joanna at Customer Service.

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If you would more information or to pre-order any of our products, please contact our Sales department or call 604-465-3080.

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