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February 2013

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The student in his primary trainer was flying a solo cross-country. 

He lost his way and before he finally ran out of fuel he decided to put it down on a road.

With hardly any cars on the road he managed to coast his aircraft into a gas station and said to the attendant, “Fill ‘er up!”

The attendant just looked at the pilot.

“I bet you don’t get too many airplanes asking for a refuel,” said the pilot.

The attendant replied: “True, most pilots use that airport over there.”




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New Products



A new series of VHF NAV/COM radios from Garmin  garmin nav com

Garmin has announced a new series of aviation VHF COM and NAV/COM radios, the GTR and GNC series. As the replacement products for the popular SL 30 and SL 40 models, the GTR series COM transceivers and GNC series NAV/COM radios include a breadth of new features designed to reduce pilot workload.

“These products have truly reinvented the stand-alone COM and NAV/COM radios with novel features like reverse database look-up and the COM monitor function, which bring new efficiencies to cockpit radio management,” says Garmin. The radios offer either COM only with all the features or adding Navigation capability with VOR/ILS with Glideslope. Read more….



New Products



Maxcraft Avionics Announces STC for Class A TAWS with Enhanced Altitude Accuracy for Hawker Beechcraft 1900C and 1900D Regional Airliners


Maxcraft received Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA12-78 for installation of a Class A Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) into the Hawker Beechcraft 1900C and 1900D aircraft.

The Maxcraft solution also meets the new Transport Canada requirements for Enhanced Altitude Accuracy (EAA ) as referenced in the Transport Canada Advisory Circular for (TAWS) AC 600-003.

This approved solution offers the Sandel ST3400 TAWS Class A display, integrated with existing compatible GPS receivers such as the Garmin GNS400()/500() and GTN6XX/7XX Series Navigators, or can provide a new dedicated WAAS/GPS Sensor, if required. Existing dedicated and compatible Air Data Sensors from existing GPWS systems may be retained when viable, or replaced with a dedicated Sandia Aerospace SAC 7-35.

This STC offers two approved configurations:

1) RMI replacement

2) TCAS control display replacement

Maxcraft president, Daryl MacIntosh, stated “this is an ideal cost effective solution for Canadian 1900C/D operators which not only meets current regulatory requirements, but also eliminates the risk/expense of future compliance costs for enhanced altitude accuracy by 2017”.  

cropped Beech 1900
Beech 1900 with TAWS



New Products



New Pitt Meadows Approach

ypk chartv2
YPK approach chart



At long last we finally have a new RNAV approach at our home airport Pitt Meadows (CYPK). 


This allows aircraft landing on 08R to fly the LPV minimums down to 259 ft (AGL). Getting below 300 ft was significant as bad weather often hovers around  300 foot ceilings. 


The new GNSS approach requires a WAAS enabled GPS receiver with which we can of course help you.



 In the hangar 

King Air 200 

Our crew is currently just finishing up a major overhaul on a Beech KingAir 200. This KingAir was purchased in South Africa and flown right to Maxcraft’s hangar. Once complete it will be leased for commercial operation to a carrier in Western Canada. We gutted the majority of it’s wiring and fabricated a new custom panel with all new glass instruments; a Garmin G600 for the pilot, an Aspen PFD for the co-plot and a pair of GTN750/650 GPS/Nav/Com radios. Also added was a new digital radar, active traffic, a Garmin TCAS and a whole host of avionics. Read here to learn more about the complete project.  

KingAir Beech 200
Before – KingAir Beech 200
KingAir North Panel
After – KingAir Beech 200

In the hangar 

Pacific Coastal Airlines 


Beech 1900C 

Beech1900 TAWS Pasco
Beech 1900 TAWS


Actually, not in our hangar, but this aircraft resides at YVR (Vancouver International Airport). We sent our crew chief, Andy, and his crew, to the customer’s hangar to do their magic. Maxcraft has the job to update their fleet of aircraft with Terrain Awareness (TAWS) avionics to meet with transport Canada require-ments.

With our recently developed STC in hand (see previous article in MaxNews), they traveled to YVR to install the ST-3400 Class A TAWS into the Beech 1900C aircraft. This is the first of 8 aircraft from Pacific Coastal to have the TAWS system installed.

Pacific Coastal Airlines, based in Vancouver, was founded over 30 years ago, employs over 275 staff, and serves the coastal & interior regions of British Columbia.


KingAir Beech 200


Also based out of YVR is Pacific Coastal’s Beech KingAir 200 which needed TAWS compliance. This aircraft was flown to our facility to also minimize the downtime.  We removed the existing GPS 400, added wiring, and switches and installed a Garmin GTN625 with TAWS system.  In just a short week the aircraft was back at YVR with new avionics. Nice work guys!


KingAir Beech 200
GTN625 with TAWS

Technical Side…


Electronic Approach Plates



The capability to display IFR approach plates on cockpit avionics should no longer be thought of as new and novel technology but rather just one of the many options to consider when upgrading your cockpit. Electronic approach plate technology was originally introduced to general aviation in 2001 by UPS Aviation Technologies when they offered it as an option for the MX20 multi-function display. Since then the technology has matured with the addition of new features such as geo-referencing which improves situational awareness on the approach by displaying a GPS-derived airplane icon on the plan view.


Garmin offers integrated approach plates as an option for many of their panel mounted avionics products including the G500/G600/G1000 primary flight displays, the GTN750 GPS/NAV/COM, the GMX200 multi-function display and the G3X flight display. Additionally approach plates can be installed on the GPS695, GPS696 and GPS796 portable GPSs.

Avidyne offers approach plate capability on their EX500, EX600, EX5000 and Entegra Release 9 systems. For each of the above systems, the actual approach plate data must be purchased and downloaded from Jeppesen.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight display system, which is installed in many corporate aircraft, can be upgraded to display approach charts with installation of the optional Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS). Honeywell’s Primus Epic cockpit suite also offers approach plates as a standard option.

Rockwell Collins IFIS.

Additionally approach plates can be installed on the IPAD and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Many pilots use these tablets as a backup to their installed systems thus eliminating the need to carry paper copies.


Vendor Profile





For more than 75 years, Jeppesen has made it possible for pilots and their passengers to safely and efficiently reach their destinations.  Today this pioneering spirit continues as Jeppesen delivers transformational information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air, sea and rail operations around the globe. From the moment company founder Captain Elrey Jeppesen first put pencil to paper to the latest digital and mobile applications, the company holds a rich history in transforming transportation.

This global transformation continues today through the power of intelligent information.  Jeppesen’s industry-leading integrated services include navigation, operations, crew and fleet planning & scheduling, professional services, training & courseware and pilot supply services designed to optimize the entire flight process.  Jeppesen is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. More information about Jeppesen is available online at


Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Ali?

This month our featured employee is Ali Miri, one of our experienced and certified AME-E technicians.

Ali, Heidi, Naz

Ali is a 12-year veteran of the industry specializing in custom avionic systems, and is well known for his ability to troubleshoot avionic systems out in the field.

Ali’s favorite aspect of avionics is the daily challenges that come with the job.  With the demand of accuracy and precision in his work, Ali thrives on getting it right! Maxcraft’s diversity in customer airframes ensures he will continue to be challenged!

Born in Iran, Ali immigrated to Canada in 1996 where he decided to pursue a career in avionics. After attending BCIT for 2 years he continued his career in avionics in many areas. Ali has been with Maxcraft for 2 years, and prior to that was at Vector Aerospace for 10.

Ali spent 4 years all over Alaska as part of the Capstone program, which was an FAA sponsored safety initiative program for commercial operators. He spent another 4 years supporting the Griffon helicopter for SAR Operations at CFB Trenton.  Maxcraft recently sent Ali to Luxembourg to help out one our rotary customers on a Bell 412.


Ali has been married for 2 years to Naz and also owns a beautiful German Shepherd named Heidi.  He enjoys working out and spending time with his wife.  What most people don’t know about Ali is that he is attending ground school and working towards his private pilot license.




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