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BC Pilots Assocation
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CZBB, Boundary Bay
Dec. 9, 2017
Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show
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Feb 24-25, 2018
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Feb 26 – Mar 1, 2018
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Avionic Humour




There were 5 people in an aeroplane and they were; the worlds smartest man, the worlds richest man, the pilot, an old man and a little boy.
There dilemma was that the plane was crashing towards earth but there were only 4 parachutes.
So they started to argue who would get a chute the worlds smartest man said, ‘I get a parachute because I have many more things to discover. ‘ and so he grabbed a chute and jumped, then the worlds richest man said he had many more things to buy and so he jumped with a chute, the pilot said that he had many more planes to fly and he also grabbed a chute and jumped, now there was only the old man and the little boy with only one parachute left.
The old man said to the little boy ‘you go I’ve lived a longer life and after everything I’ve done I deserve to die.’
The little boy said ‘Thats okay because the worlds smartest man took my back pack.’



It’s been a busy year and we are just starting to get caught up on showing you some of our favourite projects. We have numerous Christmas promotions from our vendors and a background story on Genesys . Happy Holidays to all!


December 2017

New Products/Announcements
BendixKing gets STC for ADS-B OUT on Citation
BendixKing has received FAA certification to upgrade Cessna CitationJet 525 and 525A aircraft with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out. Cessna CitationJet owners and operators can now meet the upcoming FAA mandate with an easy and affordable upgrade to their existing CNI
5000 Integrated Avionics System.
The upgrade includes two custom-designed KT 74 ADS-B Out transponders, a new CNI 5000 panel overlay, and an optional GPS receiver and Wi-Fi module that provide ADS-B In capability for free in-flight weather information. Installation of the KT 74 transponders and panel overlay is a slide-and-replace upgrade with no required rack or wiring connector modifications, significantly reducing installation costs and aircraft downtime. In addition, it is the only solution that maintains a consistent look-and-feel across the entire navigation and communications instrument panel.
“The CNI 5000 ADS-B upgrade offers CitationJet owners and operators a reasonably-priced solution that is very quick to install and maintains the aesthetics of the instrument panel,” said Stéphane Fymat, vice president of Marketing and Product Management, BendixKing. “That crucial mix of minimal aircraft downtime, minimal cost and design quality makes BendixKing the only supplier on the market to offer such compelling value.”




Anodyne – The MCP03 Master Caution Panel, designed for the Twin Otter 100/200/300 series of aircraft, has been awarded STC SA17-78 by Transport Canada.

The compact and modern design brings together the various generations of warning/caution lights that are spread around the cockpit into one clean package that is mounted on the top, centre of the instrument panel. This frees up the instrument panel space and allows for modernization of the pilot and co-pilot flight instrumentation. The new MCP03 features all new electronics, LED lighting, display technology and mechanical packaging, and is fully qualified to DO-160G standards. The new MCP also allows for the removal of the OEM caution lights dimming control box, saving weight

and future maintenance costs.




In the Hangar:  

The Airbus H125 Helicopter gets Autopilot, Traffic and Glass Panel 

We worked with our customer during the buying process of his helicopter to design his ultimate panel. It was decided that he would order it with steam gauges from the factory and then we would upgrade it once he took delivery. Well he was having so much fun flying it we didn’t get our hands on it for almost a year later. Read more about this upgrade here.


Cessna 182 Super Seaplane Floatplane

When you want one of the best floatplanes out there you need to start out with a good airframe and the Cessna 182 fills that bill well. You then need to perform some serious upgrades by a very specific talented team.Read more about this project here.


In the Hangar:  


Cessna 172 gets ADS-B, Engine monitor, and new GPS


As so often is the case, our customer started talking to us about ADS-B compliance but he also had a wish list to upgrade some other items. To combine the work at the same time typically saves a bunch of labour. Read more about this project here.


Vendor Profile:   


Genesys Aerosystems brings together Chelton Flight Systems, Inc. and S-TEC Corporation


S-TEC Corporation, founded in 1978, offers a full line of autopilots for airplanes and helicopters. From low cost analog wing levelers to sophisticated, digital, three-axis systems with Flight Director and envelope protection, S-TEC has FAA certification for nearly 1,000 aircraft types and has delivered over 40,000 autopilot systems. The company’s new HeliSAS brings digital, full-authority autopilot technology to the market in a package weighing an unprecedented 15 lbs. Available as a stability augmentation system only or with all autopilot modes, HeliSAS dramatically enhances safety for light single- and twin-engine helicopters.

Chelton Flight Systems, originally founded in 1997, developed the world’s first FAA-certified 3D synthetic vision EFIS and GPS/WAAS navigator Chelton Flight Systems products have been certified on over 700 different aircraft types. 

Who’s who at Maxcraft?
Elan – Avionics Technician (AME-E)


He was born and raised in Winnipeg. After graduation Elan moved to London, England, and lived there for two years. Upon returning to Winnipeg, Elan did pilot training and received his pilot’s license at just 19 years old. He obtained a multi, IFR, and night rating. During that time he also worked at the Winnipeg airport, de-icing aircraft and as a baggage handler.
Elan got married in 2009 and also left Winnipeg to attend BCIT for 2 1/2 years. After graduation from BCIT, Elan worked as an avionics technician at Cascade for 5 years, and then went to private contracting before joining Maxcraft Avionics.
Elan currently lives in Chilliwack along with his wife, 4 year old son  and  his 5 year old American Eskimo dog. His hobbies include riding his motorcycle (2009 GSXR), and he has a love of Japanese sports cars. Elan is currently working on recurrent training for his pilot’s license. A crazy thing he did once was snowboarding in -30C degrees weather!


Maxcraft is always looking for skilled technicians

As we continue to grow our business we are always looking for experienced avionics installation technicians.  If you’re interested in joining our winning team send your resume to Joanna at Customer Service.

Rebates for your favorite products and just in time for Christmas!



Mail-in rebate from 

Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2017




Aspen Avionics - view our Summer Rebate

Aspen Avionics
The biggest deal of 2017 on Aspen Glass and Software Upgrades!
Aspen Avionics is offering savings on Evolution 2500 Systems, Pro PFDs, and MFDs all with complimentary Synthetic Vision and ADS-B unlocks.
Save 2K on a Pro!  For the month of December, all PFDs are reduced! including $2,000 off list on an EFD1000 Pro PFD.  Call us or visit our team at Maxcraft! Offer expires Dec.31, 2017.
Garmin logo


Garmin handheld rebate! Now until Dec. 29, 2017

 you can save up to $75 USD on some of our most popular portable devices.  Call us or come into Maxcraft for these great savings!




Bose is offering a gift to you with any purchase of an A20 headset!  Buy now and receive a Revolve Bluetooth Speaker.  This is a limited time offer.  Expires Jan. 6, 2018. 


Lightspeed Logo

Save $150 USD when you buy two or more Lightspeed headsets! Offer valid on Zulu 3, Tango and PFX headsets.  The offer is valid only from Dec. 1 – Jan. 8, 2018! 
Universal Avionics 



Universal Avionics Incentive Programs have been extended. In a continued effort to help operators with the cost of equipping their aircraft for upcoming industry requirements and mandates, Universal Avionics has extended two popular pricing incentive programs that were initially set to expire at the end of 2016.



  1. ADS-B Out Incentive Package Program
  2. SBAS-FMS Upgrade Incentive Program for Learjet 40/45/40XR/45XR and Citation Excel/XLS
Both programs are now available through December 31, 2017, along with the NextGen FMS Upgrade Incentive Program which is available through the end of 2019.





BendixKing Has 4 different ways to save you money!
  • Buy a KT 74 ADS-B Out Transponder and get $250USD cash back
  • Add a KGX 150R WAAS GPS and ADS-B In and get $700USD cash back
  • Add a KSN 770 WAAS GPS Navigator and get $1500USD cash back
  • Buy a KLR 10 Angle of Attack Indicator and get $150USD cash back
Call us for more details! This offer expires Dec. 31, 2017




If you would like more information or to pre-order please contact our sales department at or 604-465-3080.  

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