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AirVenture Oshkosh Experimental Aircraft Association
Jul 28 – Aug 3, 2014
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Aircraft electronic Association Regional Mtg.
Sept 3 – 4, 2014
Kelowna, BC
Palm Springs Summit
Oct. 17 – 19, 2014
Palm Springs
National Business Aviation Association
Oct. 21 – 23, 2014
Orlando, Florida
Nov. 4 – 6, 2014
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Customer Comments

Steve, last February I limped into Pitt Meadows airport in my Piper Malibu
with a failing attitude indicator and a porpoising autopilot. A friend on the
field suggested that you might be able to help me out. In the end you
could and you did, I’m very pleased with how it all worked out.

You helped me think through the repair versus modernize options and
costs and in the end I chose to modernize. We put in a new Garmin G500
glass panel and integrated it with my existing GNS530 GPS and KFC150 autopilot.

The work was done pretty much on schedule, it was absolutely on budget
even though I chose to rethink a couple of my choices once the work was already underway. I dropped by the shop often during the month that you
had my ship and it was clear that Clarke and his team, especially Andy,
Wade and Ben who did most of the work on C-GMDK were focused on
doing the job right, making the installation look clean and in taking good care of my recently refurbished interior, thanks guys!

While we were putting all the new gear in I also had you troubleshoot my
ADF and a couple of dim lights in my autopilot. Both now working
perfectly, it was great to get these little things that had been bugging me
for ages taken care of.

A job this comprehensive doesn’t go without a few snags or calibrations…if
only because of all of the interfaces to existing equipment. Maxcraft’s
follow up support has been excellent. I know that I’m a fussy customer, I now know that Maxcraft are at least as fussy as me! Thank you for having
a high bar of your own and for always being willing to meet mine.

After 6 months of flying the new installation and a couple of shop visits for
fine tuning and calibration I’m ready to pronounce my installation “perfect”.
The G500 is a joy to fly behind; it’s deadly accurate and rock steady. The synthetic vision is a great source of confidence flying over the mountains
and the interface to my autopilot works beautifully. In fact it’s like I have a new autopilot…with the G500 commanding the KFC150, the autopilot flies the ship like it is on rails.

While the G500 installation may be dialed in my panel is far from finished. As all aircraft owners know there is always one more upgrade and I am busy saving for the next one right now! Naturally it will be done at

Steve, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found Maxcraft to look
after my Malibu’s avionics. Your price, workmanship, scheduling and attention to detail met every expectation of an admittedly fussy customer. I am happy to have you use this letter in any of your promotional material.

Martin Merritt

Piper Malibu C-GMDK

 Read about this project here


More Successes

Avionic Humour


 A helicopter was flying around above Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft’s electronic navigation and communications equipment.   Due to the clouds and haze, the pilot could not determine the helicopter’s position and course to fly to the airport.
The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, drew a handwritten sign, and held it in the helicopter’s window.  The pilot’s sign said “WHERE AM I?” in large letters.
People in the tall building quickly responded to the aircraft, drew a large sign, and held it in a building window.  Their sign read: “YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER”.
The pilot smiled, waved, looked at his map, determined the course to steer to SEATAC airport, and landed safely.  After they were on the ground, the co-pilot asked the pilot how the “YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER” sign helped determine their position.
The pilot responded ” I knew that had to be the MICROSOFT building because they gave me a technically correct, but completely useless answer.”

MFD navigators galore, iPad flightplanners, connected cockpits, glass panel projects
August 2014


Summer is here and so is your August issue of MaxNews. Oshkosh EAA Airventure was the scene of some significant announcements. Avidyne and Bendix King, after much anticipation, announced certification of their MFD/GPS/Nav/Com units. Not to be outdone, Garmin introduced their new “Connext” product linking your wireless tablet to the cockpit. We have a technical article talking about Cockpit Connectivity, some great rebates and sales, and a couple of very cool projects to read about, including a Boss Beaver and an Aerostar, both with dream panels!

Send any of your comments and questions to:  maxnews@maxcraft.ca.

Thank you,
From all of us at Maxcraft Avionics

In The News
The New IFD540 from Avidyne
Avidyne announced they have received the STC for installation of the IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM into over 1,000 aircraft makes and models.


Avidyne Stack IFD540

The IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM is a highly – capable Flight Management System (FMS) and VHF navigation and communication capability.  With full SBAS/LPV approach guidance, easy to use flight planning, ‘one-touch’ victor airway and jet route navigation and Avidyne’s innovative GeoFill waypoint nomination.


The plug-and-play IFD540 is a slide-in replacement for obsolete GNS530 series navigators. It features an easier button and touch screen interface, two-channel VHF communication radio, Jeppesen Electronic Approach Charts, Airport Diagrams, Terrain Awareness, and an Alerting feature with Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) capability.  Also included is a USB port for charging handheld devices and includes integrate WiFi and Bluetooth capability.

For more details on this product, call our team at Maxcraft. 


Garmin Connext

We’ve been waiting years for this technology!

This product connects between select Garmin avionics and Garmin Pilot for iPad/iPhone and certain Android devices.  Bluetooth wireless gateways are installed and connected to your Garmin Avionics.  It is compatible to the GTN series, GNS series, G3X Touch, GDL 88 and GDL 69/69A.


This will be released in August along with our Canadian version of Garmin Pilot. Come on over to Maxcraft and see a demo of the benefits of a connected cockpit!

Garmin Pilot Goes Global

Garmin Pilot has expanded to provide worldwide coverage for iPad and iPhone. These features include flight planning capabilities, comprehensive weather coverage and feature-rich navigation for pilots around the globe.

Includes features such as:

Flight Planning Capabilities

Comprehensive Weather

Less Paper – More Electronic Charts

Smart Airspace


Download version 6.2 in the iTunes store today to get the latest version of Garmin Pilot. There are a lot of features, new capabilities, and of course, worldwide coverage packed into this single update. Garmin Pilot Canada Premium includes Garmin FliteCharts and SafeTaxi diagrams for Canada, as well as worldwide text-based weather products, radar, and satellite imagery for the U.S. and Canada. 

Visit the Apple App store to download Garmin Pilot (available late August) and visit fly.garmin.com for complete coverage and pricing information.


The new Garmin G3X Touch display

Garmin has announced a new 7-inch touchscreen display option for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft.  All G3X Touch displays support Connext cockpit connectivity between avionics and mobile devices featuring wireless flight plan transfer capabilities and more.

The new G3X features infrared touch screen display.  If you are tight on panel space you will be delighted with the 7-inch display, particularly if height and width constraints are of concern.

When paired with a 10.6 inch display, the 7-inch can serve as a dedicated display for a variety of features.

For more information about the G3X Touch, call Maxcraft for details and pricing.

New Product from Bendix King

Bendix/King KSN 770

BendixKing confirmed that its KSN 770/765 has earned the FAA’s Technical Standard Orders certification. The KSN 770 is a WAAS Enabled Integrated Multi-Function Display (MFD) Navigator.

The KSN has a powerful combination of Flight Management System (MFS) and MFD capabilities at an affordable price.  Combining touch screen buttons and knobs, hybrid interface, onscreen keyboard control and eight position joystick for additional data entry and control.  The KSN 770 includes Navigation / Communication Radio, WAAD GPS enroute and approach navigation system, and a cursor control device.  Also includes charts, maps, traffic and optional interfaces to weather radar and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS).

In the Hanger: de Havilland “Boss” Beaver


When this 1950s vintage de Havilland “Boss” Beaver showed up in our hangar with its turboprop conversion, it was already and halfway towards being the most advanced Beaver around. With a new avionics suite and entertainment system, Maxcraft’s technicians took it all the rest of the way.


Read more about the Beaver here


In the Hanger:  Piper Aerostar  


This project features the Piper Aerostar, an aircraft most famous for being the fastest piston twin available. Until you enter turboprops into the equation, there is nothing faster. This aircraft’s owner has a day job with a commercial airline as a Senior Training Captain, however his Aerostar is intended for recreational cross-country trips.
Read more about the Piper Aerostar here.


Summer Special!


Celebrate 25 years of Maxcraft 


This offer is valid untill Sept. 30, 2014

Technical Side:

Cockpit Connectivity  


Cockpit integration has come a long way in the last decade, with our navigation boxes not only talking to our glass displays but also to our engine monitors, transponders and CO2 detectors. What  we’ve been missing, however,  has been integration with the personal smart devices we carry onto the aircraft, and often do the majority of our flight planning on. Progress in this field has been shared between a number of companies. A few, like Rockwell Collins have been using wireless links to connect aircraft to a WiFi database loading system at the hangar.  Others, like Guardian Avionics have developed Bluetooth solutions to bring wireless mobile devices into the Cockpit ecosystem. Their Bluetooth compatible CO2 detector, for example, can link to iPads for monitoring cockpit data. In the world of General Aviation, Aspen Avionics has led the charge by with their “Connected Panel” strategy, linking iPads first to their own displays, and then to a Garmin GNS430/530. This allowed the upload of flight plans to Garmin navigators. However, without having access to Garmin’s internal network, there were noticeable  limitations. As of EAA Airventure 2014, Garmin has  thrown their hat in the ring with their own “Connext” strategy. At Maxcraft, we believe this to be a very significant announcement, one that entails great benefits not only to private pilots but also to commercial operators filing frequent flight plans working pipeline patrols or similar contracts.


connected technology circle
Connext allows pilots to not only plan flights at home using an iPad, but also to  upload those plans wirelessly to the cockpit while receiving amendments on routes preferred by ATC. Any flight plan changes applied by the navigator box are  seamlessly synchronized and transmitted back to the tablet, making a great backup should things go dark in the cockpit. The currently supported tablet of choice is an Apple iPad loaded with Garmin’s Pilot app, but we hope to see other platforms added in the future.

Here are some additional advanced features currently supported:

  • Garmin  “Flight Stream” – Bluetooth wireless gateway connected to the avionics and provides an internal AHRS for attitude information displayed on the tablet
  • GPS location – Live streaming location on a moving map for passengers
  • ADS-B In – Stream weather and traffic from the GDL88 transceiver to the iPad
  • Backup display – iPad can now display back up instruments and gain a 3-D perspective
  • XM Weather/Music – Stream from the GDL69 XM receiver to iPad. Allows users to control the audio and select channels
  • D2 Watch – This GPS watch can receive flight plans from the Garmin Pilot ap
  • Virb Camera – Pilots can control the HD camera from the Pilot Ap, control recording options, and take photos while simultaneously viewing flight plans on both the tablet and the Garmin G500/600 primary flight display!
  • Global Datalink – With the GSR56 Iridium based datalink, pilots and passengers can get worldwide weather, and have voice and text capability.

At the end of the day this new connectivity allows the pilot a simple and error-free method of entering flight plans into the primary navigator and provides a very important backup on his tablet. The extra benefits of music selection from the rear seats, passenger moving maps, texting capability, camera control, etc. are all icing on the cake! We believe that this integration from the cockpit to the tablet  you use every day is just the beginning and we fully expect many new features to be added as new technology comes available. Stay tuned to Maxcraft for continued updates.

Did you know?
Maxcraft Blog


The Maxcraft Blog has decided to do something a little different this time round and follow a project. We will follow the upgrade process on a weekly basis.  Our big project that we have decided to show you is “The Duke” Beechcraft.  This aircraft is adding the most advanced technology and we want you to stay tuned!  Read about it here.


Vendor Profile: Ultra Electronics

Ultra Electronics-Flightline Systems is a division of Ultra Electronics PLC, a group of specialized businesses operating in international aerospace and defense markets.  For over four decades, Flightline has provided precision engine instrumentation to the military, commercial and general aviation markets.  Flightline offers a wide range of instrumentation ranging from traditional electro-mechanical gauges to glass primary replacement engine management. They are uniquely equipped to serve the needs of OEM’s, integrators and avionics retailers and installers.

Flightline features AuRACLE Engine Management Systems. Designed as primary engine instrumentation replacement, AuRACLE is certified for installation on over 95% of general aviation aircraft flying today; including all Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper twin piston models. Additionally, Flightline is now firmly planted  in the fixed wing and rotorcraft turbine markets; providing OEM (GippsAero GA10 turboprop)and integrator (Soloy Aviation Solutions Eurocopter AS350) AuRACLE solutions.  AuRACLE CRM2120 offers a unique duel screen display providing improved scan and a game-changing reversionary mode.  Designed from the ground up as a true twin engine solution, AuRACLE’s inherent redundancy provides increased safety along with the ability to record and store vital engine data.  

Who works here at Maxcraft?

Get to know the employee….

Who is Tim?


Tim Wei is our featured employee this month. Tim, whom we hired earlier this year, is one of our newest avionics technicians. As an Apprentice Avionics Technician, his primary role is to install and maintain aircraft with supervision from licensed AME’s. He has been working in avionics for 6 months and loves it!  The constant pace of advancing technology is what keeps him interested. Tim’s interest in aircraft began while living next to a small airport during his childhood. He went to the Philippines when he was 8 to study English and came to Canada in 1997 to attend high school.

Tim went to BCIT for 18 months to get his diploma in Avionics, from there came straight to work at Maxcraft.  Prior to school and entering the aviation industry, he worked as an orderly at Burnaby General Hospital. He says that while the work was steady and the pay good, it was not nearly as interesting as working in Avionics. In his spare time, Tim enjoys travelling  and photography, a hobby he took up just over three years ago.

Summer Rebates for your favorite products
Stormscope season is here!  From now through August 28th, 2014 take an $500 off per system on top of the current promo pricing. Buy two or more WX-500 systems save $1,000.  Call us for more details. 

Garmin logo
Garmin is offering their “Why are you Waiting Rebate”? 

Time for an upgrade!  Upgrade to a single GTN 650, qualify for a $500 rebate, get a GTN 750, save $750 and the list goes on. Save over $5,000! Valid only until August 29, 2014.


Bose is offering a summer promotion.  Buy a Bose A20 headset, get a cool speaker system, buy a second headset, get a SoundDock!  The more you buy, the better the gift from Bose. 


Hurry now!! This offer expires on 

August 16, 2014.

Call us asap to reserve your new Bose A20 bluetooth headset for only $1,095.00!  Go to our webstore for more details or call us.  

 The $70 SPOT GEN3 mail-in rebate kicks off now

  • Offer runs until Sept. 2, 2014
  • Price of $169.95 for eligibility
  • Customer needs to activate before Oct. 6, 2014 to be eligible
  • $70 VISA Gift Card

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Maxcraft Avionics
offers specials too!  Go to our webstore for specials and check the website for our used/reconditioned avionics list – updated monthly on items we have.

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