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Volume 1, Number 5

August 2011

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In the Hangar
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Come and see us at our state of the art facility, where our friendly staff are here to help with your needs!


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Garmin Open House

We were recently a guest at the Garmin Open House Tour on August 18th at the Salem, Oregon airport! We met the engineers behind the magic! We saw the place where avionics are designed and built.

See more on our blog!



Here of course!

Hosting the next Garmin Seminar on

Sept. 14, 2011 at Maxcraft Avionics in Pitt Meadows!




Canadian International Airshow (CIAS)

Sept. 3,4,&5, 2011


Garmin Seminar on

Sept. 14 2011 at Maxcraft Avionics

Save the date!


Need to see more of the snowbirds? Click here to where they are next!




One day the pilot of a Cherokee 180 was told by the tower to hold short of the active runway while a DC-8 landed. The DC-8 landed, rolled out, turned around, and taxied back past the Cherokee.


Some quick-witted comedian in the DC-8 crew got on the radio and said, “What a cute little plane. Did you make it all by yourself?”


The Cherokee pilot, not about to let the insult go by, came back with a real zinger: “I made it out of DC-8 parts. Another landing like yours and I’ll have enough parts for another one.”




New Product

New Skies Magazine brings you Maxcraft knowledge

Check out the new aviation magazine “Skies” coming out in the last week of August with the digital edition available online September 1.Skies Cover

“Skies” magazine is what the aviation industry has been looking for. With focus on all aspects of aviation, this magazine offers in depth information from business to private aviation and much, much more.

It also features, in every issue, a Maxcraft article written by our one and only Daryl MacIntosh. Daryl is very knowledgeable in all aspects of avionics, and with “Skies” help, his knowledge will be shared.

Click here, for your link to “Skies”

Maxcraft Garmin Seminar and Barbeque!

Join us at Maxcraft on Tuesday, Sept 14th


Have you heard the latest news from Garmin? The NEW Garmin GTN Series of Touchscreen GPS/Nav/Com Systems was unveiled this spring and we love it! Your FIRST CHANCE to try the GTN Series will be at the Maxcraft hangar on the 14th of Sept and the Garmin experts will be here to talk and demo it. Better yet come by at 6pm and join us for a BBQ dinner.


This seminar focuses on the operation of Garmin’s latest generation of panel mount products, concentrating on their actual in-flight utility and culminating with an overhead projection of what you would see in your cockpit while shooting an IFR Approach. In addition we’ll be featuring demos for the G500/600 Glass Panel Retrofits and other Garmin Portable products for aviation. Refreshments, door prizes and get Garmin Seminar bucks – discount toward product purchases.

See all the details and register in advance to enter the draw for a free GPS:

In the Hangar

Fanshawe Avionic Training Aids

Fanshawe Cart
We’re very excited to announce that the College is launching the first of its aviation programs this September,” said Rob Gorrie, Chair of the School of Transportation Technologies.


Fanshawe College is getting ready to start their new aviation programs with various decommissioned aircraft. Maxcraft was awarded the contract to contribute our unique avionic training aids for Fanshawe. With a total of nine training carts, from ADF trainers to Glass cockpit trainers, the first of nine is ready to go! The Full System Trainer is the first to be shipped out. It’s an avionics mock-up of an instrument panel including an Garmin G600 glass flight display on the left side, a full radio stack including a GNS430/SL30, DME, ADF, audio panel, a digital transponder system and encoder, and a traditional “steam gauge” panel on the right side. It also includes an ELT, CVR, antennas and a full document package. All completed with our “MaxPanel Duracoat” finish on the instrument panel. All of this is wired up on a cart, crated and shipped to their location in London, Ontario for hundreds of students to learn!

In the Hangar

Maranda is getting a facelift!

Twine We fabricated a ferry harness for a Falconar Maranda that was purchased with no avionics out in Ontario. The harness gives the aircraft the minimum avionics to fly in controlled airspace. The harness includes a Garmin SL 40 comm with built in 2 place intercom, Garmin GTX 327 transponder and an encoder. This gives the aircraft the ability to fly home to Langley later on this year. The customer plans to fly the aircraft until they finish their Murphy Moose which is currently under construction.

Technical Side…
Confused About Traffic Systems? TCAS

The sheer number of acronyms used to describe aircraft traffic systems is enough to confuse anyone. ACAS, TCAS I, TCAS II, TAS, TIS, TCAD and PCAS all refer to systems capable of alerting pilots to nearby traffic and the possibility of a mid-air collision. It is important to understand that all of these traffic detection systems are transponder based and therefore the other aircraft must have an operating transponder in order for a collision threat to be detected.

Traffic systems can be sorted into three main categories; active, passive and data link. Active traffic systems send out a continuous stream of interrogation signals which cause transponders in nearby aircraft to issue a reply. The system processor evaluates these replies, makes a determination of the threat level and presents that information to the pilot. Passive traffic detection systems do not send out interrogation signals but instead rely on third party interrogations from ATC radar or other TCAS equipped aircraft. Traffic information service – TIS is a mode S transponder data link service offered by select ATC radar facilities in the United States.

TCAS – Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems are recognized internationally as ACAS – Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems. These active interrogating systems include two sub categories: TCAS I issues real-time traffic alerts (TA) and is typically installed on Turboprop aircraft and smaller jets. TCAS II issues traffic alerts (TA) and resolution advisories (RA) and is usually found on larger aircraft.

TAS – Traffic Advisory System is a TSO approved active interrogating system similar to TCAS I but available at a considerably lower prices. TAS products are available from Garmin, Avidyne, L3 Avionics and Honeywell. These systems can be interfaced to display traffic on a wide variety of installed electronic display systems.

TCAD – Traffic Collision Alert Device: This passive installed system is no longer in production but it was the first affordable traffic system for GA.

PCAS – Portable Collision Avoidance Systems: These passive non-interrogating portable devices provide traffic awareness at a budget price. They can be interfaced to display traffic on other portable devices.

TIS – Traffic Information System: Installation of a mode S transponder will enable the traffic data link service offered by select ATC radar facilities in the United States. TIS systems have an inherent delay of 5 to 15 seconds due sweeping of the ATC radar.


Regardless of the type of system you choose, you’re first close encounter (of the aluminium kind) will make you glad you have a system on board!

Vendor Profile

About Garmin

Garmin Ltd, founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao (hence the name GarMin), and develops consumer, aviation, and marine technologies for the Global Positioning System. What began as a brainstorming session of a handful of engineers around a card table in 1989 has evolved into a worldwide collaborative effort of thousands of colleagues. Garmin’s goal, as it was then, remains simple: To create navigation and communication devices that can enrich our customers’ lives. Their innovative products span various areas of interest, including automotive, aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation and wireless applications.

Garmin manufactures GPS aviation products for avionics. They are the Industry-leading electronics supplier for pilot communication, navigation, ATC surveillance and hazard avoidance. Products include integrated systems, panel mounts, remote units, and portable navigation devices and handheld GPS units. Their glass cockpits reduce workload and enhance awareness. Maxcraft is pleased to be the #1 Garmin aviation dealer in Canada.

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?
Who is Steve? Steve

I would like to introduce you to Steve our Director of Business Development. Steve wears the sales and marketing hats at Maxcraft. Steve has the great job of raising the profile of Maxcraft so that everyone understands what we do, the quality of our products and why people should come to Maxcraft. He keeps us busy! Keeping the incoming hangar door revolving, and with Clarke making sure the outgoing is just as speedy, Steve ensures that each customer receives a topnotch experience!

Steve has had decades of experience including 6 years consulting with start up companies to set up their sales infrastructure, prior to that he managed a sales team in the electronic manufacturing sector and previously owned his own sales rep. company. Steve has had education in Engineering Technology in electronics, later moving onto sales.

Steve has been with Maxcraft for a year and half and loves it and all its new avionic technology! With being a pilot himself for 17 years, the new technology helps pilots like him be safer, especially with the new Synthetic Vision (eliminating the risk of flying blindly into a mountain!) and making their jobs easier and less expensive.

Steve owns his own Cessna 206 on amphibious floats, has a new dog, Maya and has been married to his beautiful wife Marilyn for 17years. Whilst honeymooning in Mexico, he got hooked on flying when watching the pilots land on a sand runway. Steve grew up in Muskoka in Ontario where he competed in water skiing, and did show skiing and kiting at the CNE.