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Avionic Humour
A guy dies and upon his arrival in Heaven, he waits in line at the Pearly Gates. 
In the distance this gentleman witnesses a Bonanza coming in for a landing and to his surprise, it crashes. 
A few seconds later he sees the same Bonanza coming in for a landing, and once again it crashes. 
Bewildered, the gentleman shrugs it off and waits in line. A few seconds later, again he witnesses what appears to be the same Bonanza, coming in for a landing and every time it crashes. 
When the gentleman reaches the front of the line, he asks St. Peter to explain what he just saw.
St Peter told the gentleman not to worry, “It’s only God and he thinks he’s a Bonanza pilot.”

New audio selector panel, new portable handheld from Garmin, exciting work on a Challenger, and do you know about Flight Display Systems?
April 2016

New Products/Announcements
PS Engineering announced its new PMA8000BTi audio selector panel, a version of the PMA800BT that includes IntelliAudio spatial audio technology. 
 received FAA validation of its Transport Canada STC SH15-43 (FAA STC SA03641NY) for installation of the SKY899 TCAS-1 System or upgrade of existing SKY497 Skywatch TAS to SKY899 TCAS-I in the Beech 200 / 200C / B200 / B200C / 300 / B300 / B300C KingAir Series.


Flight Display Systems 
announced the “do CAPSULE”. It uses aircraft’s existing wireless network to share files and stream media to personal electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Up to eight people can simultaneously watch movies, listen to music, view photos, or monitor flight progress on the new 3D World Wide Moving Map.






  • The aera 660, a new purpose-built aviation portable. The compact 5-inch capacitive touchscreen boasts a bright, sunlight readable display complete with rich, interactive maps and a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver that can be viewed in portrait or landscape modes for optimum customization.  
  • The new GMA 245 and GMA245R, all digital, bluetooth audio panels designed for EAB (experimental amateur-built) and LSA (light sport aircraft).




        • The  for EAB and LSA, as either a backup instrument or primary flight instrument with optional autopilot capability. 




announced that Phoenix Heli-Flight, Inc. has chosen to equip its entire fleet of Airbus helicopters with the

JA94-001 Dual Audio Controller.

Gogo Business Aviation (formally known as Aircell)



Gogo Business Aviation, today’s leading provider of in-flight connectivity solutions, is introducing hourly Gogo Biz plans, for combined data and voice. Now you can bring the connectivity revolution to your light jet and turboprop with superior in-flight W-Fi with truly affordable, predictable pricing. Maxcraft is proud to continue our dealership with Gogo and can have an informed discussion with you regarding your broadband cabin connectivity.

In the Hangar: 


Cessna Caravan 


Fleet Modernization
The Maxcraft avionics panel you see here is out of a Cessna Caravan, and is part of our ongoing fleet upgrade project for Seair Seaplanes. Incorporated in 1980, Seair provides aircraft charters and regularly scheduled service to the Gulf Islands, with eight flights daily and service to Nanaimo with up to twelve flights per day.
Read more  here. 

In the Hangar: 
Bombardier Challenger
This first generation Bombardier CL-600 challenger was delivered to Maxcraft for a TCAS installation. We were, in fact, rather surprised to learn that TCAS had not previously been installed in this aircraft. The current ICAO standard for TCAS II is Change 7.1 however the version we installed on this aircraft is compliant with the previous TCAS II 7.0 standard. System upgrade decisions can be difficult for older aircraft like the CL-600 and this was no exception. TCAS 7.0 systems are still approved for operational use within North America and the choice to go with this version helped keep the overall modification cost down. If future operations require flights to Europe, the system can easily be upgraded to Change 7.1 with a TCAS processor swap.
Read more here. 

The Technical Side: Technology in the cockpit


This is an article written by us for the upcoming May issue in Skies Magazine


Though it’s a traditionally cautious industry, lately the avionics sector is evolving at a quick pace, embracing new technology and innovative solutions.
This rapid development is being driven by the need to meet looming regulatory requirements, deadlines that keep both avionics shop managers and aircraft operators up at night.
Here are a few of the industry’s biggest concerns.
The biggest challenge on the horizon, as many know, is the January 2020 U.S. equipage deadline for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
(ADS-B) Out compliance. 
Want to read more of this article?  Click here.

Vendor Profile: Flight Display Systems

Flight Display Systems (FDS)
Enhances aircraft cabins with smart, innovative technology
FDS designs and manufactures innovative technologies that enable mobile VIPs to easily control the cabin environment, collaborating and sharing information in a simple, intuitive way. 


Over a decade ago FDS provided the first Moving Map to small jets. Urged by happy customers, they were also the first to market with an extensive line of rugged High-Definition displays for aviation. Today FDS offers a smart, robust Cabin Management System solution for aircraft of all sizes and are leveraging wireless technologies to bring the latest content and control right to your seat, no matter what type of personal electronic device you have.
Their passion continues to drive the development of highly customized and innovative aircraft cabin entertainment products.  
Read about their products here.

Maxcraft is always looking for skilled technicans

As we continue to grow our business we are always looking for experienced avionics installation technicians.  If you’re interested in joining our winning team send your resume to Joanna at Customer Service.

For Sale


1974 PA28-151 Piper Warrior For Sale.

Contact Daryl for more information.


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