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Volume 2, Number 4

April 2012

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Aviation Humour
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Aircraft Electronic Association


April 3 – 6, 2012


Washington, DC



Garmin 796 is now in stock! 

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Aera 796 upright



Viking de Havilland


All Operators Forum


April 17-19, 2012

in Victoria, BC




Canadian Business Aviation Association


Jun. 13-14, 2012

Toronto, Ontario




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As a C-5 Galaxy landed and cleared the active, it taxied by a Boeing 747 holding short of the runway. 


The C-5 aircraft commander, knowing how much larger his giant military behemoth was than the civilian aircraft, keyed the mic and asked the 747 captain, “Hey little buddy, what’s your gross?” 


Not to be out done the 747 captain keyed his mic and replied “A little over two hundred thousand dollars a year, how about you?” 




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New Products

Daryl and Steve attended the Aircraft Electronic Association International Convention and Tradeshow in Washington, D.C. this month.  There, they had a sneak peak at what is becoming available to our customers in the near future. 


No big announcements like last year but here are some highlights of the announcements:


Guardian Avionics – Aero 454 – Bluetooth connectivity down for GPS to iPad TSO’d


Technisonic – TDAP711 – 8-10 channel digital audio panel


TRIG Avionics – TT transponder- mode S ADS-B transponder, TY91/92 – small comm radio


Rockwell Collins – Venue – in-cockpit entertainment system added features.

True North Stylus
True North – Stylus


True North – Stylus – handset for airborne telecom, MyStylus – iPhone app for iOs





Aspen Avionics – Connected Panel – iPad connections to the panel (including Garmin) in Q2. Altitude capture on KFC200. 

 Aspen connected panel
Aspen connected panel


Jupiter Avionics – JA95 Audio controller – PC programmable


Cobham Industries – Iridium teardrop and ARINC antennas L3


L3 Avionics – GH-3900 eStandby Indicator Level A s/w fixed and rotary applications


Latitude Technologies – IoNode Data Management Unit -Flight data wireless management unit


Universal Avionics – FlexPerf, Airdrop features on their FMS systems

Garmin Pilot
Garmin PilotÂ




Garmin – Pilot iPad app offering complete trip planning, DUAT(S) filing, weather, navigation and electronic flight bag capabilities. No Canadian charts yet but the more people ask Garmin for it the sooner we will see it.Â





If you have any questions about this technology give us a call and we can tell you more about it and it’s availability. 

In the hangar
Cardinal RG Â

A decision was made by the three owners, Bob, Peter and Ron to bring in their aircraft for some avionics upgrades.


The  aircraft has a beautiful, vibrant red and white paint scheme which was inspired by a Cardinal that they saw in an AOPA Magazine. Now it just needed some Maxcraft magic to make the avionics panel look as nice!


Cardinal Final Panel
New panel

Ali, the crew chief on this job, started work on it right away. The avionics upgrades included installation of a PMA8000B audio panel, the new Garmin GTN650 touch screen with GPS/Comm/ Nav/MFD, a GTX327 Transponder, Kannad 406 ELT and a newly designed instrument panel with our “Maxpanel Duracoat” finish to accommodate the new instruments. The GTX327 features no warm up time, lower power consumption, and an easy to read display; and the GTN650 with its graphical flight planning capabilities and touch screen will provide enhanced situational awareness.


Cardinal drawing

The partnership with this aircraft has worked well. The aircraft regularly flies to Alberta, Winnipeg, Oshkosh and last year to Quebec. This is the first really large upgrade since they purchased it. Next time we see them back, it will be for the interior.

Technical Side…
Garmin GTN750 

The Garmin GTN series of navigators (GTN-650 and GTN-750) have been on the market for over a year now and in our opinion have proven themselves to be excellent products. They followed in the footsteps of the very successful Garmin GNS430/530 series of navigators which first came on the market in 1998.

GTN Series
From GNS to GTN


The GNS430/530(W) series of navigators are very capable products that evolved considerably during a production run of about 13 years but are now at the end of their life cycle. Garmin and most other avionics manufacturers put considerable effort into managing products life cycles to ensure long term serviceability to the end users. They must negotiate long term sources of supply for basic electronic components despite the fact that the avionics industry uses less than .05% of the world’s electronics. 


The GNS530W is no longer in production and the GNS430W will cease production shortly due to the unavailability of new displays. Garmin made a decision to retain their remaining display inventory in order to provide long term service support to the existing fleet.Â


The GTN650-750 products have now transitioned from the early adopter stage to the accelerated production part of their product cycle.  Smart buyers of any technological product know that they get the best long term value when purchasing on the front side of the curve.  The GTNs will be one of the most significant GA avionics products for at least the next 10 years and probably longer.  Â


Vendor Profile

NavPath Aviation Solutions 

Bob Leroux of NavPath
Bob Leroux of NavPath

NavPath Aviation Limited offers aviation training courses now including the new Garmin GTN touch screen navigators. They are designed to help their clients develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and learn more about advanced avionics for safe and effective flights.


NavPath is owned and operated by Bob Leroux. He offers classroom avionics training courses required for safe and effective operation of the avionics in the aircraft.

Bob, after teaching at the aviation college in British Columbia, joined Transport Canada as a Civil Aviation Inspector. He worked at the Pacific Regional Office in Vancouver, Abbotsford, and at the National Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. While there, Bob was responsible for writing the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards that deal with providing safety oversight of the flight training industry in Canada.


With his wide-ranging knowledge, experience and skills, Bob retired from Transport Canada but has continued to share his knowledge by conducting various aviation training courses. Bob also conducts flight tests in airplanes as a Transport Canada authorized Pilot Examiner for all General Aviation flight tests.


Bob offers a wide variety of courses hosted at Maxcraft Avionics. His courses include the Garmin panel mount GPS/NAV/COM receivers and electronic flight displays, Aspen Avionics electronic flight displays, various S-TEC autopilots, and J. P Instruments engine data monitors.


Call us for an updated schedule or check out his website for more information at:  NavPath 

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Joanna? Â

This month, our feature employee is

Jo at desk



I am the Customer Service Representative at Maxcraft.  I’m responsible for our social media content, blogging weekly about our customers, products and whatever pops up, as well as writing this monthly newsletter and other promotional items.  I also do bookings for tradeshows, appointments and typical office stuff. I have been here for just over a year and I find that every day is a learning experience.


I interact with our customers both in person and on the phone, on topics from equipment enquiries, office hours, to avionic emergencies and everything in between.  Our customers know that they can contact Maxcraft and be directed to the correct staff member to help them (if I can’t help them myself). I am usually the first person you see when you come into Maxcraft, and I take pride in helping to make every customer experience a positive one.


This isn’t my first service-oriented job, I have been in customer service for almost 20 years, but this is my first time in aviation. Prior to this I was a payroll/timesheet clerk for the local municipal public works. I’ve also completed some community college and Interior Decorating courses.


I like what I do as I am very social and love to meet different people.  I love being at Maxcraft as my job is very different from what I am used to and the staff are awesome (I think my jube-jubes won them over), and I get paid to socialize. There are challenges here, but I’m making it. It’s the aviation acronyms; really; they’re never ending!


I’m not a pilot. I do like planes and I love airshows of all types.  My husband is a pilot and my daughter is a future pilot, (Boeing 767’s apparently). I suppose it’s my husbands’ fault I’m here. He encouraged me to try something different, and yes its different alright!


On the personal side, I have been married for 18 years, have a daughter and a cat.  My passions are running, flying, camping and interior decorating.Â