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Volume 2, Number 5

May 2012

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Viking de Havilland


All Operators Forum


April 17-19, 2012


in Victoria, BC


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Canadian Business Aviation Association


June 13-14, 2012

Toronto, Ontario




Pitt Meadows Airport Days 


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Saturday, June 16


Community Family Day

Sunday, June 17 



A student was having difficulty with his landings. 


Seems like he would bounce it in every time.


 However, on the first night 

lesson, the student greased in all of his landings.

Puzzled, the instructor asked, "How are you doing that? You have so much trouble during the day?"


The student replied, "It's easy, I continue the approach until you stiffen up, then I just pull back."







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New Products, New Website!

Maxcraft would like to introduce you to our new and improved website.  We are very excited to launch this new and greatly enhanced website!

Website home page


It has new innovative pages and user friendly tabs.  

This new website was a long and hard team effort with both inside and outside resources. 



The new website has project pictures, technology information, products, services and lots more!





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Garmin gives Maxcraft the Gold Award! 

Maxcraft is pleased to announce that we were presented with the Garmin Gold Award for Performance Excellence.  Maxcraft once again is the #1 Garmin dealer in Canada and in the top 10% worldwide.

Garmin Avionics Award 

In the hangar

We had the pleasure of having a very cool helicopter, a Eurocopter EC120 in our hangar. 


Our customer wanted flexibility on his entertainment audio and a better intercom with cell phone functions.  To satisfy those needs, our crew chief Will installed the new GMA 350H audio panel. EC120 


He also installed precise flight pulse lights, a strobe kit and a convenience power receptacle.  They were busy on this aircraft!



Owned by Peregrine Aerial Surveys, this Piper PA 31-350 Navajo Chieftan came in for some upgrades. 



Ali was our crew chief on this 

project.  Along with his crew,
Trevor and Ben.  Ali worked hard to install the revolutionary touchscreen interface GTN 650, the Aspen 1000 C3 and complete re certification of the pitot static system.  They also panel mounted a new Garmin Aera 796 with in flight XM satellite weather for better situational awareness. 
The customers next stop was to re-install a $1.5M survey camera through the rear floor (wish we sold those cameras!) 






Technical Side...
3D Audio 
3D audio

It takes a lot to impress us and when we saw Garmin's new audio technology we didn't start jumping up and down...that is until we actually heard it! Audio/Intercom components are the heart of any aircraft system and we have always been quite particular on what equipment we recommend. Well, let me tell you, there is a new boss in town!

A bunch of excited techs listening to
 3-D Spatial Audio

Garmin's new GMA 350 audio panel includes 3D spatial processing, or "3D Audio", which mimics the way humans process sounds and conversations. Similar to how humans are able to focus their listening attention on a single talker among a mixture of other conversations and background noises, the GMA 350 can simulate 3D sound with stereo headsets. 


If the pilot is monitoring air traffic control on one radio and, the ATIS on another radio, the GMA 350 will separate the two conversations by placing air traffic control towards the pilot's left and the ATIS towards the pilot's right. Likewise, intercom audio is also separated relative to where each individual sits.

3D sound

"We're able to provide pilots many capabilities that have never been available in the cockpit," Garmin's vice president of marketing, Gary Kelley, said of the GMA 350. "And the expandable architecture means we've laid the groundwork so that pilots will likely see new capabilities added via software updates, rather than hardware updates that are often cost prohibitive."


Other current features contained in the new audio panel include: voice recognition (to control audio panel switching), and smart audio leveling. All the features are in Garmin's new GMA 350 audio panel (fixed-wing aircraft) and the Garmin GMA 350H (helicopter) audio panel. 

Vendor Profile

David Clark Logo

About David Clark

David Clark company has been manufacturing aviation products since 1941.  With over 50  years of air and space crew protection they offer a variety of items for the aviator. Maxcraft has been carrying their headsets since we started and we are the authorized repair center for both new and old headsets. Their headsets are used around the world in both helicopter and fixed wing and are well known for their ruggedness and exceptional warranty coverage. 

David Clark Manufacturing

In 1975 David Clark introduced the first headset specifically designed to provide hearing protection for pilots while also providing clear transmissions in a noisy aircraft.


The most popular model H10-13.4 offers super soft double foam head pad, gel ear seals, universal flex boom, volume control and a 5 year guarantee. Maxcraft carries a full inventory of D.C. headsets.
Who's Who at Maxcraft?

Who is "Sammy"?


Our feature employee of the month is Paramjeet Sehmi.  He is otherwise known as "Sammy" around the office.


Sammy works upstairs as the Manager of our Avionics Repair Services division and senior technician. Sammy's role is to oversee the shop repair process for a wide variety of avionics equipment  including VHF radios, navigation receivers, transponders, DMEs, ADFs, audio panels, weather radar and automatic flight control.    Sammy provides timely and professional services to a diverse group of aviators including local pilots, regional aircraft operators, international parts brokers, overseas helicopter operators and even the Maltese Air Force!       


Sammy has been in the avionics industry for over 25 years, 10 years with Air Canada (3 of those in Montreal), and currently on his 8th year at Maxcraft.


Though Sammy is not a pilot, he loves the thrill and excitement of nailing down the cause of the breakdown in the avionics equipment.  Sammy got interested avionics because of the very dynamic and challenging nature of the business and the fascination of aviation in general.


Sammy's background is in Electrical / Electronics Engineering Technology, which was a 4 year program; and he is a graduate of the Kenya Polytechnic in Nairobi, Kenya.


On the personal side, Sammy lives in Surrey with his two teenage boys.  He enjoys the outdoors, by playing soccer, coaching soccer, hiking and of course camping in the summer months.

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