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Volume 2, Number 3

March 2012

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Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow


February 25 & 26, 2012


Western Washington,

Puyallup, WA


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Garmin 796 is now in stock! 

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Aera 796 upright





Helicopter Association of Canada 

Mar. 16-18, 2012

in Ottawa



Aircraft Electronic Association


AEA Annual Convention and Tradeshow


April 3-6, 2012

in Washington, DC



On a small commuter flight one sunny day, the captain was told that his passengers were nervous about being on a "small airplane." 


He decided to take action: "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. I have been informed that some of you are nervous about being on a 'little' plane. 


Well, let me assure you, there is nothing to worry about, just sit back and take it easy. It might be helpful to do some sight seeing to put your mind at ease. 


Now, if you'll all lean and look out over the right wing of the'll tip over! Hahahahaha!! Just a little pilot humor..."






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New Products

KannadKannad Dongle

Kannad recently announced the NMEA Integra e-Nav to their ELT product line. The e-Nav is a ELT/NAV interface compatible with all INTEGRA ELTs.


Kannad e-Nav helicopter


This allows certified GPS to communicate with the ELT to transmit the exact position via the 406MHz ELT signal to search and rescue. The unit complies with Cospas-Sarsat specifications. It connects to NAV equipment with RS232 and is field upgradeable to Intergra ELT's already installed.


 Kannad Nav

In the hangar
Bell 206B Jetranger Helicopter   
Jet Ranger
JetRanger with no propeller

John from Sky Helicopters arrived with his Bell 206B JetRanger Helicopter at Maxcraft.  He needed to have avionics and maintenance done all in a short time frame.  John asked Maxcraft if there was a way we could accommodate his mechanic.  We, of course, offered to work side-by-side with his mechanic and accommodate John by doing all the work simultaneously. With our 5 ton overhead crane, it enabled them to easily pull the complete rotor system for inspection and TT strap change.

Mickey working hard
Crew chief Valmeke


So along with the helicopter came Ian, the Aircraft Mechanic and Jerry, the dog.  Jerry was a huge hit among the staff and was a pleasure to have in the hangar.


Ben working hard
Ben doing structure work

John is the chief pilot and operations manager for Sky Helicopters.  Once he was here for some maintenance he decided to add more avionics, starting with the Garmin 796, with  its 3D vision and color touch screen.  John also put in a new Kannad 406 ELT, and an AMS 42 which is a multi-user audio controller with dual radio controls, high headphone output and voice activated intercom.


Getting the aircraft done with minimum downtime was crucial so the maintenance and avionics were done at the same time.  Sky Helicopters provides helicopter flights for sightseeing and helicopter charter flights for industry support. 
New antenna
New antenna

If you are a listener of Rock 101 you would have heard of the Mountain Hockey Classic. Rock 101 and Sky Helicopters are flying two teams up to a remote mountain lake for a game of shinny. How fun will that be? Stay tuned to his website for the whole story.  


jet ranger
JetRanger at work


Sky Helicopters  Rock 101 Contest


 More JetRanger pictures by Sky Helicopters 


Technical Side...
ELT Checks - The Why and How

Most aircraft owners are aware that their ELT must be inspected and tested every year but they may not know why it's needed and what's involved.


 The ELT is one of eighteen items listed in CARs Standard 625 APPENDIX C - Out of Phase Tasks and Equipment Maintenance Requirements. This regulation specifies that "The ELT shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months, in accordance with Standard 571 of the CARs." This Standard in turn spells out the requirement for a corrosion inspection, operational test and a performance test to verify output power, frequency, audio modulation, current draw and automatic activation system.

Kannad 406 ELT

Additionally the batteries must be replaced when due. It is interesting to note that this standard for ELT maintenance was last revised in 1996 and doesn't provide very useful instructions for inspecting and testing the current generation of 406 MHZ ELTs because it was written to address the reliability problems with traditional 121.5 MHZ ELTs.


The current generation 406 MHZ ELTs have self-test functions that can detect most failures which in Daryls opinion should enable Transport Canada to eliminate the requirement for annual recertification checks or at least reduce their frequency. At a minimum we are hoping Transport Canada will revise the Standard to be more relevant for 406 MHZ ELT maintenance.   

Vendor Profile

About Kannad Aviation

Kannad vendorKannad Aviation is a brand of Kannad SAS, a company of the Orolia Group (NYSE Alternext Paris - FR0010501015 - ALORO), a high-technology group specializing in precise Positioning, Navigation and Timing.


Within the Kannad Aviation brand, ELTs are manufactured in France and PLBs are manufactured in England. Kannad SAS are global leaders in satellite emergency rescue systems and have been involved in  the design, manufacture and distribution of emergency satellite rescue beacons for over 20 years.


With a work force of over 120 people, Kannad SAS are pleased to be producing quality electronic products in France and the UK for export all over the world.


Maxcraft Avionics is the stocking distributer and warranty center for Kannad products in western Canada.

Who's Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Andy?

Andy & guitar

This month, our featured employee is Andy Hong, another one of our experienced crew chiefs and a certified AME-E technician.


A 6-year veteran of the industry, Andy specializes in overseeing avionics support for rotary platforms like the Eurocopter AStar.  He is currently overseeing the avionics electrical portion of the 12-year inspection for one of Talon Helicopters AS350's at YVR.  Another one of his specialties is installing glass upgrades in fixed wing aircraft. He has done many of our Aspen glass panel installations.


Andy's favorite aspect of avionic installation is the precision that it demands. If the execution isn't absolutely perfect, it simply won't do. In this heavily regulated industry, Andy thrives on the knowledge that perfection is expected, and errors are simply out of the question.


Andy graduated from BCIT and was awarded "all round best student" by his fellow students and faculty. He is continuing his education now by attending ground school, pursuant to earning his private pilot's license.


Maxcraft is his first employer, and we're very proud to have him. He is currently the sole Korean member of our team and quite proud of it!


Married for 8 years, he enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, playing video games, and driving his Honda S2000.   Andy also enjoys the subtle delights of a good cigar.


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